detox therapy

Detox therapy is a method to cleanse the body of impurities and toxins. It can be as simple as a glass of warm water to more complex concoctions. Here is a list of 5 popular and effective detox water.

Detox therapy and detox water

The term Detox stands for detoxification. Detox therapy means removing the toxins and impurities from the body. It cleanses the body and sets it to a new normal level. Studies have shown that urban life with pollution and stress gives rise to the generation of a lot of free radicals in the body. In turn, these cause cellular damage and affect the body functions. Hence, ill health ensues and diseases come up. Therefore, intermittent and regular detox therapy is advocated. For this, people use detox water.

detox therapy
Coriander water (Source: Pinterest)

Detox therapy is a home remedy for a number of diseases. It is preventive as well as therapeutic. There are some claims that it can also boost immunity, aid digestion, and help in weight loss. Moreover, it supposedly also assists in improving the function of the liver and giving the skin its glow. Therefore, people use detox water for this therapy. This might be plain water or some herbs infused drinks. The popular and effective detox options are outlined below.

Cumin water: a detox therapy

To prepare this infusion, add a teaspoon of whole cumin to a glass of potable water. It is kept overnight. The water gets infused with the useful content of the spice. If one drinks this water in the morning on an empty stomach, it will promote overall health and help in gut health.

Coriander water

There are two ways to make it: the slow method and the quick method. In the first method, the coriander seeds are added to a glass of water and kept overnight. The water is strained the next day morning into another glass and consumed on an empty stomach. It promotes health.

And in the quick method, boil the water containing the coriander seeds for 10 minutes. Cool it a bit and drink the infused water.

Strawberry and lemon water

Put strawberry pieces and lemon juice in a glass containing water. Leave it for a few hours. The flavors and healthy ingredients will seep into the water. Consume this throughout the day.

Cucumber-Mint-Ginger-Lemon Water

Detox waters (Source: Elavegan)
Detox water (Source: Elavegan)

Add all the 4 ingredients into a glass with water. Leave it for a few hours in the open. Strain the liquid and consume it.

Apple-Cinnamon Infused Water

Add apple pieces into a glass of water. Add a stick of cinnamon to it. Let the ingredients remain in the water for a few hours. Later, strain and drink the infused water for detoxification.

All these remedies are claimed to detoxify the body. But there are no scientific studies on them. Certain people also advise juices of fruits or vegetables such as carrots for detoxification process. Others advise spices and herbs infused water for it. While some just use lemon juice infused water or plain warm water for the process.

Detox therapy
Detox water (Source: Spend with pennies)

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Remember that these waters would cause an increase in urination and can lead to overhydration and low salt levels in blood. Do it under medical supervision and after consultation with a doctor or nutritionist.