Gaby Jamieson
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The spouse of English dancer-turned-actor Will Kemp is Gaby Jamieson. Her longtime partner gained notoriety for his iconic performance in the television anthology series Great Performance at 18.

Speaking of their long-lasting union, the couple of Gaby Jamieson has been enjoying a happy marriage for almost 20 years. The couple are the proud parents of two children.

What profession does Will Kemp’s wife Gaby have, too? Here are some little-known facts about her!

Gaby Jamieson Introduction

Jamieson is an accomplished composer who has contributed to a few works, including The Midnight Man and H6: Diary of an Assassin. She contributed music to the short film The Coin as well.

Gaby Jamieson
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Gaby Jamieson’s Country

The spouse of Will Kemp was born in the UK. However, she has kept the majority of her family’s information, including the names of her parents and others, a secret. Even though little is known about Gaby’s early years, Will was born on June 29, 1977, in Hertfordshire, England. He is the son of graphic designer Barry Kemp and former model Rosi Kemp.

Kemp has always had a passion for dancing and trained with Elizabeth Harrison at The Star School of Dance and Drama in Watford. Dancer Daisy May Kemp, a graduate of the Rudolf Steiner School, is also his sister.

Additionally, Gaby is of Caucasian ethnicity and British nationality.

Marriage of Gaby Jamieson and Will Kemp

On December 31, 2002, the couple exchanged vows in a low-key ceremony. Since then, they have had a wonderful relationship. Although Gaby and Will haven’t spoken openly about their first encounter, some sources indicate that they got to know one another in the early 2000s. Before they exchanged vows, they had been dating for more than a year.

Will Kemp Loves His Wife More Than Anything

Everyone finds it challenging to balance a demanding acting career with a family life, but with a supportive life partner, it becomes much simpler. The same is true for Will, who, despite spending the majority of his time away from the family, is the only one responsible for running the home and looking after the kids and other household duties.

The actor expressed his appreciation for the importance of his wife to the family in an interview with The Grace Tales.

“I’m fortunate that my wife is also very loving and hands-on. When the kids were little, I personally went through a very difficult time. Even though I valued the opportunity, the stress of renovating a home and taking care of young children had taken over my life and prevented me from concentrating on my career.

Gaby Jamieson
Gaby Jamieson (Pinterest)

Together Two Kids

The couple are the happy parents of two children. In October 2005, they gave birth to a daughter they named Thalie Kemp. Gaby gave birth to her second child, a son named Indigo, three years after the birth of her first.

Both Gaby and her husband have close relationships with their children, but Will’s is particularly special.

What was the best thing a child has ever said to you, the interviewer for The Grace Tales asked Kemp?

Actor’s response was,

We adore you, Daddy, because you cherish us and make us laugh.

Will enjoys exploring new places and doing things with his children. In addition, the devoted father had already invited his family to several filming locations, including Madrid, RoThalie Kempmania, Los Angeles, and more because of his busy schedule.

The performer said,

It also enables me to concentrate on my work. The fact that I have a family really motivates me to work hard. I frequently ask myself, “Why am I away from my family?” while I’m away.

When the entertainer spent several months in Toronto, his family also joined. Thalie, the couple’s daughter, attends the Barnes-based school.

Before relocating to south London in late 2018, Gaby lived in Los Angeles for five years with her two children, a puppy named Elvis, and a cat.

Additional Interesting Children’s Information

They took their daughter scuba diving. She enjoys boxing as well. Additionally, Indigo, their son, enjoys playing football. In addition, their kids are also yoga enthusiasts who have previously taken lessons from Mona Lisa Godfrey.

How Much Is She Worth?

The estimated net worth of Gaby is $500,000. Her husband Will, a British actor, has a $5 million net worth. He makes the majority of his money from acting jobs.

Highlights From Will Kemp’s Career

Kemp, who was born and raised in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, was initially very interested in dancing before switching to acting. In Sawn in Great Performances back in 1998, he first got the part. His other television credits include Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, The Prisoner, Kristin’s Christmas Past, and Christopher and His Kind. Along with Bethany Joy Lenz, he also portrayed Prince Sebastian in the movie Royal Matchmaker.

Before landing his movie roles, the actor worked on a number of films, including Step Up 2: The Streets, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power, and others.