Daily food menu

Human beings should take a healthy and balanced diet. But most of us yearn for variety in our diet menu.

But there are some figure-conscious celebrities of Hollywood who consume healthy food daily but it is monotonously same. The daily food menu is the same over the years.

Hollywood stars and same daily food menu

Humans opt for variety in everyday life and also regards food. We want to change our daily food menu in a month or year. It is boring to have the same fixed meals daily.

But in order to maintain their stardom, celebrities from Hollywood aspire to keep their figures slim and in shape. They have to take a balanced and healthy meal daily.

But it tends to become monotonous. But many of them especially the female stars have such great willpower that they have managed to stick to a fixed daily food regime over all these years. That is a laudable job.

It is not easy to be on a fixed diet plan on a daily basis.

But Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and others have managed to look so good despite their age thanks to this fixed diet menu that is nonetheless nutritious with ample portions of carbohydrates, proteins, good fats, vitamins, and minerals.

1. Jennifer Winston and her fixed daily food menu

This great American actress looks the same over the last so many years. She does intermittent fasting and talking about it, she told Radio Times:

“I do intermittent fasting, so no food in the morning. I noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours.”

Daily food menu
Jennifer Aniston and her healthy fixed daily food menu (Source: Eating Well)

And her lunch is boringly same every day. She revealed:

“Some form of vegetables or salad with protein —pretty basic.”

What is dinner? It is also same: vegetables or salad with some protein!!!

2. Victoria Beckham

Singer cum fashion designer Victoria Beckham has been eating the same food everyday for the past 25 years. Her footballer husband, David Beckham astonishingly had revealed:

I get quite emotional about food and wine, when I’m eating something great, I want everyone to try it. Unfortunately, I’m married to someone that has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years. Since I met her, she only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables, she will very rarely deviate from that.”

And he continued:

“The only time she’s probably ever shared something that’s been on my plate was actually when she was pregnant with Harper (in 2011) and it was the most amazing thing. It was one of my favorite evenings. I can’t remember what it was, but I know she’s not eaten it since.”

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth follows a strict diet regime and maintains it even on vacations. She had said:

“In most places, you can get some clean vegetables and a clean piece of fish, or a green juice even now.”

She does indulge once in a while during holidays such as in the summer of 2021. She had admitted:

“I had wine and pasta and dairy and everything that I’m not supposed to have, and it was great. And I’ve never been happier. So that’s that,”

Daily food menu
Eva Mendes (Source: Harper’s Bazaar)

4. Eva Mendes

The diet of this actress is the same everyday. But nonetheless it is healthy. For break, she has eggs daily. She added:

For lunch, I usually have salmon and rice or quinoa, and I try to include a salad. I’ll eat the same thing for dinner. I’m a creature of habit in that way,”

5. Halle Berry

Halle has diabetes since her age of 22. She is on a keto diet. About her breakfast, she told Women’s Health magazine:

“I don’t usually eat a traditional breakfast. I’m a huge fan of bulletproof coffee, so I typically brew myself a nice coffee and blend it with butter, MCT oil, and collagen; sometimes a bit of cream.”

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Lunch is usually simple with an ordinary soup of different vegetables and a protein, and she tops it with some cheese. Else, she goes for a salad.

Her dinner is small in amount. It is grilled vegetables with chick peas or other plant protein. She never has desserts due to her medical condition. But she prefers red wine sometimes.

Daily food menu
Halle Berry (Source: Pinkvilla)