Danny Gonzalez
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One of the well-known YouTube stars who switched from the well-liked 6-second video-sharing app Vine to YouTube is Danny Gonzalez.

Danny Gonzalez had approximately 3 million followers as a former Viner before the app was discontinued. After switching to YouTube, he saw that the community was just as encouraging as Vine’s, and he resolved to expand his channel.

For his 4.76 million fans and growing, the YouTuber uploads comedic and response videos. His other social media accounts have sizable fan bases as well, with 946,000 Instagram followers, 829,000 Twitter followers, and 1.9 million TikTok followers among them.

He also runs the “2 Danny 2 Furious” YouTube channel, where he publishes similar stuff to those of his channel.

The YouTuber is relatively discreet about his personal life, especially his marriage while having a very prominent career. So, here are some facts about Danny and his wife Laura Gonzalez that you should be aware of.

They Wed in Secret

Danny married Laura covertly in 2017. When questioned on Twitter on July 19 of that year about why he hadn’t been active on his YouTube channel video in a while, he responded that he had been busy getting married and taking vacations.

Because of how secretive they are about their relationship, Laura’s Instagram only contains two images of her and Danny.

Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez (Pinterest)

Danny Gonzalez Highlights Laura On His Instagram

Danny posted a picture of himself and his wife on Instagram shortly after the wedding Tweet. Danny was pictured sitting with Laura standing behind him, wearing a patterned top and shorts.

She placed her hand on Danny’s shoulder while sporting an apparent wedding ring and a pattern off-the-shoulder shirt. Inquiring admirers questioned Danny in the comments section if the woman in the picture was his wife.

Moved to Illinois

Danny disclosed in a YouTube video that he had gone to Illinois to temporarily live with his parents until he acquired a home of his own a year after their wedding.

The YouTuber made light of the fact that he used a scam known as “The Reverse YouTuber.” He explained that, in contrast to previous YouTubers who left Los Angeles after becoming well-known, he was leaving the city now that he was recognized.

He informed his Instagram followers a month later that he had purchased a $2 million house.

Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez (Pinterest)

Fans Discuss How They Met

Fans posted a Reddit thread in which Laura claimed that she and Danny had been dating since she was 17 and he was 16 years old.

A screenshot of Laura’s Instagram story, which included a picture of them as teenagers, was also shared by the admirers.

Collaborate to Create Videos

The couple is relatively secretive, although Laura has participated in several of Danny’s films, demonstrating her support for his YouTube business. The pair has additionally starred in a few reaction videos on Danny’s two different YouTube Channels.

Additionally, Danny and Laura took part in the well-known “Girlfriend Does My Makeup” challenge in a video. Laura was shown assisting Danny in a film covering up a zit. She seems to be a makeup expert.