Dave Cunningham
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Who is Dave Cunningham?

British WBFF Pro, fitness model, and sponsored athlete Dave Cunningham.

He showed an early interest in competitive sports and played basketball throughout his time in school.

But Dave Cunningham soon grew dissatisfied with his thin frame.

This had a terrible effect on his life, and as a result, he started to feel insecure about his physical appearance. But at 16, he discovered fitness. He hasn’t turned back since then.

Dave subsequently set out to obtain his Pro Card as his ultimate goal. He had the chance to do this and much more in 2016 because he came in second at the WBFF Spring Show.

Here is his account:

Dave Cunningham

Body Measurements of Dave Cunningham

Full Name: Dave Cunningham
HEIGHT: 6’2″ (188cm)
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
PROFESSION: WBFF Professional Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


Career Accomplishments

  • Fitness Model
  • Pro WBFF
  • Sponsored Athlete

Competition Background

  • 2012 Miami Pro UK Championships, fifth place
  • 2013 Miami Pro Amateur World Championships: fifth place
  • 2013 WBFF London UK Show: 7th Place
  • 2014 WBFF Europe Pro-am Championships: fourth place
  • 2016 WBFF Spring Show: Second Place (Earned Pro Card)


The School Life

September 1986 marked the birth of Dave Cunningham. When he was 15 years old, he was heavily active in basketball. He had a lot of talent in the game, therefore he eventually became the team captain for his school.

Dave, though, wished to enhance his basketball performance. Dave decided to ask one of his physical education teachers for help at this time.

He gave Dave certain workouts to do to enhance his jump and all of his other court skills. He quickly made significant growth as a result in just a few weeks.

Dave was pleased with his basketball development; his efforts to raise his performance had paid off. However, due to the extensive cardio, he was performing, Dave grew dissatisfied with his thin appearance.

His self-confidence suffered as a result of this. Dave started looking for a change in his life at this moment.

In Search Of A Challenge

Dave started regularly lifting weights in the gym when he was 16 years old. This immediately became one of his greatest hobbies, and he gave his training his all to bulk up his thin physique with muscle.

After several months of exercise, Dave, however, was unable to gain muscle. He didn’t pay much attention to his diet throughout this time. Therefore, Dave was unable to make the desired progress.

To get around this, Dave looked into muscle-building techniques. Dave concluded that he needed to focus more on his diet at this stage.

He started eating right, and right away he made remarkable progress that everyone in the gym noticed.

Dave was inspired to compete as a result. He quickly concluded that he needed to give his training some direction.

Dave understood that competing in the fitness modeling category was something he wanted to try even though competing on the bodybuilding stage wasn’t for him.

Being A Fitness Model Competitor

In 2012, Dave started preparing for his first tournament, the Miami Pro UK Championships, where he placed fifth. Although he was content in his current role, Dave was aware that he was capable of more.

Dave sought help from the judges at the Miami Pro to advance in his upcoming competition. He continued working out in the gym after that.

At the Miami Pro Amateur World Championships in 2013, he faced off against his next opponent. Once more, he came in the fifth position.

Dave was unhappy with his performance when the findings were made public. Despite this, Dave persisted in pursuing his ultimate objective of receiving his Pro Card.

At this moment, Dave decided to stop competing in the Miami Pro and switch to the WBFF.

In 2013, Dave participated in his first WBFF competition, finishing seventh at the WBFF London UK Show.

Although Dave wasn’t happy with his finish, he was aware of how tough the competition was. Dave understood that to continue moving forward, he needed to maintain his focus.

Acquiring His Pro Card

In 2014, Dave competed in the WBFF Europe Pro-am Championships, where he came in fourth. Dave believed he could have done better, though.

He, therefore, took a year off to concentrate on further developing his physique.

Dave competed in the WBFF Spring Show in 2016 after spending a year working out hard at the gym. He finished second in the contest, earning him a pro card.

He had been anticipating this day ever since he began working out. From that point on, Dave had the chance to succeed in his job as a fitness model, and he was ready to do it.


Five days a week, Dave works out in the gym to keep his lean figure. He maintains a high degree of effort during each training session to advance his level of fitness over time.

Additionally, Dave emphasizes the need of working on his calf muscles. As one of his weaker muscle groups, he works out in this area at least twice a week.

Split From Dave Cunningham’s Workout

Dave Cunningham

  • Sunday: Chest and Biceps
  • Monday: Back
  • Tuesday: Hamstrings and Calves
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: Shoulders and Triceps
  • Friday: Quadriceps and Calves
  • Saturday: Rest Day


Dave follows an IIFYM diet, which means he sets his macronutrient targets. He regularly checks his calories to make sure he follows them. Here is Dave discussing his dietary preferences:

I don’t follow any rigid meal plans because I live a flexible dieter’s lifestyle; as long as I reach my daily goals, my meals can consist of anything.

However, Dave eats primarily healthful foods so that his body can absorb the necessary nutrients for him to gain lean muscle mass. A sample menu for Dave’s typical day of eating is provided below:

The Diet Of Dave Cunningham

  • 1st  Meal – Oats and Whey Protein
  • 2nd Meal – (Post Workout) – Grilled Chicken and White Rice
  • 3rd Meal – Protein Bar
  • 4th Meal – Grilled Chicken and Brown Rice
  • 5th Meal – (Meal of Choice)
  • 6th Meal –  Oats and Whey Protein

Influences And Idols

Dave admires fitness professionals who have succeeded in their fitness endeavors. Dave looks up to fitness legends like Steve Cook, Shaun Stafford, and James Alexander Ellis and aspires to be as successful in his career as they are.

Dave was able to accomplish the goals he set for himself thanks to his enthusiasm, dedication, and desire for health. He was able to obtain his Pro Card result in 2016.

His internet supporters also encourage him to keep moving forward. Dave said the following about their influence:

“When I get tweets, notes, emails, etc. telling how what I’m doing is encouraging people to pursue their ambitions, it’s what keeps me going,” says the person who can inspire others through their journey.

What Dave Cunningham Can Teach Us?

By working hard and being persistent, Dave Cunningham was able to succeed in his fitness career. He overcame his body concerns as a result, developing a fantastic physique.

Dave Cunningham is a role model for us since he persisted until he attained his final objective. Along the way, he encountered obstacles, but he learned to accept them and carry on with his life.