Comfort foods

We all love certain foods that become our comfort foods. We eat them to elevate our moods. But many of these are unhealthy and come under the banner of junk foods.

But they do hold our hearts and tickle our taste buds. We do not want to let go of them. But when we have them, we go through a feeling of guilt. How do we overcome this feeling and also stay healthy at the same time?

We can splurge on them occasionally and not sacrifice our healthy eating. But the best option is to get hold of healthier forms of our comfort foods. Read on for the explanation.

1. Pizza: one of our favorite comfort foods

This food is a hot favorite of many people of all ages. But the base of this bakery item is made of refined flour with added sugar. Thus it is unhealthy.

But there are now healthier pizza bases available that have cauliflower and herbs incorporated into them. Why not try them for a healthy change?

Comfort foods
Pizza cauliflower crust (Source: Eating well)

2. Chocolate doughnut

This food is quite unhealthy. Additionally, it has milk and eggs that vegans do not prefer. But now Dunkin Donuts dispenses healthy chocolate doughnuts which have no grains, no gluten, no milk, no eggs, no oil, and also no nuts. Is it not amazing?

3. Reese’s cups

These candy favorites of childhood days! One can have them now too with no guilty feeling because their healthy options are there in the market. And the taste of these new versions is the same as the old ones.

4. Mac and cheese

The original Mac and cheese are full of fats and calories. But the healthier version of it is minus these and tastes as good. It has less than 250 calories and will make you feel good without the guilt.

Comfort foods
Mac and cheese (Source: All recipes)

5. Queso

This classic Mexican cheese dip tastes wonderful but is full of fats. But its healthier version has only 53 calories in a quarter cup and just a few grams of fat. It is made from Greek yogurt. Unbelievable!

6. Alfredo pasta

Yearning for Alfredo pasta but am worried about the calories. Go for this healthy recipe that is equally tasteful without any risks.

7. Sushi

Who does not love sushi? This dish is a favorite of many but the rice gets heavy on the stomach. Therefore it is unhealthy if eaten in large amounts.

One can opt for brown rice. It has higher amounts of proteins, fiber, antioxidants, and specific minerals and vitamins. It is more filling and prevents high blood sugar spikes.

Also in place of rice, one can choose fruits and vegetables that are more healthy.

Comfort foods
Sushi (Source: Prevention)

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8. Burgers

Burgers are made of refined flour. Go for the whole grain flour burgers and reap its benefits in terms of good health. In place of potatoes, you can use soya burgers. Use less mayonnaise and cheese for lowering the calories and making it heart friendly.