Dani Reardon
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Who Is Dani Reardon?

Dani Reardon is a professional Women’s Physique bodybuilder from the United States. She holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology and is also a fitness model.

Dani has participated in over 11 professional competitions and has won a sizable amount of bodybuilding accolades. Among these recognitions are first-place finishes at the 2012 National Championships and the 2015 Greater Gulf States Pro.

Dani placed second in her class at the 2016 Mr. Olympia, making an outstanding debut. She returned to the Olympia stage a year later and earned a top 6 finish.

Dani is a determined person with high standards who aspires to improve herself. She will undoubtedly grace the stages of the largest bodybuilding competitions in the world for many years to come because of her exceptional work ethic and discipline.

“I studied exercise physiology for my master’s degree, and I adore studying the human body. I believe in the power of consistency, a strong mind, and positive affirmations.

Body Measurements Of Dani Reardon 

Full Name: Dani Reardon
HEIGHT: 5′ (152.5cm)
WEIGHT: 125 – 135lbs (56.7 – 61.2kg)
PROFESSION: Professional Bodybuilder
ERA: 2010



  • 14th position in the national championships, NPC Figure Class A


  • NPC Women’s Physique Class A, first place at Nationals


  • IFBB Women’s Physique, Europa Show of Champions, 16th place


  • IFBB Women’s Physique, St Louis Pro, second place
  • Women’s Physique IFBB Europa Show of Champions, fourth place
  • Omaha Pro, 6th in the IFBB Women’s Physique
  • IFBB Women’s Physique, 8th place in the Tampa Pro


  • IFBB Women’s Physique, third place at the St. Louis Pro
  • IFBB Women’s Physique, the Greater Gulf States, first place
  • Fourth place in the IFBB Women’s Physique at Mr. Olympia


  • Women’s Physique at the Arnold Sports Festival: second place
  • IFBB Women’s Physique, Mr. Olympia, second place


  • Mr. Olympia, sixth place in the IFBB Women’s Physique

“Overall, do you. due to your want to do you. because it seems natural and comfortable. Do it because it helps you develop and learn.

Whatever your position, sport, skin tone, hair color, or line of work, just be you and own the f*ck out of you. You owe lovely you that, after all.


Short Career of Dani Reardon Dani Reardon

Born and reared on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Dani Reardon. She found her love for weightlifting while attending middle and high school in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

When Dani was 15 years old, her coach, “Cass,” urged her to pick up weights for the first time after noticing her strong foundation. Dani was invited to join the girls’ weightlifting team by Cass.

As it turned out, the coach had good instincts. “Well, it seemed he had the right eye for scouting,” Dani replied.

Before I graduated, I became team captain and broke three school records. My physique responded swiftly to starting to lift weights, and I soon earned the nickname “woman hulk” or “muscles.”

First Competitions Experience

Dani rose to the position of captain for her high school all-star team by her senior year. She also started showing up regularly in the Mr. and Miss Wesley Chapel Bodybuilding competition held at her high school.

Dani won the best showmanship prize in each of her first two competition years. This honor went to the contestant that executed their poses the best.

Dani went even further to win Miss Wesley Chapel two years in a row during her final two years of competing in high school bodybuilding competitions.

Dani also decided at this time that she would pursue bodybuilding full-time. That’s where my interest in bodybuilding began, and I will always be grateful to coach Cass, she said.

To earn a Master’s in Applied Exercise Physiology, Dani relocated to Orlando in 2008. She discovered the value of adhering to the proper diet while she was there.

She originally focused solely on her training and a very loose diet, as Dani remembers. Although she first saw success with this strategy, she began to see less and less improvement in her physical appearance.

At the age of 20, Dani understood that she would have to alter her nutrition if she wanted to participate in high-level competitions. She discovered a coach in Orlando who assisted her with all things nutrition and exercise-related to simplify the procedure.

Dani’s physique improved along with her bodybuilding expertise. Dani began dominating rivals in bodybuilding competitions as a result of her improved diet and training, and she soon began to establish a name for herself in the business.

As Dani puts it, “I quickly realized that this sport was absolutely for me after winning my first level 5 show.”

From Women’s Physique To Figure

Dani participated in the figure category at the beginning of her career. She claims that despite this initially being a nice category, it didn’t fully meet her ambitions for presenting her figure.

“I know what was missing from my stage performance, a front double bicep,” she remarked. I like training, competing, and posing, but the figure just wasn’t what I was searching for. Reardon, Dani

Dani discovered Women’s Physique while looking for other female bodybuilding divisions. Since this category had everything Dani was looking for, she switched to Women’s Physique.

The Path To Professional BodybuildingDani Reardon

Dani began getting ready for her next performance after switching to the Women’s Physique division. Dani set her sights high, hoping to take home the Pro Card by winning the 2012 NPC Nationals.

She finally found her footing as the National Championships champion after months of exhausting preparations, achieving Pro status along the way.

Dani had some great accomplishments while competing in the IFBB Pro League over the years.

She had competed in approximately 11 professional competitions by 2017. This included the renowned Mr. Olympia, a competition she placed second in 2016 but nearly won.

Dani still has incredible tenacity and dedication to bodybuilding. She seems destined to succeed in the Women’s Physique Olympia in the future because of her motivating approach.

Training (Workout)

Dani performs 3–4 sets of each exercise in the 8–12 rep range. These are the ranges where muscle growth is most likely to occur, according to Dani.

Despite having a muscular build, Dani claims that she doesn’t exercise primarily for strength. Dani, on the other hand, emphasizes her shape and volume the most.

“My ability to lift a lot of weight has very little bearing on the objectives I strive to accomplish during each session. In actuality, it is of zero importance to my workouts.

In a sense, Dani’s training philosophy is “quality above quantity.” She does this by maximizing each repeat and concentrating on both the good and bad aspects of the dance.

She increases the strain on her muscles to achieve the desired effects.

Nutrition (Diet Plan)

The only difference between Dani’s “off-season” diet and her contest prep diet is the size of her meal portions.

Dani Reardon makes sure that her meals have at least 25 to 30 grams of protein per serving during the “off-season.” She doesn’t favor any particular type of protein.

Instead, she consumes a variety of foods, including low-fat dairy, lean poultry meat, and plant-based foods.

Dani typically consumes carbohydrates in the morning and just after working out because these times are when her muscles are most in need of glycogen.

Dani strives to eat every two to three hours, which works out to about 5-7 meals each day.

“The meal choices I make before a contest are usually pretty similar; however, my coach plans out the portions and amounts more carefully. I don’t adhere to IIFYM; instead, I adhere to a pretty conventional food plan for shows.

I’ll rethink my attitude about IFFYM the day I witness Phil Heath cooking a protein pancake before Mr. Olympia, to put it simply. Reardon, Dani

Influences And Idols

Cass, the coach at Dani’s high school, was one of Dani’s earliest bodybuilding influences. Dani was introduced to bodybuilding by Cass, who thought she could excel in the sport due to her excellent foundation.

“At the time, I was a cheerleader, and weightlifting coach Cass saw my solid foundation and decided to add me to the girl’s weightlifting team. Coach Cass will always be to blame and to appreciate. Reardon, Dani

Along with working hard to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, I also like sharing my knowledge and beliefs with others. Explaining why something is done, in my opinion, is equally vital to instructing someone on what to do.

What Dani Reardon Can Teach Us

Dani Reardon has a natural interest in bodybuilding competitions, eating well, and lifting weights. These pursuits allowed Dani to develop a flawless figure, which helped her win multiple bodybuilding titles and honors.

Dani is the ideal illustration of a person who doesn’t give up until she achieves her objectives. The secret is perseverance and commitment.

Dani Reardon lives by the maxim, “Keep setting new goals for yourself and never settle for mediocrity.”