Evan Rachel Wood
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As an actress, model, and musician, Evan Rachel Wood is best known for the television dramas True Blood and Westworld.

Additionally, Evan Rachel has appeared in a variety of films, including thirteen and frozen 2.

She is also highly renowned for having an amazing body physique, which is another thing. Therefore, we’ll talk about the food and exercise regimen that Evan Rachel Wood Workout Routine follows in this post.

Evan Rachel Wood’s Exercise And Dietary GuidelinesEvan Rachel Wood

Figures For Evan Rachel Wood

Height 5 Ft 7 Inch
Weight 54 Kg
Age 32 Years
Breast 33 Inch
Waist 26 Inch
Hips 34 Inch

Evan Rachel Wood Exercise Program

Evan Wood’s daily schedule involves traveling from shoot to shoot. As a result, she initially had little time to go to the gym and engage in various activities.

However, Evan Rachel Wood Workout Routine was able to maintain her fitness over time because of some excellent workout practices she acquired.

In her training program, Evan Wood primarily incorporates yoga, dancing, and cardio exercises.

She makes an effort to exert as much physical effort as she can while exercising, and this aids in her continued fitness. Evan works out practically every day, and she maintains a high level of activity even on her days off.

The Evan Wood exercise consists of:


Evan Rachel Wood enjoys dancing, which is why she incorporates it into her exercise regimen frequently.

Although Evan Wood doesn’t dance every day, she does her best to include it in her weekly schedule. Depending on how she feels on any given day, Evan Wood may dance for up to two hours at a time.


She had always been active and enjoyed doing aerobic workouts. Evan Wood loves to run and bike, and she even has a great place where she can bike whenever she wants. Evan Wood enjoys swimming a lot, and all of these activities enable her to burn off a lot of calories.


Initially hesitant about yoga, Evan Wood has come to appreciate it as well. What’s so amazing about yoga, Evan Wood used to wonder, that everyone is so enthused about it?

Evan finally saw the value when she gave it a try herself, and since, she has become a yoga junkie. Evan Rachel Wood makes an effort to include yoga at least four times per week since it keeps her in shape and helps to keep her body lean and supple.

All of this has to do with Evan Wood’s exercise regimen.

Diet Of Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Wood always chooses wholesome foods; she prioritizes her health and strives to maintain the best level of physical fitness.

When it comes to the Evan Wood diet, there aren’t many cheat meals. Her diet primarily consists of consuming fewer carbohydrates and more salads and greens without dressing.

Evan Wood conceals her occasional consumption of junk food with her subsequent meals of wholesome, low-calorie food, even though you will undoubtedly notice some of it.

You could therefore claim that Evan Wood eats a balanced diet, balancing her intake of calories and macronutrients.

Evan Rachel Wood enjoys consuming a lot of wholesome liquids, such as juice, cold juice, etc.

To keep her body hydrated and healthy, Evan Wood consumes over two gallons of water daily along with other beneficial beverages. This is all about the diet plan for Evan Wood.