Faye Maltese
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Faye Maltese was a celebrity spouse who rose to prominence following her marriage to Gene Hackman, a retired American actor, and novelist. Her husband has also won two Oscars, four Golden Globes, one Screen Actors Guild Award, two BAFTAs, and one Silver Bear. Unfortunately, the star’s wife Faye has already passed away.

Maltese and her husband celebrated their marriage for nearly three decades. Despite their strong bond and long-standing friendship, the couple eventually split up. Despite this, the former couple had three children during their marriage. She was Gene Heckman’s first wife, and she had been with him since the beginning of his acting career.

Even though the husband and wife were with each other through every up and down in life, things did not work out for the two in the end. As a result, Hackman married his second wife, Betsy Arakawa. The couple is still together, despite a 30-year age difference. So, did Gene Heckman’s ex-wife marry again after their divorce? What was the cause of Faye’s divorce from her ex-husband?

Read on to learn everything there is to know about Gene Hackman’s ex-wife Faye Maltese.

Faye Maltese, Gene Hackman’s first wife, was who?

Faye Maltese, the Golden Globe Award winner’s first wife, was born in New York. Faye Philippa Maltese was born in the United States of America in 1929. Furthermore, the celebrity’s wife was of mixed ethnicity because she was born into an Italian family.

Because Faye Maltese rose to fame only after her wedding, little information about her childhood is available. However, we discovered that she worked as a chemical bank secretary in a New York bank back then to support her family.Faye Maltese

Love At First Sight For Faye Maltese And Her Ex-Husband Heckman

As previously stated, Faye’s ex-husband was unknown when she met him. He was in the military and only 25 years old. Meanwhile, Maltese worked as a secretary at a Rockefeller Center bank. In 1955, she met him at a YMCA in New York.

The ex-couple hit it off right away and began dating without hesitation. For nearly a year, Faye and her boyfriend-turned-husband Heckman were in a romantic relationship. The then-boyfriend and girlfriend eventually decided to make their relationship official by tying the knot.

Following that, the former couple married in the year 1956. They married in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family members.

The former husband and wife had three children during their marriage: one son and two daughters. Their son is Christopher Allen Hackman, and their daughters are Leslie Anne Hackman and Elizabeth Jean Hackman.

After 30 years of marriage, Faye Maltese and Gene Heckman divorced.

Maltese’s ex-husband was a struggling actor at the time they were married. He left his military job because he always knew he wanted to be an actor. As a result, he enrolled in acting classes at the Pasadena Playhouse. Even though Maltese’s former beau was not well-established in his field, she supported him by working in a bank and supporting their family.

Perhaps he dedicated all of his time to success because he desired recognition and money at the time. Despite having a family, Faye’s friend became so ambitious that he only focused on his job.Faye Maltese

The actor, according to the New York Times, stated,

“As an actor, you become very selfish. Despite having a family, I accepted jobs that would separate us for three or four months at a time. The temptations of money and recognition were too much for the poor boy in me. That was too much for me.”

The actor’s high ambitions, as well as the fact that he could devote time to his wife and family, were the catalysts for the end of his courtship with his ex-wife. Faye, his three-year-old daughter, managed to stay with him for 30 years but couldn’t hold on any longer. They eventually divorced in 1986 but made no statement about the reason for their split.

Faye remarried after her divorce.

No, there was no news of Faye Maltese getting married after her divorce from her ex-partner. She effectively disappeared from public view until she died in 2017.

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, married his second wife, Betsy Arakawa, who is 30 years younger than him. The couple married in 1991 and live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is still married to Gene Hackman.

Obituary for Faye Maltese; When Did She Die?

On April 26, 2017, at the age of 88, Maltese closed her eyes for the last time. Her death devastated her family and fans.

She could have died naturally because there were no reports of her illness or any accidents. Nonetheless, neither her family nor her ex-husband has spoken about it.

Where has Faye’s ex-boyfriend Gene Hackman gone?

In 2004, the Academy Award winner announced his retirement from the industry. He has stepped away from social media and is currently living a low-key existence. He now has a good relationship with his children, and his ex-wife is also close to them.

The 92-year-old wants to spend his final days in peace, so he is staying at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, he is allegedly occasionally seen riding his e-bike around town.

How Much Money Is Faye Maltese Worth?

Because Faye used to work in a bank, she must have made a good living back then. Her exact earnings, however, have not yet been disclosed.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Gene Hackman has amassed an estimated net worth of $80 million as an actor and novelist.