George Butler
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Who is George Butler?

George Butler, a native of Coventry, England, was consistently the youngest student in the group.

Short Career of George Butler

George Butler didn’t start training weights and originally tried to impress his peers until he came across the fitness icon Zyzz and his videos in his late teens.

George rapidly became obsessed with fitness, and his drive to work out swiftly shifted from trying to impress others to see how far he could push himself.

Since he began his fitness adventure, George has developed into a rising celebrity in the fitness business and a personal trainer who aids many others in obtaining their ideal body.

“People who use training as an ego boost are stupid. Exercise and lifting weights are a way of life or even a tool. a means of bolstering other, more crucial aspects of your life that are necessary for your success.

Body Measurements of George Butler

Full Name: George Butler
ERA: 2010
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
WEIGHT: 165-175 pounds (74.8-79.4kg) 
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)

“Be smart, think of your long-term health and most importantly your success!”

George Butler


George is a renowned personal trainer and fitness model. He also has a sizable following on social media, where he frequently motivates others by sharing his tale of transformation.

“How your body looks comes simply down to your lifestyle and your habits. If you exercise daily, eat healthily and keep it consistent then it will show.

Same applies if you do the opposite. If you choose not to exercise and stay in after work, eat junk food or over indulge with food then sure, over time your body will pay for it.”


Modest Beginnings

In Coventry, England, George Butler was born and raised. He was constantly thin throughout his infancy and early adolescence, and other students would frequently make disparaging remarks about his appearance.

It bothered him eventually, and he quickly found videos of Zyzz, a well-known online fitness celebrity.

George joined a gym in the hopes of one day having Zyzz’s physique because he was fascinated by it.

Butler also mentioned how he initially went to the gym to impress girls and his friends, but with time, his motivation shifted to being more concerned with his performance and pushing himself harder.

Exercise Lifestyle

After many years of commitment and effort, George was able to develop an incredible physique that began to catch the attention of others around him.

But George’s reputation didn’t take off until he started sharing photos of his toned figure on social media.

Butler discovered he could launch his training business and assist people in changing their bodies when they began approaching him for training and diet guidance.

He immediately attained success because of the enormous amount of attention his tale and words of wisdom received.

The Future Events

George has inspired people all over the world to lead healthier lifestyles ever since he discovered Zyzz and began his fitness adventure.

George, who began his fitness profession at an early age, is excited about the future and his training business.

“There’s no magic secret to attaining great results. It all comes down to how much discipline you choose to have and remaining consistent throughout. Anyone can achieve fantastic results through hard work and determination!”


Chest Exercise

George discussed how his workout routine, especially his chest routine, had altered significantly over the years.

When he first started, he would train his chest virtually every day, but he soon learned that giving his muscles ample time to heal is essential for muscle growth.

He thinks that training with free weights and dumbbells, rather than barbells, activates the pecs the most when it comes to chest development.

Due to the range of motion, he can attain with dumbbells, Butler says he prefers them. He also claims that the contraction and pump he experiences afterward are better.

George also advised anyone who has trouble developing their upper chest to include strong incline presses, whether they are done with dumbbells, a barbell, or cables.

He also discussed how it assists with general development to initially fatigue the upper chest on incline pushes before moving on to the flat bench.

Training Methodology

George prefers to go out 5–6 times a week since he thinks working out every day is counterproductive to maximizing muscle growth.

He advises a minimum 3-day split and emphasizes the significance of “keeping your muscles occupied” throughout the week.

Favorite Workouts

George Butler frequently posts workout videos of himself performing various exercises, like leg presses, behind-the-back barbell squats, and incline dumbbell presses.

Lunges, hanging leg raises for the abs, cable lateral raises for the middle deltoids, and cable pullovers for the back are some of George’s favorite workouts.

 “Don’t wish for it, work for it!”


Dietary Advice

George adheres to the following dietary guidelines all year long to maintain his trim physique:

  • Drink fresh cold lemon water when you wake up before breakfast.
  • Exchange your carbohydrates for nutritious healthy fats.
  • Incorporate forms of cardiovascular exercise into a daily routine.

George also claims that he continues to lift heavy weights even when he is in a calorie deficit. George asserts that it is erroneously believed that during a cutting phase, people should lose weight and simply concentrate on tempo and volume.

He contends that this is not the case. He claims that the best benefits come from heavy lifting during the cutting phase.


Throughout the year, George enjoys taking vitamins to aid in his recovery and muscle growth. which are

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • BCAAs
  • Glutamine
  • Caffeine (Pre-Workout)

You can lift as much weight as you like, but in the end, your diet will dictate how and what shape your body will take.

Influences and Idols

Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian, also known as Zyzz, was frequently referred to as George’s main hero and influence. George Butler gives Zyzz’s tale a lot of credit for his turnaround and success.

“Real changes take time to manifest. You must train your ass off, be consistent, and eat each meal one at a time. Results take time to manifest, but with perseverance they do.