Cristina Silva
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Who is Cristina Silva?

Cristina Silva is a personal trainer, fitness model, and WBFF Bikini Pro competitor who resides and works in Central London.

Short Career of Cristina Silva

She began her fitness career when she was 15 years old and still resides in her Mexican hometown. After spending countless hours in the gym, Cristina Silva developed a great-looking physique and started her career in fitness.

She relocated from Mexico to France and then to England at the age of 21.

Cristina’s career began to take off in England, where she quickly attained certification as a personal trainer and achieved success as a competitor, winning the 2015 WBFF Bikini World Championships in Las Vegas.

“Only what you enjoy doing can you achieve true success. The world needs people who have come alive, so instead of asking what it needs, do what makes you feel alive.

Body Measurements of Cristina Silva

Full Name: Cristina Silva
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg) 
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness model, bikini competitor, and personal trainer from
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)

Cristina Silva



  • WBFF – Fitness Diva 3rd Place – London 2015
  • WBFF – Bikini Diva 1st Place – London 2015
  • WBFF – Bikini Diva 1st Place World Champion – Las Vegas 2015


Cristina’s History

Cristina Silva, who is Mexican, was an active kid growing up.

She enjoyed participating in school activities and sports, learning about fitness, and eventually falling in love with the sport she had just discovered.

Cristina’s trainer at school became aware of her enthusiasm for exercise and pushed her to follow her hobby.

He thought Christina would do well in the fitness world given her genetics.

Cristina took her trainer’s instruction without much hesitation and began her fitness career at the age of 15.

I began working out regularly and training hard at the age of 15 since my gym trainer thought I might succeed in this field.

Developing as a Star

Cristina left Mexico after 21 years and relocated to France, where she trained alone for a year.

She then relocated to London in 2012 to pursue a career as a professional fitness competitor and trainer.

Three years later, Cristina competed in her first fitness show and won third place, realizing her aspirations.

She competed in the WBFF Bikini Diva competition in London that same year, winning first place and receiving a Pro Card as a result.

Later Competitions

After completing her WBFF Pro qualifications, Christina headed to Las Vegas where she once again displayed her talent by outshining all of the other competitors and winning the title of Bikini Diva World Champion.

I won my “pro card” at the London show, giving me the chance to travel to Las Vegas and compete for the World Title as a Pro, and it was the most unbelievable experience of my life.

I was so happy when I won first place in the bikini category in Las Vegas that I couldn’t control my tears. My determination and commitment paid off.”

Individual Trainer

Cristina obtained a personal fitness coaching certification in London after winning “the big show” in Las Vegas. She then began working as a full-time personal trainer in that city.

Cristina, a personal trainer and fitness competitor with a long list of accomplishments under her belt, is setting new goals for herself.

Mexico and England are very dissimilar to one another and hardly comparable.

I try to visit Mexico as much as I can because I adore it. I still visit my relatives there on the Pacific Coast at least once a year. It’s incredibly lovely for vacations and downtime. I belong here in this large, vibrant metropolis called London.

Cristina Silva


Flexible Instruction

Depending on her goals, Cristina works out either five or six times each week. A 5-day-per-week split will usually be plenty for her if she is in the off-season.

Cristina will likely train six or even seven times per week leading up to a competition.

Cristina said she would go to any lengths necessary to perform at her very best on stage, even if that meant working out numerous times each day.

Training Week for Cristina Silva

Here is Cristina’s regular weekly workout;

  • Monday – Hamstrings and Glutes
  • Tuesday – Cardio, Chest, and Shoulders
  • Wednesday – Full Body
  • Thursday – Cardio, Back, and Abs
  • Friday – Abs, Calves, and Quads
  • Saturday – High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Sunday – Rest (Full Recovery)


Healthy and Strict Diet

Even though many athletes advocate for and adhere to flexible dieting plans. Cristina has discovered that she cannot stick to this style of dieting.

When it comes to dieting, she either goes “all in” or “nothing.” This means that even during the off-season, Cristina won’t typically consume any processed meals, sweets, or alcohol.

Cristina would only eat something from a Brazilian restaurant as an indulgent supper. I’m letting myself occasionally do what I call a “Healthy cheat dinner,” in Cristina’s words, by going to the Brazilian/Argentinean restaurant. I adore red meat. Cristina Silva

Cristina doesn’t find it difficult to eat in this manner. She appreciates eating healthy foods and maintaining a slender physique, saying it comes naturally to her.

What Cristina Silva Can Teach Us?

Cristina’s diet makes it obvious that her extraordinary discipline is what led to the results she achieved on stage.

It takes a lot of commitment to the sport of fitness to allow yourself just a few “healthy cheat meals” per month, but Cristina is living proof that it is possible.

If Cristina has taught us anything, it’s that you need to cultivate certain traits and behaviors if you want to succeed in life. such as devotion, enthusiasm, and dedication to your cause.

It will be a lot simpler and more pleasurable to achieve your goals if you are passionate about what you do.