Chris Spealler
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Who Is Chris Spealler?

Seven-time CrossFit Games competitor, gym owner, and training coach Chris Spealler is from the United States.

He has been instructing others through his boot camps and seminars since 2007, and he has been competing since 2007.

Chris is a great role model for everyone engaged with CrossFit because of the many responsibilities he performs in the industry. Above all, he values his family and cherishes the time he gets to spend with them in their Utah home.

Body Measurements Of Chris Spealler

Full Name: Chris Spealler
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)
WEIGHT: 135 – 145lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
PROFESSION: CrossFit Athlete, Entrepreneur
ERA: 2010, 2000


Benchmark Stats for Chris

  • 400-pound squat
  • 290 lbs. Clean and Jerk
  • Snatch: 235 pounds
  • 440 lbs. deadlift
  • Bad-Going Fight: 456
  • Maximum pull-ups: 106
  • Fran – 2:08
  • Grace – 1:57
  • Helen – 6:56
  • 50 filthy – 13:18
  • 400-meter sprint: 1:03
  • Run 5k – 19:32

CrossFit contests

2018 Men (35-39) 189th 11th South West 4th Utah 118th United States
2017 Men (35-39) 26th 2nd South West 2nd Utah 19th United States
2016 Individual Men 684th 22nd South West 4th Utah 453rd United States
2015 Individual Men 1160th 63rd South West 15th Utah 890th United States
2014 Individual Men 181st 7th South West
2013 Individual Men 113th 2nd South West
2012 Individual Men 37th 2nd South West
2014 2nd Individual Men South West
2013 4th Individual Men South West
2012 3rd Individual Men South West
2014 28th Individual Men
2012 22nd Individual Men
Lift Off
2016 2227th 2201st (0 lb) 2195th (0 lb) 2059th (0 reps)


Short Career Of Chris SpeallerChris Spealler

Sports have been a part of Chris Spealler’s life for “as long as I can remember,” he claims. His sister and dad, who from an early age encouraged him to appreciate athletics, had a big impact on him.

Chris says the following about his parents: “They gave us a lot of leeway in selecting the sports we wanted to play, but they had a requirement that we commit to a sport for at least one season once chosen.

This was an important lesson in maintaining personal stability since it taught us how to persevere with something. Christopher Spealler

Chris discovered wrestling in elementary school and continued to practice it until he graduated from college. During this time, Chris developed into a skilled wrestler.

His accomplishments earned him a spot in the prestigious wrestling school Lock Haven University thanks to his performances.

Searching For A New Competitive OutletChris Spealler

Chris was given the chance to continue a career in wrestling after graduating from Lock Haven University, but he declined. He felt that wrestling had served its function and that it was now time to pursue other forms of competition.

He eventually came across CrossFit. Chris first tried a CrossFit workout thanks to a Marine friend. Chris never turned back after giving the exercise a try.

He decided to pursue CrossFit in a split second. He quickly started taking part in CrossFit training sessions and then competitions without much planning or investigation.

I received a beautiful gift in the form of CrossFit. It embraces every quality of fitness that I value. It also enables me to use my athletic gifts to benefit others while also fostering my personal growth.

Gaining Professional Health

Chris developed into a gym owner, brand ambassador, seven-time CrossFit Games competitor, and the hero of many aspiring CrossFit athletes throughout his training and competition career.

Chris now mentors and advises others, assisting them in realizing their greatness just as he did.


Functional Education

Chris trains for functionality in his role as a CrossFit participant and coach. This means that he engages in activities that improve his all-around athleticism, speed, and agility and enable him to continue living a useful life outside of the gym.

Chris does not use equipment or isolation workouts in his training as bodybuilders do. Instead, he concentrates on powerful compound exercises like squats and deadlifts, which help him use his body more effectively for natural physical activities.

According to Chris, “We all must stoop down to sit or deadlift an object from the ground as part of our daily existence, therefore we incorporate those motions (the squat and deadlift) into our training.

On the other hand, we don’t utilize weight machines while training because we never need to in real life. To put it another way, we exercise functionally to be “super-functional” outside of the gym.

CrossFit Workouts Using Chris Spealler’s WOD

The majority of Chris’ routines consist of pairs or triplets of exercises combined in various ways. Here are a few illustrations:

1) Fran

21-15-9 (21 reps followed by 15 reps followed by 9 reps of each movement)

  • Thrusters
  • Pull-ups

2) Grace Isa

  • Snatching 30 times
  • 30 reps of clean and jerks


three rounds

  • 400 meters to run
  • Swing 21 kettlebells.
  • Pull-ups: 12


  • 10,9,8,7, and only 1 rep remain
  • 1.5 times one’s bodyweight in deadlifts
  • 1 bench press at body weight
  • 3/4 bodyweight clean squat

Chris performs each exercise listed above for time. His major objective is to complete all of the workouts in the shortest amount of time.

Chris claims that doing this enhances his physical aptitude, productivity, and sheer strength.


Fattening, Low-Carb

Chris eats a diet strong in fat, high in protein, and low in carbohydrates to go along with his rigorous workout.

Meats, nuts and seeds, low-glycemic fruit, vegetables, and some carbohydrate make up the majority of his diet. He doesn’t consume any refined sugars.

“This approach allows people to get away from the high carbohydrate (carb), low-fat diets which are responsible for many of the health issues we see today (obesity, age-onset diabetes, etc.),” Chris noted while describing the advantages of his diet. Christopher Spealler

Chris prefers to eat more frequently throughout the day, taking in several smaller meals that are well-balanced in nutrients. Because he is sensitive to most grains and cereals, he also stays away from them.

Chris acknowledges that his experiences may not be shared by others. He advises everyone to experiment with their diet and determine what works best for them as a result.

Supplements Chris Spealler’s Opinion

Chris Spealler only consumes two supplements: fish oil capsules and a pill for recovery.

Chris claims that these two pills have significantly accelerated his post-workout recuperation.

“With the addition of these two vitamins, I have noticed a significant improvement in healing.”

Influences And Idols

One of the individuals that encouraged Chris to join CrossFit was his Marine friend. Chris mentioned;

“I ran into a friend of mine who was a Marine, and he told me about it. Not until a few weeks later did I remember it. I started a workout after seeing the website one day, and I haven’t looked back since.

What Chris Spealler Can Teach Us?

If Chris Spealler could teach us anything, it would be to take advantage of every chance that comes your way.

Chris decided to join CrossFit after his friend suggested it to him. He only needed to complete one workout to realize it was something he intended to continue doing for many years.

We may learn from Chris Spealler to be bold and take chances since you never know where the next opportunity will lead you.