Dan Tommo
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Who is Dan Tommo?

Daniel Thompson, often known as Dan Tommo, is a sponsored athlete and online fitness teacher who has gained notoriety on social media.

A rising star in the fitness industry, Daniel devotes his workouts to developing an “athletic” physique.

Short Career of Dan Tommo

Even though Dan Tommo serves as proof that anyone can get their ideal body, he didn’t begin bodybuilding seriously until he graduated from college.

claiming that after months of training, he noticed improvements in his body that ignited his desire for weightlifting.

Today, Dan has demonstrated that hard work and enthusiasm can go a long way in the weightlifting world. He has established a personal training business, which he balances with his day job in finance.

Body Measurements of Dan Tommo

Full Name: Dan Tommo
WEIGHT: 175 – 185lbs (79.4 – 83.9kg) 
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Personal Trainer, Sponsored Athlete
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)

Dan Tommo


  • Personal training business
  • Social Media Star


Beginnings of Bodybuilding

Dan was born and reared in England, where he was very active as a boy, participating in as much basketball, tennis, golf, and football as he could.

He kept participating in these activities throughout his time in high school before opting to start weightlifting to gain some muscle before enrolling in college.

Over the years, Dan’s interest progressively transformed into something he couldn’t live without.

Weightlifting later became a significant part of his life as he realized the physical changes it had made to his physique, even if he hadn’t taken it seriously while in college.

Financial Day Job

Dan tries to develop an “athletic” lean physique as opposed to a bulky bodybuilder-like appearance, even if he likes these improvements.

He has time to continue his active lifestyle with his busy day work in investment banking because this look doesn’t necessitate constant eating and meal preparation.

Dan thinks there are many similarities between the ecosystems of the investment and fitness sectors. He thinks the gym has taught him a lot about himself and given him the perseverance, devotion, and persistence he utilizes in all facets of his life.

Personal Training Online

The positive effects of developing a fantastic body on Dan’s life inspired him to help others reach their fitness objectives.

Weightlifting “has now taken me to the point, where I can genuinely start to make a meaningful difference in other people’s lives, by sharing my experiences and the knowledge I’ve developed,” says Dan when describing his path.

He founded an online personal training business, and many of his clients sought his counsel. His goal is to assist people in building the best bodies they can and finding a balance between their work and fitness lives.

He also takes pleasure in dispelling some of the “myths” that he sees as “plaguing” the fitness sector.

Dan Tommo


If it fits your macro’s

If it fits your macros, sometimes known as “IIFYM,” is Dan’s dietary philosophy. He thinks that as long as your intake of macronutrients doesn’t exceed your daily or weekly needs, you can eat almost anything you want.

Dan Tommo insists that his clients should still put a priority on eating a generally balanced and nutritious diet, even though he claims that the occasional fast food burger and fries won’t harm your results.

He thinks that once you start eating well, junk food becomes less appealing.

Cycling Carbs

Dan Tommo is a major proponent of carb cycling in addition to the IIFYM idea. He doesn’t want to gain weight and feels that low-carb diets sap one’s power and stamina, so he views carb cycling as a convenient compromise.

He advises his clients to develop a system that works for them because one individual may benefit from 5 low-carb days followed by 1 high-carb day, but another may not.


Dan claims that his training regimen would not be complete without vitamins. Below is his regular stack:

  • BCAA’s
  • Carnitine

What Dan Tommo can teach us?

Dan Tommo has demonstrated to us that with forethought and work, you can combine a hard career with a fitness regimen.

If your line of work is equally demanding as Dan’s, changing your diet or structuring your workouts differently can be the next step you need to take to develop a killer physique and a healthy way of life.