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Around January 2021, GOT7’s agreement with JBL Entertainment came to an end. Since that time, the members have been attempting to launch their solo careers, even though the idea of reuniting as GOT 7 wasn’t altogether absurd.

With the publication of “NANANA” as GOT 7 in May 2022, all of the members continued to collaborate as a single unit, putting an end to the speculations about the group’s dissolution.

Given the enormous success and fan base of the KPop boy band GOT 7, this has received a fair amount of media attention.

The members of the group have gained enough notoriety to have millions of followers on their own social media profiles, even outside the shadow of GOT 7.

Jay B (Lim Jae-below), who has excellent synchronization and an almost constant look of seriousness, is frequently regarded as the group’s leader.

He has performed in bands like JJ Project and Jus 2 and is now a member of GOT 7. He has also worked as an actor and musician.

The man has been working hard and has released several tunes that have been huge hits with the audience.

To steal some advice from their favorite Jay for our readers, this piece will attempt to comprehend the GOT7 Jay B workout routine and diet routine of Jay.

Although Jay fans have described him as sweet and reserved, his level of fitness is very different.

GOT7 Jay B  Body Stats

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 63 kgs
Age 27 years
Shoulder 36 inches
Biceps 14 inches

GOT7 Jay B Workout Routine

Given his regular exposure to dance, Jay B possesses a slim, muscular body that is incredibly flexible and agile. Jay B, who is in his late 20s, doesn’t appear any older than the band’s younger members like Yugyeom.

Dancing, Full-Body Workout

Being a KPop idol and an actor, these celebs need to improve their dancing abilities. For them, dance is primarily hip-hop, which requires a lot of flexibility, agility, and quick movements.

Jay B claims that he has always liked dancing and that choreography is his actual passion.

He has been trained in dance with JBL Entertainment since he was 15 years old, and he recently made his debut as the lead vocalist of GOT 7, garnering millions of fans and many hearts.

Dancing is one of the best workouts you can include in your routine because it is fun, a great full-body workout, a great antidepressant, and it tones your body.

Walks( For Physical And Mental Wellness)

Jay B recommends daily walks as being crucial for maintaining both healthy physical and mental wellness.

Jay B stated in an interview regarding his mental health that one must make sure they routinely go for walks in the sun to avoid panic attacks and despair.

It appears that this has significantly aided him on his path to achieving balanced mental wellness.

We also advise you to regularly go for good walks because they’re a great cardio workout, a wonderful source of vitamin D, and they’ll give you more energy.

GOT7 Jay B Exercise Program

Both Pull-Ups And Pushups

The pushup is a very popular workout that is quite effective in toning your body. Everyone is aware of Jay B’s enviable back and shoulder. Thanks to the healthy rivalry between Jay B and Bambam in the fitness world.

Jay B tweeted a photo of his chiseled broad back and shoulders in response to Bambam’s fitness challenge. A solid pushup and pullup routine is necessary for a strong upper body.

So, include pushups and pullups in your routine if you want to develop a great upper body like Jay B.

You should try to complete 3 sets of 15 repetitions each. But begin with more modest goals and progressively increase your capacity.

Squats, planks for the core, and other weight-bearing workouts are also good for the lower body.

The JayB exercise plan is now complete.

Jay B’s GOT7 diet plan

GOT7 Jay B Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Exercise, Body Measurements

Jay B appears to be a meat lover when it comes to food and nutrition, and his diet is fairly well-balanced with occasional cheat meals and desserts.

JayB is a vegan.

Jay B is not a vegan, sadly. He consumes a lot of animal-based proteins in his diet.

The JayB Diet Plan contains:


  • Chicken Breasts
  • Apple’s
  • Sweet potatoes


  • Fried Pork barbeque with seaweed and perilla powder
  • Kimchi stew
  • Soybean paste stew


  • Korean fish stew with
  • spices (detoxifying)
  • Korean Barbeque

Dessert (occasionally)

  • Green tea ice
  • Yogurt

JayB likes the classic Burger and Pizzas on his cheat days. He also loves a good alcoholic beverage occasionally. But his favorite meals are all Korean and he loves local foods.

That’s all for JayB’s Diet Plan.