Emeri Connery
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Who is Emeri Connery?

Emeri Connery is a champion bikini competitor and personal trainer from Coolville, Ohio (USA).

Her brother participated in multiple competitions; as a result of her family’s emphasis on fitness, Emeri was encouraged to start lifting weights.

Short Career of Emeri Connery

Emeri Connery began competing in fitness competitions as a result, following in her brother’s footsteps. She eventually won her first prize in 2017 and rose to the position of a reputable personal trainer.

“I have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same.”

Body Measurements of Emeri Connery

Full Name: Emeri Connery
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bikini Model, Personal Trainer
WEIGHT: 145 – 155lbs (65.8 – 70.3kg)
HEIGHT: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)

“It is my desire to help people transform their life, achieve their objectives, and gain confidence.

“I have now competed in several NPC bikini and figure competitions, most recently winning my class and overall figure division.”

Emeri Connery


Competition History

2014 (NPC) 

  • Pittsburgh Championships, Bikini Novice Class B – 14th
  • Pittsburgh Championships, Bikini Class D – 9th

2016 (NPC) 

  • Mountaineer Classic, Bikini Novice Class B – 5th
  • Mountaineer Classic, Bikini Class C – 4th

2017 (NPC)

  • Mountaineer Classic, Figure Class C – 1st
  • Mountaineer Classic, Figure Novice Class B – 1st


  • ISSA Personal Training Certification

“The first step to success is motivation. Taking action is the next stage.


Young Years

Emeri was reared in Coolville, Ohio, and was born there. She has always been passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. She grew up in a loving, busy home and developed strong athletic abilities.

Emeri received multiple invitations to represent various institutions as a sportswoman as a result, but she made the crucial decision to decline these invitations in favor of concentrating on her studies.

Beginning a Fitness Journey

Emeri had rejected down the option to compete in collegiate athletics, but she began to miss being active. As a result, she decided to look for alternative sports and pastimes to keep herself in shape and healthy.

When Emeri went to see her brother’s first bodybuilding competition at this time, she was awestruck by the participants’ physical conditioning and what the human body was capable of.

Not long after, she started weight training with the help of her brother, determined to build a body fit for a bikini athlete.

In 2013, when Emeri was 20 years old, she started her journey toward fitness.

Inaugural Competition

Emeri adhered to her brother’s strict training and nutrition regimen throughout the following year. As a result, she started to make rapid progress, and it didn’t take long for her to get to the point where she could compete on stage.

Emeri made her stage debut at the NPC Pittsburgh Championships in 2014, when she was 21 years old, competing in the Bikini Novice Class C and the Bikini Class D.

Even though she came in second and ninth in her first two competitions, she still managed to gather significant experience that will help her perform better in future ones.

However, she wasn’t done yet.


Emeri participated in two more concerts over three years, each time enhancing her skills. Her best performance as a bikini athlete, nevertheless, came at the beginning of that year.

Emeri had great expectations when she took the stage in the hopes of finally receiving her first taste of silverware, and that’s exactly what happened.

after stunning the judges with her amazing physique. After only 3 years of competing, the young woman from Coolville won the competition and received her first award.

As a result, she had the exposure she needed to pursue a career in fitness and was identified as a rising star in the field.

Individual Training

high from her accomplishment. Emeri had a desire to give back to the fitness industry, and as a result, she sought to obtain her ISSA personal training certification so that she could assist others in the same way that her brother had helped her.

Emeri Connery had earned her certification as a health and fitness coach by the middle of 2017 and was eager to start helping others reach their objectives.

She quickly set up several social media accounts and her website since she was aware that having a strong online presence would enable her to connect with clients all over the world. Her diligence paid off, too.

Soon after, Emeri gained a sizable online following; at the age of 24, she established herself as a well-liked personal trainer in addition to being a social media sensation.

“Set goals, put them in writing, then devise a plan to achieve them. The most crucial thing is to act.

“I knew it was something I wanted to pursue after witnessing my brother, Klint, compete at his first bodybuilding contest,” says the athlete.

Emeri Connery

Influences and Idols

Emeri Connery was initially motivated to start training weights after seeing her brother compete as a bodybuilder. Since then, he has taken Emeri under his wing and helped her succeed by developing a customized diet and exercise regimen.

Since becoming a personal trainer, Emeri has found that watching her customers succeed in their fitness objectives and experience the joy of being a part of their journeys gives her encouragement.

“Results don’t appear overnight; they take time. Patience and consistency are key.

I was certain I wanted to devote my time and effort to something that would uplift, encourage, and ultimately benefit others.

What Emeri Connery Can Teach Us?

Emeri Connery grew obsessed with bodybuilding after watching her brother compete as an athlete; she later stepped on stage as a bikini model after years of demanding training and preparation.

One lesson we can take away from Emeri’s tale is to always explore new interests when they arise.

Additionally, Emeri has taught us to always assist others when we can. After winning her first prize, she obtained her training certification and now helps others achieve their fitness objectives.