Grilling foods

The mention of the word grilling foods or grilled food brings a smile on the face of food lovers. It gives us a feeling of fun and enjoyment and reminds us of party times.

More than 82% of American homes have a grill at home. They use it often and all year round. It can be on charcoals or on gas. How advantageous are these grills? Are there any unhealthy issues associated with it.

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Grilling foods and American households

A large number of homes in the USA have grilling areas and gadgets. These are used frequently to cook foods especially meats, chicken, etc.

They provide high heating temperatures and are usually used outdoors. Cooking in them is much more fun. Newer models are compact in size. There are two types of grills.

The first variety runs on charcoal. You need to purchase this fuel for the grill and it reaches very high temperatures during cooking.

Whereas the second variety of grills run on gas. They are more costly but have greater thermal control. Additionally, cleaning them after the cooking is over is easier and not messy.

Grilling foods
Grilling foods (Source: UNL Food)

Grills have their pros but like any other kitchen appliances, they suffer some drawbacks as well.

Grills and their advantages

We do know that grills are a convenient option of cooking. Cooking on it is faster since the temperature attained is very high. Therefore, it reduces the time of cooking leaving you with more free time for other work or leisure.

Furthermore, since grills are usually placed outdoors in the open, it gives one the opportunity to leave the confines of the kitchen. One can cook food in open air enjoying the atmosphere.

Kitchens can get warm while cooking due to the limited and closed area. But open air cooking is more comfortable. One can also sit and cook unlike in the kitchen where one has to stand during the cooking process.

For the same reason, grilling foods is good for socialization. Aroma of food spreads through the air and invites people to the place of cooking.

Grilling foods
Grilled corns (Source: Delish)

Grilling foods also provides health benefits to the consumer. Foods cooked on grills are lower in fats and oils because the oil trips out and down in it.

Hence chances of obesity, heart diseases, and high blood pressure come down. It enhances the flavor and taste of food and adds crispness to it. The nutrients of the foods get preserved with grilling them.

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Disadvantages of grilling

Fats are less in the grilled foods but grilling causes issues with the food proteins. Meat proteins are degraded to form heterocyclic amines and these chemicals are carcinogenic.

The way out of this problem is to microwave the meat first for some time before grilling it. Additionally, Women Health magazine states that grilling gives rise to advanced glycation end products.

These compounds are dangerous for health. They can cause heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Grilling foods
Grilled nonveg food item (Source: Eat this, not that)

There have been multiple reports of fire outbreaks due to grilling. Burn injuries, deaths, and property loss occurred due to these fires.

People had to move out of such buildings that fires originating from grills destroyed. Thus grills pose a fire hazard.