Healthy eating
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Surf the internet and you will find innumerable advices on nutrition and several diet plans. Rather than helping it only confuses many.

The diet plans talk exaggerated claims and do not usually reveal its limitations or pitfalls. Hence the outcome might not be as expected. Healthy eating needs a few basic ideas and below are some of the tips for it.

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What is healthy eating?

Healthy eating is having a wholesome and balanced food. It does not involve severe restrictions or banning some food items. It does not mean ending up unrealistically thin.

And it also does not mean depriving oneself of our favorite foods. One should have simple diet plans that are easy to follow and adhere to. It should not be complex or complicated.

One should enjoy it and not struggle with it. It should be tasty and should elevate one’s mood and help the physical body. It should keep the person energy and provide all the essential nutrients for the body and mind.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating tips and plate (Source: Help Guide)

Healthy eating implies having more of natural foods that are not processed too much. This latter process might cause them to lose their nutritive values.

Categories of food and their healthy options

Food has to be a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, minerals and vitamins. Water should be consumed enough to avoid dehydration and help good kidney function.

Deficiency or excess of any of these components could be bad for the body. Do not eliminate any of these categories but choose the healthy options in these categories.

Proteins are our building blocks. High quality proteins are required and these can also be derived from plants and eggs.

Carbohydrates consumed should not be defined or processed. Limit sugars and eat complex carbohydrates and starches in moderation.

Healthy eating
Healthy eating pyramid for guide(Source: Vector Stock)

Fats are required for the body. Avoid saturated fats that are unhealthy. Go for foods with omega 3 rich fats.

Fiber in sufficient quantities help reduce heart disease and diabetes. It lowers the glycemic index of food substances. It prevents constipation and weight gain. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains provide the daily needs.

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Minerals and vitamins are essential for various bodily functions and for proper neural tissue transmission. Fruits and green leafy vegetables are good sources of them. Dairy products and seeded food products are good for calcium.

How to switch to healthy diets?

The switch over need not be abrupt. Identify the healthy foods. Start eating more of them. Try to maintain the balance of the above categories of foods. Try to minimise the unhealthy foods.

But no need to completely eliminate them. You can have them sometimes. If your favorite food is in the unhealthy category, do not pain yourself by completing omitting it from your diet menu.

You can take it once in a while in moderation.

Healthy eating
How to eat healthy! (Source: Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health)

Make small changes at a time. Do not skip breakfast. Have frequent small meals in a day. Set up small goals and be happy with achievement with those goals.

And most importantly, avoid emotional eating to relieve stress or overcome depression. It could be harmful.