Genevieve Ava
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Who is Genevieve Ava?

Online personal trainer and social media star from California, Genevieve Ava hails from the United States.

Due to her provocative photo shoots and inspirational posts, she is well known on social media.

Short Career of Genevieve Ava

Genevieve Ava was highly active as a child and enjoyed playing basketball and golf. She continued to play golf in college, but she always had the desire to take up a more demanding activity.

She also wanted to develop a toned body, therefore she thought weightlifting was the perfect hobby.

Once she had mastered the fundamentals, Genevieve didn’t turn back, getting involved in figure contests and deciding to support other women.

Today, Genevieve has a sizable social media following and strives to assist women wherever she can. She intends to work in the fitness sector for as long as she can and now provides online personal training classes.

Body Measurements of Genevieve Ava

Full Name: Genevieve Ava
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Personal trainer, social media celebrity

Genevieve Ava


  • Social Media Figure


Young Years

Genevieve had a highly active childhood and participated in a variety of sports while growing up in Menifee, California, including basketball and track and field.

She reached the pinnacle of her golfing and basketball abilities in high school, drawing interest from institutions all around the country.

Golf At College

Genevieve received a golf scholarship after a protracted period of tryouts. She loved playing the sport while she studied, but she always knew that she wanted to get in better shape by playing a more demanding sport.

She started reading about fitness models and bought fitness publications while she was in college, but she didn’t immediately start bodybuilding. Genevieve eventually learned how to properly exercise in her college gym as her addiction took hold.

“When I initially learned how to train correctly, it was so fresh to me, I knew nothing,” she claims. My diet was all over the place and I used to just go to the gym to go. I exercised with different coaches.

Having Problems With Plateaus

Genevieve Ava claims that after mastering the fundamentals, she continued to work harder because she was eager to learn more. She discovered this the hard way when her muscle gains plateaued.

She claims that she initially questioned why her body wasn’t producing the outcomes she desired. Despite not being extremely underweight or overweight, according to Genevieve, she was aware that her body wasn’t what she wanted.

She had a particularly unpleasant memory of being at a pool party and having her picture taken by a buddy.

She claims that after viewing the image, she came to the realization that she wasn’t giving her body the nourishment it required or treating it properly.

At this time, Genevieve decided to build her best figure yet and flaunt it to the world.


She started reading about shape and bikini competitions with this ambition in mind. She decided that competitions would be the ideal venue for showcasing her development, so she started dieting and training rigorously to compete.

Genevieve’s stint in competitions ended up being brief. She participated in the Figure NPC and the WBFF Diva, two competitions. Genevieve said she was not at all pleased with the encounter.

She describes competing as “tough,” as she fought with the entire process on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

Choosing to distance oneself from rivals

After her two performances, Genevieve concluded that she no longer had a passion for competing. She enjoyed every aspect of working out and getting in better shape, but she thought her skills could be put to better use elsewhere.

Instead of competing, she decided to impart her expertise and make sure that other women had the opportunity to realize their full potential. She created a website with her name on it and started using it to interact with the public.

Popularity on social media

At about the same time, she started to get fans on her social media profiles. She would go on to garner thousands of followers on Instagram thanks to her provocative photos.

Genevieve claims that numerous opportunities for her were opened as a result of her fame. “Be a mentor and motivator for women all around the world seeking to better themselves,” she claims is her ultimate goal.

Genevieve Ava


Gonad Focus

Genevieve is well recognized for having great glutes, and she consistently works hard to keep them in shape in the gym. She performs several workouts that are particularly taxing on this body component, including lunges, deadlifts, and squats.

Resistance band-assisted kettlebell side lunges are another of Genevieve’s favorite exercises. She adores using kettlebells and favors them over dumbbells for activities requiring good grip strength.

She performs three sets of 12 reps with weights and three sets of 20 reps using only her body weight for this exercise.

Cardiovascular And Abdominal Workouts

Genevieve also wants to get strong, toned abs in addition to bigger glutes. She has done some crucial exercises to achieve a fantastic ripped appearance.

The dangling leg lift is one of these exercises. She likes how this exercise improves her toned muscles while providing a strong abdominal burn. She also likes to hang from the bar to brag to herself about her upper body power.

Upper Body Workouts

Genevieve places a lot of emphasis on her lower body and core. To achieve the proper proportions, she is aware that she must focus on her upper body.

Whenever she works out in the gym, she typically uses cables and dumbbells. She often performs dumbbell lateral raises and incorporates cable exercises for variety.

Her emphasis on proportion, in her opinion, is what has given her the figure she does.


Healthy and nourishing

Genevieve eats a very wholesome and balanced diet. She divides her 1300 daily calories into 6 little meals that she eats periodically throughout the day.

She pays close attention to her specific macronutrient requirements. Genevieve makes sure she eats the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats at each meal. She requires this nutrient content to maintain and build muscle.


Genevieve Ava only ever chooses organic, nutritious meals when she eats. She enjoys lean meats like chicken, turkey, and steak and is open to trying new dishes.

She incorporates meat into almost all of her meals and always pairs it with wholesome and nourishing carbohydrate choices.

Fruits And Vegetables

Genevieve enjoys eating fruit as well as lean proteins. She especially likes citrus foods like grapefruit and adores tropical fruits.

She typically begins each day with a few nutritious carbohydrate options. To give herself the energy she needs throughout the day, she enjoys eating oats in some form in the morning.

What Genevieve Ava can teach us?

Genevieve decided to construct a better physique because she was unsatisfied with her current one. She immediately realized she wasn’t taking care of her physique the way she should have after seeing a picture of it at a party.

Despite her golf skill, she needs a more demanding sport to achieve the body of her dreams. This manifested itself in the shape of weightlifting and fitness, and gradually she started to transform into the person she had always imagined.

Genevieve Ava teaches us that if you’re unhappy with your physical appearance, there are always ways to make it better. If you give it your all, who knows where you can end up?