Hayes Grier
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An influencer on social media and YouTuber Hayes Grier is well-known for his hilarious videos and well-known vines.

He now performs a variety of tasks, including creating a lifestyle and vlog videos. In addition to these roles, Hayes has been in the TV series Freakish and Dancing With the Stars. In addition to all of this, Hayes is the author of the book Hollywood Days with Hayes.

So, yes, he does a lot of things, but these days, he is best recognized for his stunning appearance and the way he has gained weight over this quarantine season.

Therefore, if you’re also seeking the Hayes Grier Workout Routine diet and exercise regimen, stop right there.

Diet And Exercise Routine For Hayes GrierHayes Grier

Hayes Grier Body Statistics

Height 5 ft 9 inch
Weight 70 kg
Age 20 years
Chest 42 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 15½ inch

Routine Of Hayes Grier’s workouts

One of the fittest and most active YouTubers you will encounter is Hayes Grier. He and his brother Nash are well-known for participating in a variety of sports and physical activities.

On his Instagram, Hayes posts pictures of himself doing things like sea diving, riding, playing football, surfing, and more. His fitness and health are greatly influenced by all of these pursuits.

Hayes claimed in a video last year that he simply stays active and doesn’t train out; of course, at the time, he wasn’t ripped or hefty. But now he is engaging in regular, demanding activities.

You may see some of Hayes Grier’s other activities, such as weight training and boxing, in his article demonstrating various boxing techniques used during sparring.

I discovered that Hayes also engages in farming and other activities in his family home after doing some further research.

In this video, Hayes posted one of the agricultural exercises where he is doing various activities with his mother, including rowing and wood chopping.

So yeah, Hayes is staying healthy and fit thanks to all of these things. Now that we know what Hayes does, let’s check out a regimen you may use to obtain a physique similar to Hayes.

Workouts with Hayes Grier Workout Routine include:


Days of training: four to five each week

Approximately 35 to 50 minutes

Hayes has demonstrated that he regularly engages in boxing and is active, which serves as a cardio workout. Therefore, for a total of 35 to 50 minutes, we will alternate between cardio and boxing training.

While exercising, this activity will help us build endurance, burn a lot of calories, and tone our bodies. To maximize your benefits, finish your workout with a 10-minute abs routine.

Exercise With Weights Hayes Grier

Practicing From Monday Through Friday

forty-five minutes

For the weight training program that will help you bulk, we’ll perform a straightforward yet rather efficient workout.

For optimum improvements, you must lift heavy weights and perform no more than eight repetitions of each exercise. Every day, work out a different body area, making sure to complete six exercises in three sets for each body part. You can do it as follows:

  • Chest on Monday
  • tomorrow: Shoulder
  • Wednesday: Return
  • tomorrow: weapons
  • tomorrow: legs

The Hayes exercise program is now complete.

Diet Plan By Hayes Grier

It was difficult to locate Hayes Grier’s diet; several claims were made, making it impossible for me to believe any of the sources.

Now, some have also claimed that Hayes is a vegan, and when I sought to verify whether or not this claim is true, I was unable to locate any official statement made by Hayes regarding his veganism. I did learn that Nash, his brother, is a vegan, though.

We can infer from Hayes’ recent transformation and heft that he consumes more carbs and protein in his diet and supplements.

That is not to say that he doesn’t indulge in cheat meals; Hayes also enjoys eating outside occasionally and other delicacies like burgers and pizza.

Additionally, Hayes enjoys consuming a lot of water throughout the day. Let’s look at a diet plan you can use to acquire a body like Hayes now that we know a few things about his diet.

The Hayes diet consists of:


  • Eggs
  • Turkey bacon
  • Fruits


  • Protein shake


  • Chicken
  • A little bit of rice
  • Veggies


  • Pre-workout supplement


  • Salmon salad


  • Turkey
  • Veggies

Cheat Meal

  • Make sure not to eat more than two cheat meals in a week.
  • Also, eat your meals in moderation.

That’s all for the Hayes diet plan.