Gracyanne Barbosa
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Who is Gracyanne Barbosa?

Gracyanne Barbosa went from an unknown samba dancer to a global fitness sensation, and she is appreciated for her amazing body all around the world.

Short Career of Gracyanne Barbosa

Despite not being a female competitor, Gracyanne Barbosa has inspired numerous great bodybuilders.

However, Gracyanne had some terrible moments in her adolescence, having to drop out of college due to financial issues.

Body Measurements of Gracyanne Barbosa

Full Name: Gracyanne Jacobina Barbosa Vieira
WEIGHT: 135-145 lbs (61.2 – 65.8kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness model and samba dancer
HEIGHT: 5’9 ” (175cm)

Gracyanne Barbosa


Young Years

Gracyanne was born in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, and was raised as an extremely active child. She had a tremendous enthusiasm for gymnastics as a child and excelled at it.

However, Gracyanne’s goal at this moment was to practice law.

Law School

In 1999, when Gracyanne was 16 years old, she made the momentous decision to follow her dreams. She relocated to Rio de Janeiro to attend a law school.

But she had trouble paying the expensive tuition and needed a strategy to raise money. She was then approached about joining a Brazilian band as a dancer.

Samba Dancer

Gracyanne Barbosa thoroughly liked her time with the ensemble, and for the following nine years, she traveled throughout Brazil as their samba dancer.

She started to become known around this time for having a fantastic figure.

Gracyanne saw her potential as a model thanks to the attention her attractiveness had brought her. Playboy contacted her in 2007 to appear on the cover of their publication.

She started working out intensively to build the ideal physique at this time. She decided to leave the band and pursue her passion when she was 25 years old in 2008.

Modeling and the Drum Queen

By the year’s conclusion in 2008, Gracyanne had built an incredible physique. She rose to the position of Drum Queen for many carnivals, setting the standard with her fit physique.

She continued to attract attention for her figure during the following six years thanks to her new career; she rose to fame in Brazil.

Gracyanne furthered her already-impressive status in 2011 by appearing as the cover girl of another Brazilian publication.

Star of Social Media

By the age of 29, in 2012, Gracyanne had fallen in love with exercise. She started sharing images of her workouts on social media, and by the time she could squat 450 pounds, she had millions of Instagram followers.

She rose to fame online almost immediately.

Gracyanne Barbosa


Gracyanne Barbosa works out five days a week, lifting weights three days and doing cardio activities the other two.

Typically, she performs up to 15 reps in sets of 5 to maintain a fast heart rate.

Exercise Routine

Gracyanne’s fitness routine would resemble this:

  • Monday – Legs
  • Tuesday – Glutes
  • Wednesday – Chest, Back, Shoulders, and Arms
  • Thursday – Legs
  • Friday – Glutes
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest


Gracyanne maintains her amazing shape by adhering to a strict diet. To keep her body fueled, her diet consists of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Gracyanne avoids taking on a glucose load and maintains constant concentration. She doesn’t believe in cheat meals. To maintain a high metabolism, she makes an effort to eat six meals each day.

Diet Program

  • Meal 1 – Oats with fruit, flaxseed, and chia seed
  • Meal 2 – Omelette, Salad, 1tsp Olive Oil, Broccoli
  • Meal 3 – Chicken with sweet potatoes and Broccoli
  • Meal 4 – Omelette with salad, 1tsp Olive Oil, Broccoli
  • Meal 5 – Chicken with sweet potatoes and Broccoli
  • Meal 6 – Protein shake with water

Supplements Stack:

  • BCAA
  • Whey Protein
  • Glutamine
  • Fat Burners
  • Multivitamins

Influences and Idols

Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes from all around the world have been motivated to develop their ideal bodies by Gracyanne.

Gracyanne Barbosa identifies Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian Oak, as her fitness industry hero.

How Can Gracyanne Barbosa Teach Us Something?

Gracyanne Barbosa has taught us to keep going no matter what obstacles we face. She had to drop out of law school, but she started pursuing another goal and was successful.

We may learn from Gracyanne that we shouldn’t give up on growth; she achieved recognition as a Drum Queen and model in her native nation but set her goal of being a worldwide sensation.