Gerwyn Price

Welsh professional darts player, Gerwyn Price had some problems with his health that affected his play and career life. But now he is in a better form. He attributed his recent two back to back wins to his changed diet. He has gone gluten free since last few weeks. And he finds the results amazing.

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Gerwyn Price and his performance and poor health

Welsh professional darts player, Gerwyn Price was not winning any of the matches. He was also not the crowd favorite. He had to put ear defenders to not hear crowd abuse hurled at him. He lost the World Championship at the quarter final level due to this.

Gerwyn feels that he was unable to think clearly. He suffered due to it and his physical condition was also not up to date. The Iceman was worried and consulted several specialists for his poor health condition. He said:

“I have seen a lot of specialists to try and find out what is triggering the water retention in my hand and my feet.”

“Whenever the temperature rises in my body or in a room then things don’t seem to be right.”

“I have seen specialists who don’t seem to know what the answer is.”

Gerwyn Price
Gerwyn Price suffered poor health that affected his performance (Source: The Independent)

Not getting any relief with doctor’s prescription, he did his own research and came to the conclusion that his body is in dire need of a gluten free diet.

Gerwyn’s gluten free diet

Gerwyn, 38 commenced the gluten free diet and found improvement in his physical and mental state. Moreover, this also helped his performance. He returned to form. He said:

“I have done that diet for the last six or seven weeks and things have started to get better, my mind seems to be better.”

He added:

“I have been playing well for the last eight or nine weeks,”

Gerwyn Price
Gerwyn Price took to a gluten free diet (Source: The Independent)

Gerwyn told Planet Sport:

“I was under a lot of pressure but that’s when I seem to do well.”

“I have taken on a gluten-free diet, it has put me in a better place, I am feeling a lot better.”

Gerwyn’s recent wins

Gerwyn’s performance in last two months has seen an amazing improvement. He has won two nights back to back at the Premier League. This included a memorable win in Cardiff. Moreover, he picked up his first title of 2023 last weekend at the European Open.

He expects another win at the Premier League in Berlin this coming Thursday. Gerwyn revealed the plus and minus points of his new diet. Talking of the pros, he said:

Things like that put your mental state back where it should be,”

“Winning helps and getting results and everything seems to fall into place.”

Gerwyn Price
Gerwyn Price started winning with the changed diet (Source: Wales Online)

“It is a cocktail of things that is helping, the crowd has been on my side which is really nice and gives me the freedom to play, so things are looking really good.”

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And as regards the cons, he revealed:

“It is a little bit awkward sometimes when you want to go out for family meals, you are having to find somewhere that actually does gluten-free.”

“But you’d be surprised by what you can eat, a full English breakfast is mostly gluten-free.”

“It is quite hard but being gluten-free cleans up your diet anyway and gets rid of rubbish foods, which certainly helps. It gives me focus.”