LA Fitness Free Trial
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One of the most well-liked gym chains on the continent is LA Fitness, which has more than 700 clubs spread throughout the United States and Canada.

The gym offers the most cutting-edge amenities and top-tier gear at affordable costs, promising increased workout comfort.

Therefore, LA Fitness is unquestionably a consideration if you’re looking for a mid-range gym membership. Additionally, you will need to pay their initiation and ongoing fees before you can begin working out there.

But does that imply that you must immediately pay all of these fees before finding out about their facilities? Without a doubt!

LA Fitness offers a free guest pass that you may use to discover more about the amenities the gym has to offer, the training atmosphere, or any other aspect that might affect how you feel after your workout.

Therefore, it is advisable to get LA Fitness guest passes before visiting the facility to sign up for a membership. And we’ll walk you through all you need to know about the LA Fitness free trial in this article. Read on then!

Guest Pass for free Trial at LA Fitness

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What Will You Discover?

Does there a free trial for LA Fitness?

LA Fitness Free Trial
LA Fitness Free Trial

Yes, a free trial is available at LA Fitness. You can learn more about what the LA Fitness club has to offer during the free trial and then decide whether or not to become a member.

How Can We Get A Free Trial For LA Fitness?

The best and most popular approach to obtain a guest card for LA Fitness is to go to their website. With this approach, all you have to do is visit their website, enter a few personal details, and send the request. That’s how easy it is.

Your name, mobile number, and email are among the information you must provide when requesting a free day pass to LA Fitness. You can choose where to use the guest pass by either entering your zip code or searching for a specific club.

They will email you the day pass once you have provided the requested information and submitted it.

How long is the free trial at LA Fitness?

The typical length of the LA Fitness trial is three days. But previously, they offered a free day pass with the same advantages for five days.

To find out the current length of the trial they give, constantly check their website or contact your local LA Fitness club, even though you can anticipate free admission for three days.

Does there a week pass a Free Trial at LA Fitness?

No, a week pass is not usually available at LA Fitness. However, you might still try contacting your neighborhood club to find out whether they provide any such passes.

How Can I Get a Guest Pass for Free Trial at LA Fitness?

Visit LA Fitness’ website to obtain a visitor pass. The best way to obtain one is by this method, but if you prefer to go the traditional route, consider physically visiting a club to inquire.

To do it online, all you need to do is visit their website and enter your name, zip code, preferred club name, phone number, and email address.

How Does LA Fitness Guest Pass Process?

Your LA Fitness guest pass will be mailed to you when it has been submitted. The pass must be used within 30 days after purchase or it will expire.

You can therefore try LA Fitness for 3 separate days after choosing the date of your guest pass. And bring a picture ID card, such as a driver’s license, when you go to the club to get a guest pass.

On these days, you will be able to use the majority of their facilities and equipment.

Free visitor access is available. For some amenities, like courts, leagues, childcare, and personal training, there may be additional fees. Other amenities will differ from one club to the next.

How Can We Use a Guest Pass for LA Fitness?

You may sign up for a three-day, essentially cost-free LA Fitness trial. You can exercise at a LA Fitness club with the help of this card.

The complimentary day ticket is especially helpful if you want to join LA Fitness but are unsure if the club is worthwhile. You can decide whether or not to enroll there by taking advantage of the free trial.

Policy for LA Fitness Guest Passes

You must be aware of LA Fitness’ guest pass policy before using the guest pass.

It reads as follows:

  • All visitors must be at least 16 years old. A guest must provide a waiver that has been signed by their parent or legal guardian if they are under the age of 18. Additionally, visitors between the ages of 13 and 16 are welcome, however, they must be accompanied by an adult while using the gym.
  • You must present a photo ID card while entering the club as a visitor, preferably your driver’s license. But other official documents are acceptable as well.
  • The free pass is only good for 30 days after they mail it to you. The pass expires after one month. And the pass must be used for three consecutive days.
  • A guest pass can only be used once every six months by one person. They cannot visit any other LA Fitness clubs during the trial time, and this rule applies to just one facility.
  • Once you have the guest card, you must first undergo a fitness analysis by a professional before entering the club for your safety.
  • Facilities will differ depending on where you are. Additionally, there can be supplementary fees for specific added facilities.
  • Reselling guest passes is strictly prohibited by LA Fitness.
  • While taking advantage of their free trial at LA Fitness, visitors must follow the law.

You can purchase a LA Fitness day pass if you concur with these terms.

Is La Fitness Open For Guests?

Indeed, LA Fitness welcomes visitors. Members may invite guests, or those who are not members may obtain a guest card by going to the website.

Can a Guest Be joined at LA Fitness?

If you are currently a member of LA Fitness, you may bring a visitor with you. To find out more about the gym’s rules about bringing visitors, you may get in touch with them directly.

How much Does a LA Fitness Guest Pass cost?

Free is the LA Fitness pass. All you have to do to qualify for a free day pass is apply, either online or by going to the club in person.

However, additional services: may require a fee.

  • Personal coach
  • Courts
  • Child club
  • League

The additional cost is based on the club’s amenities. On the other hand, using cardio or weight training equipment would never cost you any money.

Do LA Fitness Guest Passes Costless?

Yes, LA Fitness offers free visitor passes.

Does LA Fitness Pass Is Usable At Any Location?

No, you usually cannot use a guest pass that you have obtained at one LA Fitness location at another. While submitting an online application, you can choose the guest pass location.

The Conclusion

So those are the terms and restrictions and how to get a free pass to LA Fitness

We believe that obtaining a pass is a simple and quick process. The only negative we saw is that it can take some time for them to mail you the pass. Taking a little break at a LA Fitness is quite convenient. Last but not least, always remember to use the pass within 30 days.