Gabe Moen
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Who is Gabe Moen?

Veteran American bodybuilder and gym owner Gabe Moen. He began working out in a gym when he was 15 years old.

“Pure boredom” was his original motivation for lifting weights, according to Gabe.

However, Gabe’s drive to train increased significantly as his physique improved. As a result, Gabe Moen developed a successful career as a competitor and personal trainer.

Gabe is recognized for being a sociable and outgoing guy who helps others advance their physical appearance, despite his frightening 330lbs of strength.

Here is his account:

Gabe Moen

Body Measurements of Gabe Moen

Full Name: Gabe Moen
HEIGHT: 6’2″ (188cm)
WEIGHT: Over 310lbs (140.6kg)
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Gym Owner
ERA: 2010, 2000



  • Super Heavyweight champion of Washington State
  • Super Heavyweight Champion of the 2008 Emerald Cup
  • Champ of the Tacoma Golds Classic in the super heavyweight
  • After a crazy leg session, I sneeze if I don’t puke for whatever reason.


Exercise For Boredom

At age 15, Gabriel “Gabe Moen” began lifting weights. He claims that boredom was his original motivation for picking up the dumbbells.

Gabe would immediately enter the high school gym when his courses ended to train. He had no prior experience lifting weights, so he sought out advice from more seasoned football players he observed in the gym.

As he put it, “I had no idea what to do in the high school gym in ninth grade, so I imitated the football players and became instantly hooked on weight training.”

Days Of Powerlifting

Gabe started toying with the idea of becoming a powerlifter as he fell in love with weightlifting. And he didn’t wait long to put this concept into action.

He later joined the neighborhood powerlifting squad in Nebraska, where he cherished the cooperation and dedication of his buddies.

After two years of preparation, Gabe rose through the ranks to become the team’s best powerlifter.

A Change From Bodybuilding

Gabe Moen

After graduating from high school, Gabe kept up powerlifting for another two years. He then decided to try something else. He then plunged headfirst into bodybuilding at this point.

Gabe quickly developed an obsession with his new way of life. In reality, he continued to compete in bodybuilding and won his first two events.

From that point on, I was hooked and resolved to make bodybuilding my career, according to Gabe.

A Continuous Journey

Since the beginning of his bodybuilding career, Gabe has improved both physically and athletically.

With around 20 years of experience, he is now passing on his wisdom to other aspiring bodybuilders and sportsmen.

He continues to work out hard and occasionally competes. But these days, Gabe’s greatest priorities are caring for other people and running his Nebraska gym.

“I have built a terrific clientele that I enjoy working out with every day at my gym using my years of experience with diet and weight training. If you have any doubts about your skills, I implore you to participate in a fitness competition.


The only information Gabe Moen provided regarding his training was that it was “instinctive and unexpected, but most of the time I never trained more than three days in a row.”

It’s obvious from watching the web videos that Gabe still considers himself a powerlifter. He makes the most of every gym session by pushing himself hard and lifting weights.

He does, however, occasionally switch things up by using smaller weights for more reps to “shock” his body and spur greater muscle growth.


Gabe’s diet is comparable to what any professional bodybuilder would consume. containing things that are necessary for a competitive athlete like Gabe Moen, such as chicken, rice, and broccoli.

The only aspect of Gabe’s diet that is unusual is how he supplements. To maintain peak fitness, Gabe enjoys taking a variety of supplements. Whey protein, casein protein, BCAAs, pre-workout supplements, and occasionally a fat burner are among them.

However, Gabe won’t follow the same schedule every day as he does with his training. On occasion, he will reduce the number of vitamins he takes and adds new items to his diet.

By testing in this way, Gabe consistently discovers something novel to which his body responds favorably.

Influences And Idols

Gabe Moen

According to Gabe, he never had a particular individual or role model to look up to when he was younger.

He was his own greatest motivator, which explains why. I pretty much raised myself, as Gabe says. So it would be a lie to suggest that I had a role model when I was a child.

However, he gives credit to “Tony Robbins for turning the light switch and Stan Efferding for his business genius and kindness.”

What Gabe Moen Can Teach Us?

From Gabe’s story, it is clear that he has a strong devotion to bodybuilding. He developed a champion’s mentality in addition to a spectacular physique via years of dedication in the gym.

Even though you might not share Gabe’s objectives, reading about his journey can motivate you to work toward whatever your objectives are.