Courtney Gardner
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Who is Courtney Gardner?

Fitness model and bikini athlete Courtney Gardner is from Los Angeles, California (USA).

She did not want to pursue a career in fitness after earning a degree in photojournalism from Boston University.

Short Career of Courtney Gardner

But Courtney Gardner started working out after being motivated by Paige Hathaway and Jamie Eason, who she first discovered on Instagram. It didn’t take Courtney long to carve her stunning figure, which brought her first award in 2015.

“I started to use exercise as a tool and stopped avoiding it just because it was difficult.”

Body Measurements of Courtney Gardner

Full Name: Courtney Gardner
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Personal Trainer, Bikini Athlete

“When I’m not working out I love to pick up my camera and take pictures. I was a photojournalism major in college and still shoot when time allows!”

Courtney Gardner



  • Personal Training Qualification
  • Photojournalism Degree – Boston University

Competition History

  • 2015 NPC Spartan Championships, Bikini Class C – 3rd
  • 2015 NPC Spartan Championships, Bikini Class F – 1st
  • 2016  Bodybuilding Spokesmodel Search – 4th

“Living a fit lifestyle is not always easy, but to me it is worth it in the long run.”



Courtney Gardner was born and raised in Los Angeles, California (USA), and has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. As a small child, she excelled in track and field competitions, and she grew naturally thin as an adult.

However, while attending Boston University, Courtney grew dissatisfied with her slim appearance.

Despite continuing to compete for her college in athletics, the young woman began training weights in her free time to build lean muscle mass and achieve her ideal body.

Exercise Journey

After becoming increasingly interested in bodybuilding, Courtney looked for inspiration online. She started following people like Paige Hathaway and Jamie Eason and used their accounts as a source of motivation to advance with her physique.

Following her college graduation, Courtney made fitness a priority in her life. She always made time to work out in the gym, progressively developing a physique she could be proud of.

Inaugural Competition

It didn’t take long for Courtney’s family and friends to notice the changes in her physique; they then urged her to compete in fitness competitions and pursue a career in the field.

As a result, Courtney joined her first contest in 2015 at the age of 24—the NPC Spartan Championships—as a bikini athlete.

Despite this being Courtney’s first competition, she was able to leave with a trophy and impressively took first place in the Bikini Class F division.

This gave her the inspiration she required to increase her athletic athlete.

Featured Athlete

After winning, Courtney decided to compete in the “Spokesmodel Search” the following year, in 2016.

In a video she uploaded to YouTube, she argued why viewers should support her in the competition. This video received thousands of views in a short period, and Courtney was almost immediately considered a serious contender.

Courtney ultimately failed to repeat her earlier success, finishing fourth in the hunt.

However, because of her social media exposure, she gained a large following on Instagram and joined the ranks of the increasing number of “online fitness sensations.”

But it didn’t end there. Due to her increasing fame, a reputable supplement business noticed Courtney and offered to support her as an athlete. She had therefore achieved achievement in realizing her goal of working in the fitness sector.

Even though my corporate job is incredibly demanding, I still find the time to train since it is so important to me.

Courtney Gardner


Courtney works out by lifting weights five to six days a week to keep and build her toned physique. She engages in HIIT cardio 3–4 times per week after her exercises to stay in shape.

Courtney, on the other hand, doesn’t adhere to any set schedule since she thinks the secret to success is balancing training with a fulfilling social life.

She will therefore choose which muscle group to work out on that day and isn’t afraid to miss a workout to hang out with her pals.

Although I’ve always been active and enjoyed working out, seeing people like Paige Hathaway and Jamie Eason inspired me to work out more.

Influences and Idols

After discovering Paige Hathaway and Jamie Eason on Instagram, Courtney was first motivated to pursue her fitness objectives. The Californian was inspired by their strong and lean bodies and set her sights on achieving a similar shape.

But it was her friends and family who inspired her to work as an athlete; they got her to enter her first bikini competition, where she took home her first prize.

“I can give more to those around me, be a better employee, a better friend, etc. when I am happy and well.”

What Courtney Gardner Can Teach Us?

If there is anything we can learn from Courtney, it’s that listening to the advice of those who are close to you can help you succeed.

Courtney kept an open mind and entered her first bikini show because her friends and family had pushed her to do so.

Courtney Gardner eventually became successful in the fitness sector as a result of this; by 2017, she was a sponsored athlete and a social media sensation.