Favorite foods
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Celebrities try to eat healthy and stay fit. Hollywood stars are no different. But all of us have our likes and dislikes as regards food.

Also we have our favorite foods that we can eat anytime and we crave for it. Usually the food dish remains constant over time but sometimes may change as one grows and ages.

Hollywood actors and their favorite foods

Shared below are the favorite foods that your loved Hollywood actors adore and like.

1. Hugh Jackman and his

This Australian star who also has done Hollywood movies loves cheese and wine. He had revealed once:

I’m a real foodie and into good wine. Good cheese with wine — doesn’t get better than that.”

It is surprising that despite being a foodie he has managed to maintain his weight and figure and continues to look young even at 53.

Favorite foods
Hugh Jackman loves cheese and wine (Source: Koimoi)

2. Justin Bieber

This Canadian star and singer has a great appetite for Italian food. And in it his favorite is Spaghetti bolognese. Wonder whether he can make one himself too!

3. Barack Obama

The ex-President of the USA, Barack Obama has a liking for broccoli. It is supposed to be healthy and has a lot of fiber and minerals and vitamins. Its caloric value is less and thus there is no risk of weight gain with it.

4. LL Cool J

American rapper, LL Cool J loves ice cream and cakes. He has a sweet tooth. He had admitted:

Ice cream and cake — I love warm apple pie or peach cobbler, or some fresh warm brownies, or even cookies. It’s like I’m handcuffed to the table when warm baked cookies come out of the oven — you smell them, and whoo!”

5. Aaron Paul

American actor, Aaron Paul who is 42 years old now loves pizza. He is so much in love with it that it often appears on his Instagram pages as delicious yummy pics. And in the pizza category, his favorite is jalapenos with pepperoni.

6. Seth Meyers

Favorite foods
Seth Meyers and his favorite food (Source: Wikipedia)

American comedian, Seth Meyers has an immense love for Chex mix but homemade. And that too made by his mom. He revealed:

“My mom’s homemade Chex mix. No one makes it like her, although I recently learned that the key to her success is just butter.”

7. Rick Ross

American rapper, Rick Ross does have weight issues. He is obese. He had also joked on it and called himself a fat boy forever.

Hence, he tries to stick to healthy foods. He takes ample amount of fresh fruits in his daily diet. And in them, pears are his favorite.

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8. John Legend

This great singer of Hollywood loves fried chicken. John himself cooks it. He also put up a video on it for his wife Chrissy Teigen’s blog So Delushious. And wife Chrissy has everything in her favorite food list!

Favorite foods
John Legend cooks and also loves fried chicken (Source: Cravings by Chrissy Teigen)