Gabriela Anova
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Who Is Gabriela Anova?

Fitness enthusiast and online celebrity Gabriela Anova live in Berlin, Germany. Gabriela is all about a lean figure, a solid work ethic, and a healthy lifestyle.

Many of her female fans who want to develop an excellent figure of their look to her as a guideline.

Gabriela’s ability to retain both a curvaceous and lean body is what most distinguishes her physical appearance.

She claims that it took her many years of arduous struggle at the gym to accomplish this. She also pays close care to her food, eating healthful, balanced meals.

In the future, Gabriela Anova will continue to push herself to the limit both inside and outside of the gym.

Body Measurements Of Gabriela Anova 

Full Name: Gabriela Anova
PROFESSION: Social Media Model, Fitness Personality
ERA: 2010


  • Social media (Instagram) Model
  • Fitness Individual

Training, (Workout)Gabriela Anova

Gabriela Anova works out frequently. She ensures that her muscle fibers are “ripped down” during training with big weights so that they can recover and get stronger for the following workout.

She works her glutes twice a week with the utmost vigor, which is why they stand out as her most distinctive body component.

Additionally, she engages in a lot of cardio on an incline treadmill, which further engages and develops her lower body.

Gabriela will exercise a total of five times per week, using the weekends for relaxation and recovery. She typically spends time on the weekends preparing her meals as well, which is covered in more detail below.


Getting Food Ready For The Coming WeekGabriela Anova

Gabriela Anova doesn’t leave anything to speculation. She prepares her meals, puts them in Tupperware, and freezes them for the upcoming week.

She avoids having to prepare meals every day, saving herself time. Additionally, having healthy meals available at all times helps her avoid overindulging in “cheat meals” by preventing her from doing so.

As A Treat, Enjoy Cheater MealsGabriela Anova

Gabriela likes to eat healthy cuisine most of the time, although she occasionally enjoys a treat.

She does this to satisfy her taste senses as well as to provide her body with the extra calories it requires for her rigorous workouts.

What Gabriela Anova Can Teach Us?

Gabriela’s followers have given her the moniker “booty-building diva,” and it is easy to see why. She continues to draw admiring glances from all over due to her incredible physique, especially her buttocks.

Keep your dreams and aspirations alive, and have faith that with enough effort, you too can climb your mountain of achievement. That is the lesson we learned from Gabriela Anova.