Erko Jun
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Who Is Erko Jun?

Erko Jun, the “bad child” who enjoyed getting into mischief and loitering on the streets, was compelled to leave his native country because of war and violence. He discovered he had a flair for peril and trouble.

Short Career of Erko Jun

Erko Jun didn’t begin to reevaluate his life’s objectives until he hurt himself while practicing MMA.

When his doctor predicted that he would never again be able to fully utilize his limb, Erko was simply more determined than ever to disprove him.

He overcame obstacles to establish himself as one of the world’s top fitness models. There are no signs of him slowing down as he continues to work hard, make appearances in different periodicals, and inspire others.

Body Measurements of Erko Jun

Full Name: Erko Jun
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Model
WEIGHT: 185 – 195lbs (83.9 – 88.5kg)
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)

Erko Jun


  • 3-time junior bodybuilding champion.
  • Balkan Championships 2nd place.
  • Musclemania Show Miami 3rd place.


MMA and Criminal Activity

Erko Jun was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a nation ravaged by war. Due to the intense violence in 1992, Erko and his family left their home country when he was just two years old for safety.

They subsequently relocated to Belgium’s Antwerp. Erko, however, encountered difficulties because of his disruptive behavior and hostile attitude. He was a “bad lad” who spent his nights on the streets getting into mischief.

He now acknowledges that it wasn’t done most intelligently. However, when he met his mentor and trainer Bill Richardson, who taught Erko how to direct his energy in a constructive direction, things quickly started to turn around for him.


It all started when he hurt his leg one day while practicing MMA. He wasn’t just a bad lad in the streets; he was also an accomplished mixed martial artist.

something that his father always pushed him to do. Taekwondo, kickboxing, and eventually MMA were his first two sports.

After the injury, his doctor advised Erko to use weights to exercise to increase his strength because he would never be able to use his leg normally again.

He ended up at a rough, old-school gym in Antwerp, Belgium, in this manner.

The new trainee was disciplined by Erko’s trainer Bill at the gym, and he wouldn’t let him leave until he’d left everything on the floor. He gave it everything he had and began to focus his energy differently.


Bill inspired the energetic and young Erko to compete after witnessing the incredible efforts in the gym and the outcomes that followed. He quickly rose to the position of a three-time junior bodybuilding champion.

Erko sought a second round because he had already tasted victory in his first competition. He continued to the Balkan championships and finished in second place. Shortly after that, he competed at the Miami Musclemania Show and finished in third place.


Erko cherished competing and his new bodybuilding lifestyle. But he soon understood that winning competitions wasn’t really about making money; rather, it was more about promoting himself and getting modeling jobs.

“That’s how I got into modeling for many businesses and brands. I achieved six worldwide fitness cover appearances in 2014, which makes me incredibly proud because it was a dream come true.

My objective is to demonstrate my abilities to the world, and I believe that anyone with a dream who is sincere in their desire can achieve it if they have the will.

Erko overcame the hurdles to achieve his goals after years of commitment and effort.

Erko Jun


using a training plan that switches up the exercises and rep ranges each week to prevent muscle fatigue and boredom. Erko breaks down his routine into a three-day split with a variety of exercises. A sample of Erko’s training week is shown here.

Erko’s Training Schedule

Day 1:  6 exercises that change every week) Shoulders:  3 exercises, triceps 3 exercises, calves.

Also, Day 2:  6 exercises for Legs, and 3 exercises for biceps.

Day 3:  5  exercises for Chest, 5 exercises for back.

Cardio: 15 min post workout, heart rate 150 – 170.

Here’s Erko talking about his training structure:

Repeat: “So I train 6 days a week with weights, and on my 7th day, it’s rest or cardio.  It all depends if I have a photo shoot/show or something else coming up.

I usually do 3 sets for each exercise, and like I said before, I always train till failure so my reps are high all the time, minimum 25/20/15.” – Erko Jun


Erko maintains a nutritious diet for the majority of the year to maintain his modeling career-critical physical fitness. His diet is rich in healthy fats, lean proteins, and excellent sources of complex carbohydrates.

The Erko Diet

  • Oatmeal 100 gr + 50 gr protein
  • Chicken 300 gr + 100 gr vegetables
  • Chicken 300 gr + 100 gr vegetables
  • Post workout: 150 gr Tuna + 75 gr rice + Lemon
  • White Fish 300 gr + vegetables
  • 8 Eggwhites + 2 eggs (before bedtime)


Bcaas, isolate protein, waxy maize, and casein are essential.

Influences and Idols

Erko’s father had a significant impact on him because he exposed him to MMA and the life of a fighter.

Later, Bill Richardson discovered a technique to use Erko’s energy for good, which assisted in developing the young, vivacious competitor into a top-tier competitor.

He is one of his sources of motivation in life and is well-known to admirers around. He encourages others to develop their greatness physically.

“No matter your situation, you can always improve yourself as long as you never give up.”

What Can We Infer About Erko Jun?

Erko had a difficult beginning in life due to being uprooted from his nation at a young age and being associated with the wrong gang. It wasn’t until his passion for MMA and his training made he reevaluate his life and his life course.

Erko overcame the odds and not only rebuilt his leg but also rose to the level of a world-class athlete when the doctor advised him to begin weight training following a broken leg.

He has demonstrated that if you put in the necessary effort and have the correct attitude, you can succeed in your endeavors with perseverance and hard work.

Thousands of fans all across the world look up to Erko Jun as an inspiration. He still inspires individuals from all areas of life, both young and old.