Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass & Free Day
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For its cutting-edge equipment, welcoming workout environment, and top-notch facilities, Lifetime Fitness is well-known throughout the United States and Canada.

For these reasons, Lifetime Fitness is a well-liked option for people searching for an expensive gym membership on the continent.

The cost of a premium monthly membership, which can range from $72 to $270, makes the gym a tad pricey. Therefore, it is always preferable to see Free Day Pass for Lifetime Fitness in person before joining and paying their exorbitant membership dues.

The club also provides visitor passes so prospective members can get a feel for the facilities at Lifetime Fitness. You can decide whether or not a Lifetime Fitness membership is cost-effective by using a guest pass.

And we’ll walk you through all you need to know about the Lifetime Fitness day pass in this article. Read on then!

Is Guest Allow In Lifetime Fitness Pass?


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What Will You Discover?

Do guests have access to Lifetime Fitness?

Yes, visitors are welcome at Free Day Pass for Lifetime Fitness. A guest pass may be obtained via an existing member, by signing up on the organization’s website, or by simply walking in.

A visitor pass enables you to explore the amenities offered at a club before deciding whether or not to join the gym.

Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass & Free Day Pass 2022
Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass & Free Day Pass 2022

Can a Guest Join You at Lifetime Fitness?

You can bring a guest with you if you are a member of Lifetime Fitness, yes. You are allowed to have one visitor per month and only the same visitor once every 60 days.

However, bear in mind that if you are a Lifetime Fitness month-to-month member, you might not be allowed to invite a friend. But this is the standard procedure. Although it happens infrequently, certain clubs might let monthly members bring guests.

How Is It Possible To Get A Guest Pass To Lifetime Fitness?

You can purchase a Lifetime Fitness day pass if you are not presently a member. You can get one by going to the club in person or ordering one online.

Simply go to their website and fill out the necessary information if you want to do it online. Your name, email address, mobile number, birth month, and year, as well as the location of your favorite Lifetime Fitness club, will be requested.

Following your submission of the request and provision of these details, they will mail you a specific date for your day trial.

You have the option of traveling there directly, in addition to the online approach. Visit your favorite club and speak with the front desk officials there to accomplish this.

What’s the Process for Lifetime Fitness Guest Pass?

The Lifetime Fitness guest pass is designed for visitors who want to check out the facility once before deciding whether or not to sign up for full membership. Either their current members can invite friends, or non-members can register with them and obtain a day pass.

Through their smartphone, a Lifetime Fitness member may invite one friend per month. Unused passes cannot be earned or carried over to subsequent months.

Remember that monthly member are not permitted to use the guest pass facility.

If you sign up for a guest pass as a non-member, they will mail the pass to you. You can go to the club during that time on the specified date and at the specified time.

Essentially, this is a club tour. You can work out there for a day with the help of their personnel, who will also show you around their facilities.

Lifetime Fitness is fine anyway, whether you visit the club alone or with your family.

Speaking about day pass costs, each club may have its own set of rules. It depends on the club’s amenities, the area, and several other things.

Also, keep in mind that guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or a guardian. However, if an adult purchases a guest pass, they are also permitted to bring their children. Every visitor must bring a photo ID with them, preferably a driver’s license.

How Can We Use a Guest Pass for Lifetime Fitness?

If you’re a current Lifetime Fitness member, you can invite a visitor via their mobile app. You can invite anyone you like, and they are welcome to join you for a monthly workout as well. However, bear in mind that a single person is only permitted to attend the club as a guest once every 60 days.

You can still purchase a day pass even if you do not currently belong to Lifetime Fitness and do not have a friend or family member who is a member. Visit their website and sign up for the pass there to do this.

The guest pass is a fantastic way to experience the club’s amenities and atmosphere firsthand. Every 60 days, you are entitled to one day pass at a Lifetime Fitness facility

Policy for Lifetime Fitness Guest Passes

Lifetime Fitness is open and honest about its facility for guest passes. The following is what their guest pass policy states:

  • You can obtain a guest card either by asking a friend or member of your family who already has a Lifetime Fitness membership or by showing up as a walk-in visitor.
  • Lifetime Fitness has the authority to change the benefits of your guest pass, the trial period, the trial date, the facilities provided, etc. Your trial may or may not be adjusted for off-peak hours.
  • Only adults (those who are older than 18) are permitted to use Lifetime Fitness as a guest.
  • A government-issued ID card must be submitted, preferably a driver’s license.
  • You must sign the release and assume responsibility for your safety and well-being while at the club, even though Lifetime Fitness will do all in its power to keep you safe.

Their guest policy states the following. There is nothing complicated or secret, but make sure you read it. Additionally, visit their website to learn more about the Lifetime Fitness pass.

How much does a guest pass to Lifetime Fitness cost?


The cost of a Lifetime Fitness guest pass varies from club to club and is also based on the kind of pass you are purchasing.

Prices for Lifetime Fitness day passes through current members typically range from $20 to $40 depending on the club. However, some other clubs may impose fees of up to $50, and it is uncommon for other clubs to impose a $15 fee.

Now, if you want to purchase a pass directly from the vendor rather than through a member, it can cost you $10 extra.

In other words, if you purchase a visitor pass independently and not through an existing Lifetime Fitness member, it will cost you between $30 and $60.

The costs vary depending on several things, including club amenities, location (larger cities may be more expensive), management choices, etc.

Junior visitor passes at Lifetime Fitness are also considerably less expensive, generally costing $10.

Are Guest passes to Lifetime Fitness free?

No. Lifetime Fitness does not currently offer complimentary day passes. The cost to obtain the pass will be somewhere between $20 and $60.

However, since each Lifetime Fitness franchise is independently owned, some facilities might provide a free day pass. To find out about complimentary passes, try talking to your neighborhood Lifetime Fitness.

Final Reflections

The best course of action if you’re interested in a Lifetime Fitness membership is to first obtain a guest card.

By doing this, you can learn more about the gym’s amenities, training atmosphere, available equipment, etc. You can then decide whether or not to sign up for Lifetime Fitness.