Derek Weida
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Who is Derek Weida?

For his inspirational videos, Derek Weida has achieved fame online, but before this, he spent his entire life fantasizing about joining the military.

Short Career of Derek Weida

At the age of 17, Derek Weida was able to realize his dream. But it wasn’t until he was wounded in the knee in Iraq in 2007 that his career was abruptly halted. Derek was compelled to reconsider his choices.

Derek’s knee was finally fixed after 18 months of suffering through several operations, but his military career was cut short. Derek floated in and out of jail after being discharged from the Army due to depression until he finally attended Tough Mudder with an old friend.

Sadly, just as things seemed to be going well, Derek’s leg buckled under the force of the race.

He underwent his final operation, having his leg amputated. As a result, Derek decided to devote his life to fitness to help others while rehabilitating himself.

Body Measurements of Derek Weida

Full Name: Derek Weida
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: CrossFit Athlete, Entrepreneur, Gym Manager, Founder of The Next Objective
ALIAS: Derek Weida
HEIGHT: 5’6″ (167.5cm)
WEIGHT: 155 to 165 lbs. (70.3 – 74.8kg)


Derek Weida


  • Creator of The Next Objective
  • Gym Manager
  • Successful Entrepreneur


Airborne Division 82

As a US Army veteran from the 82nd Airborne Division who discovered CrossFit and overcame despair following a bullet wound to his knee that ended his military career in 2008, Derek Weida has gained widespread recognition throughout the world.

“I served as the attack team’s point man. I was shot side to side through my right knee as soon as the door broke open.

In 2007, an insurgent’s bullet passed directly through Derek’s knee, leaving him in excruciating pain for several months while he alternated between therapy sessions and surgery at the Army Medical Center Walter Reed Hospital.

Even though Derek’s knee was in horrible health, he had only one thought in mind: getting back “to the fight” and his squad.

He underwent surgeries for 18 months while also receiving physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises, but the surgeries consistently failed.

Despite Derek’s repeated requests for his leg to be amputated, the doctors were optimistic that they could repair and rehab his knee.

The doctors informed him that there was nothing else they could do to improve the mobility of his leg in August 2008.

Medical Release

Military medical officials concluded that Derek wasn’t physically capable of performing his duties and terminated his service.

Derek intended to make the military his career for the rest of his life. So, when Derek heard this news, it truly touched home, and he began to fall downward.

In 2009 and 2010, Derek was sectioned in psychiatric facilities and dipped in and out of jail. According to Derek, “I had no reason to continue living; my life was over, and I was suicide.”

Race the Mudder

He served in Iraq alongside an old acquaintance who published an open invitation to participate in a cross-country obstacle race online in December 2010. This presented Derek with the chance to put his life back together.

This helped Derek regain his old veteran pals and provided him with a short-term focus. Even while things were going well, his knee couldn’t survive the abuse Derek dealt it during the race.

In that race, I damaged whatever was still in my knee.

The Amputation of Derek

Derek’s leg was finally removed in 2011 after the doctors listened to his requests. Because of this, he gained control over his life; the only thing standing in his way was his unwillingness to advance.

Derek realized that “keep going forward” is what he does best during this process.

Next Tough Mudder

His ex-army friend registered them both for a second Tough Mudder race to keep him motivated during his physical therapy and recovery.

Derek competed in his second Tough Mudder three months after getting a new leg. He covered a total of 12 miles—6 on his legs and the remaining 6 on crutches.

The Start of Anytime Fitness

In June 2013, after returning to Minnesota, he asked himself, “What am I good at, what can I do?”

He discovered that he excelled at pushing himself, so he practiced it in the gym and put in a lot of effort. At this point, he decided that opening his gym was a smart idea.

To raise money for his new gym, Derek opened a CrowdFunding account. His tale attracted a lot of good attention from news organizations.

Anytime Fitness immediately became interested in him and offered him the position of manager in one of their gyms.

The gym is distinctive in that every employee is a veteran of the military. “Is a beacon for those in despair,” declares Derek of this.

It is much more than simply a gym to me; it is a place where true life change occurs.

The Upcoming Objective

The Next Objective, a charity-run organization founded by Derek and run by Sean Endsley, was soon established. After leaving active duty, it aids veterans in their social rehabilitation and aids in their community reintegration.

In addition, Derek has a clothing business that he started after quickly becoming well-known online.

Wishes and Hopes

Derek stated that working for a gym is not all he wants. He has battled for his independence and wants to one day enjoy it by becoming self-sufficient.

He adds that he would like to compete in CrossFit against physically fit individuals. Here is Derek discussing his aspirations;

“I have my own goals and aspirations, therefore I wouldn’t find much fulfillment in working as a gym staff.”

In the CrossFit community, I’d also like to compete against physically fit people. Although it will take time and effort, it is what we enjoy doing. Easy Street is a sham.


Derek is completely committed to CrossFit, and his workouts reflect that. His exercises are lengthy and demanding and include everything related to CrossFit. WODs for Olympic lifting, endurance training, and strength training make up a typical workout.


Online discussions about Derek’s diet and nutrition strategies for CrossFit can be found. Lean meats, good fats, and complex carbohydrates like yams and oats will make up the majority of his meals.

Influences and Idols

For those who have battled PTSD and other wounds from combat, Derek is a glimmer of hope.

He inspires entire generations of people to keep fighting their own daily battles and keep pushing forward because of his positive outlook and refusal to give up.

What did Derek Weida Can Teach Us?

Derek Weida has shown us that we should never give up no matter what. Derek always had “hope” inside of him; it wouldn’t let go, not even after his suicidal thoughts, his melancholy, or the loss of his limb.

With this hope, Derek Weida returned and used exercise to battle his demons. He is now well-known throughout the world as someone who inspires people.

You may achieve greatness and become your hero if you have the same determination and faith that things will turn out better despite adversity.