Every region in the world has its unique flora and fauna.

Fruits and vegetables are also often different. Colombia is also such a country that has an exotic collection of fruits.

1. Colombia and its exotic fruits

Colombia lies in South America. It has an insular region in North America. Its capital is Bogota. Its geography is diverse and it has mainly a tropical type of climate.

But the climate is hot in the plains and cold in the mountainous regions. Thus, its biodiversity is rich and Nature has gifted it with a unique array of fruits.

Below are the names of these delicious and nutritious fruits with their description and pictures.

1. Guanabana from Colombia

This is an odd-looking green fruit that is oval in shape and spiked. The inside is white and soft with a milky flavor. The texture is slimy and it is consumed mostly in a juice form.

Guanabana fruit (Source: Amazon)

2. Lulo

An impressive and lovely fruit. Its outside is orange. Inside are 4 segments that have a citrus taste. The fruit is taken as a juice with added sugar because of its extreme tartness.

3. Guama

It is like a giant bean and aptly called an ice cream bean. On peeling it, there are pods inside that are sweet and smooth and these have a seed inside them.

4. Granadilla

This elegant fruit is orange on the outside. Inside the pulp is translucent and the seeds are black. After cracking it open, the pulp can be eaten with the fingers.

Lulo (Source: Plantura)

5. Borojo

Boro means head and Jo means fruit. It is a large rounded fruit. It is highly nutritious containing good amounts of protein, iron, and calcium.

6. Feijoa

It has a rich flavor and is the most delicious of all Colombian fruits. Its other name is pineapple guava though it is not from the family of guavas.

Its flavor somewhat resembles that of a strawberry, guava, pineapple, or bubblegum. The fruit’s outer skin is thick and green in color.

7. Uchuva

These are tiny berries that are inside a delicate outer casing. In Colombia, vendors sell it as a snack. These are not native to Colombia but grow there in ample quantities.

Their other names are Cape gooseberry fruits or goldenberries. In French, their name is amour-en-cage. They have a tart taste like a sweet tomato.

Uchuva (Source: Wikipedia)

8. Pitahaya

It is a dragon fruit of South America. It is a fruit from a cactus species. Its outer skin is yellow and the inside pulp is white. This pulp has specks of black seeds.

It tastes sweet and refreshes the body. Its water content is somewhat similar to that of a watermelon. One can eat it only in moderation. Excessive consumption gives rise to stomach pain.

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Whenever you get a chance to visit this biodiverse country, remember to taste these awesome fruits and experience their wonderful and refreshing taste. A trip is never complete without it.