Hannah Eden
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Who is Hannah Eden?

Hannah Eden is an American CrossFitter, coach, fitness expert, and proprietor of a training facility.

She advocates a distinctive approach to fitness that combines CrossFit components with routine strength training and bodyweight activities.

Short Career of Hannah Eden

At the age of 14, Hannah started her transforming journey. She was transitioning from her native England to the United States at the time, which was a challenging time in her life. Fortunately, this was also the time when she started working out.

She built a successful career for herself through fitness, eventually rising to the level of elite CrossFit athlete, businesswoman, and online superstar.

Hannah’s tale is told here:

“Don’t prefer ambiguity to unhappiness. Most of the time, if you want to be happy, you have to be willing to do what most people fear.”

Body Measurements of Hannah Eden

Full Name: Hannah Eden
PROFESSION: Entrepreneur, CrossFit athlete, coach, Blogger
ERA: 2010

All you need is a huge pair of balls, a dream, and a strategy.


  • Blogger
  • CrossFit Coach
  • Training Center Owner

Hannah Eden poses for a portrait in the back, flexing a band with her toned arms and displaying her toned glutes and back.

“I blog to motivate others. I want to raise awareness of the value of fitness and the amazing things that can happen when you push yourself past your comfort zone, have faith in yourself, and make the most of your precious life!

Biography (Early Life)

Hannah Eden

As A Means Of Escaping

England is where Hannah Eden was born and reared. She wasn’t very interested in sports or physical fitness as a child. All of this, however, changed when she immigrated to the United States at the ‘tender’ age of 14 from England.

Hannah struggled to blend in with her new environment as she attempted to adjust to a new lifestyle, school, and social circle. Unsurprisingly, given her age, some of these tasks were challenging for her to do.

Fortunately, Hannah was able to use exercise as an “escape” from her issues at this time. She began working out, using “the iron” as an outlet for her stress and other emotions.

As the months passed, Hannah developed a “captivation” for the emotions she experienced while working out in the gym. Soon, Hanna stopped using fitness as an outlet. It was integrated into every aspect of her existence.

Developing Success

Hannah started establishing new goals for herself after becoming accustomed to her new surroundings. Making a reputation for herself in the fitness business was her first move after realizing she wanted to pursue fitness as a full-time career.

She started conducting a training program in South Beach, Florida, in 2013, and it quickly gained popularity. During this period, she also began coaching and competing in CrossFit, moving up the ranks in the South East Region of the USA.

Hannah was successful in various fitness-related endeavors by 2015. She rose to become one of the area’s best CrossFit competitors. She also has her training facility in Fort Lauderdale and is an entrepreneur.

What do you want, exactly? like truly, truly desire? Don’t stop at the surface; dig deeper. We all have goals we want to pursue; work toward realizing yours.

List three goals that you have for your fitness. Hold yourself responsible and keep going until you achieve your goal. then add three more.”

Training (Workout)Hannah Eden


Hannah Eden is renowned for maintaining excellent health all year round. She claims that she incorporates HIIT workouts to do this.

They are based on high-intensity training; the key components of these exercises are heavy weights and brief recovery intervals.

Her heart rate remains high during the entire workout, which promotes fat burning, increases endurance, and increases muscle mass.

Hannah claims that since she doesn’t have to perform any additional cardio, exercising this method is also very time-efficient.

The Top 4 CrossFit Moves For Hannah

Hannah suggests that everyone try introducing a few CrossFit exercises into their regular weight training regimens.

These actions are;

  • Double Under – According to Hannah, this one is amazing for strengthening the core, as well as fat loss
  • Burpees – Hannah says this is an exercise that not everyone can do, as it works the entire body at once. But, she says the benefits of the exercise outweigh its ‘costs’
  • Wall Ball Throw – This one helped Hannah condition her lower body, especially her quads and glutes
  • Barbell Thruster – One of Hannah’s favorite multijoint, compound exercises

Hannah’s Best Advice For Building Muscle And Shedding Fat

  1. Combine cardio with strength training
  2. Train your core, use compound lifts
  3. Don’t compare yourself to other people
  4. Use resistance bands from time to time
  5. Don’t be afraid to fail
  6. Train legs more often, at least twice per week
  7. Carefully track your macros
  8. Don’t try to out-train a bad diet

What Hannah Eden Can Teach Us?

Hannah Eden was born and raised in England and, at the age of 14, immigrated to the United States. The young Hannah experienced a great shock when she moved to another nation.

She struggled to form new friendships because she only knew her family there. She thus felt lonely and depressed.

She was able to alter all of this, though, by getting fit. She gained the self-assurance she needed to venture outside of her comfort zone and succeed.

Who knows where she would be if she hadn’t moved to the United States, says Hannah. She might never have begun working out in the gym or developed such a successful job.

Keep Hannah’s tale in mind if you’re going through a change in your life similar to the one she did. It would be sage to welcome change rather than fear it. Change is frequently a vital component of the journey toward greatness.

Hannah’s Letter

“I’m here to raise awareness of the value of exercising and leading a healthy lifestyle in general. I want to motivate others to enjoy fitness and keep it interesting and difficult.

One of my biggest worries is dying and being remembered as just some red-haired girl who can leap far and has abs. Screw that.

I want to be known as a rule-breaker who made a difference in people’s lives and left a lasting mark on society. Hanna Eden