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There is significant weight gain in many women after menopause. They find it hard to shed that extra fat. How to lose this excess body fat? Slimming down for them can take a long time and the process might be complicated in many such women. Dr Paula Oliveira feels that this need not be so. According to her, menopausal woman can lose extra fat rapidly abd effectively by following three simple and easy steps.

Menopause and the weight gain

Many women after menopause tend to gain a lot of weight. They find it difficult to shed those extra amount of fat from the body. They struggle with the excess weight and cannot remove it for good. But Dr Paula Oliveira feels that this need not be the case. According to her, such women can regain their trim shape by following just three steps. These easy and simple steps can help them eliminate the stubborn fat easily and at a fast pace.

Paula Oliveira
Fiber rich foods (Source: Style craze)

Paula believes that weight loss does not have to be restriction of some foods or using of expensive fad diets. She feels that incorporating certain healthy foods in the daily diet can do the same trick in an easy way and faster and effectively.

Dr Paula Oliveira advice: Fiber rich diet and more protein

Having lots of fiber in the food can help reduce weight and keep one healthy. Paula explains:

Fibre helps in reducing appetite and increasing insulin sensitivity, factors greatly contributing to weight loss.”

Fruits and vegetables are ruch sources of fiber and therefore healthy. They have fiber and a lot of minerals and vitamins along with antioxidants. These are of great benefits for the body.

A high protein diet also helps to keep a check on the total calories consumed in a day. Paula added that these foods include lean meats, legumes, whole grains, eggs, oily fish, soybean etc. This will make the person lose fat. And it also prevents muscle loss that comes with age. Paula says:

“Proteins including red meat should be eaten in moderation to prevent their negative effects.”

Paula Oliveira
High protein foods (Source: Health shots)

Processed meats raise chances of bowel cancer. And red meats are high in saturated fats. These cause hypercholesterolemia and heart diseases with atherosclerosis. All this increase the risk of early deaths, strokes, and heart attack.

Reduce alcohol consumption

The third step is to lessen alcohol consumption. Paula advises to cut back on alcohol intake in a day. She elaborates:

“Most alcoholic drinks carry numerous calories that overwhelm the body, possibly causing weight gain.”

She continues:

“Alcohol consumption can not only cause unhealthy weight gain but also increases the risk of liver damage, especially when taken in excess.”

Paula Oliveira
Lessen alcohol consumption (Source: Medical news today)

Their low calories option include light beer, Tequila with fresh lime juice, Vodka soda with added lemon, and Rosé. With alcohol often people take fattening foods and this also causes weight gain and chronic diseases.

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Therefore, reducing alcohol while increasing protein and fiber in diet can help menopausal women lose weight successfully, safely, easily and rapidly.