Hisoka Morow
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One of the key antagonistic parts in the Hunter X Hunter television series is played by Hisoka Morow. Hisoka has a large fanbase, and in my opinion, he is outstanding.

You can’t deny how many times he portrays himself as the most remarkable guy, even though he occasionally comes out as weird, lol.

He also had a fantastic figure; do you recall the time when Bisky drooled when she saw him bathing in the lake? So, if you want to learnHisoka Morow Workout Routine and train like Hisoka, keep reading.

Routine For Hisoka Morow’s WorkoutHisoka Morow

Figures For Hisoka Morow

Height 6 ft 2 inch
Weight 91 kg
Age 27 years (Birthday on June 6)
Chest 45 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 16 inch

Routine For Hisoka Morow’s Workout

One of the most significant characters and one of Hunter X Hunter’s top 10 strongest characters is Hisoka. The character was created, so he is constantly seeking out competent opponents and good fighters.

He is also a member of the Phantom Troupe, as we have seen, which he later betrays to battle Chrollo Lucifer.

Sadly, because the Chrollo abilities were sealed, they were unable to fight. Although our Hisoka never faces a weakness, all of that is done to find a stronger foe.

He is seen there teasing and aiding Gon and Killua in preparation for killing them when they are more powerful. How does Hisoka Morow train, we wonder now? What sort of exercises does he perform?

The anime series does not include any exercises, and I have looked through other people’s writings where they have provided dumb exercises like bench pressing.

First of all, such websites don’t even comprehend the properties of the bench press, so Hisoka can’t be performing it. Hisoka has the physique of a martial artist and a gymnast; he cannot work out by lifting weights six days a week.

Hisoka is renowned for having a sharp mind, being wicked, and behaving insanely.

Because of such, he has tremendous ability and can perform flips, summersaults, and other tricks effortlessly. If you want to become a true martial artist, you must train in that manner.

As a result, we will be exercising with completely different equipment here. There will be two to three hours of training each day, six days a week. Your body will be the major participant in this workout, so get ready.

Workouts with Hisoka Morow include:


As we discovered, Hisoka Morow has a tremendously athletic and flexible body that enables him to perform flips, summersaults, and other feats. A gymnast would be able to accomplish that with enough practice and training.

Due to this, we will do gymnastics for an hour to two hours every morning, three days a week. Join any local gym that appeals to you. However, be careful not to lose momentum and keep going until you begin to feel the flow.

Strength Training

For the remaining three days, functional training will probably be the focus. We’ll mix for an hour to strengthen your upper body, core, and lower body. We’ll acquire an excellent workout program by performing four sets of 8–10 repetitions.

Sets: 4

Counts: 8 to 10.

Higher Body

  • Table Press
  • Flying cables
  • Leg raises
  • rope rows
  • Bench press
  • Side raises
  • Bench presses
  • curling rope hammers
  • Trenches your triceps
  • Threshold dips


  • Crunches
  • incline crunches with weights
  • Lifts of the weighted dangling leg
  • a Russian spin
  • Cycling crunches
  • twisted plank
  • to the side plank and crunch
  • A plank hold
  • Deadlifts

Reduced Body

  • Squats
  • Jump squats
  • Leg lift
  • Lunges
  • Leg elongation
  • Knee bends
  • Stomach thruster
  • raising calves

Combative Arts

Hisoka is a skilled fighter who is skilled in martial arts and is well known. So learning martial arts is also necessary if we want to look like him.

Try practicing martial arts for an hour or two hours five to six days per week. You can develop muscle symmetry and physical fitness like Hisoka with the aid of this exercise.

The Hisoka Morow exercise program comes to an end here.