Hope Trask
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Who is Hope Trask?

Hope Trask, better known as “Smallwonder,” has come a long way in her fitness career, overcoming the bullies who tormented her throughout high school and becoming a star on the bodybuilding scene.

Short Career of Hope Trask

Hope Trask fell in love with fitness from the very beginning of her journey, and within two years of starting to work out, she had developed a terrific physique and was competing in bikini competitions.

Hope entered the IFBB Pro circuit in 2016 after a long struggle thanks to her commitment, enthusiasm, and drive to succeed in the bodybuilding industry. Hope says it best:

“Be proud of yourself now, rather than waiting till you have accomplished your goals. Take pride in each step you take to accomplish those goals. Hop Trask

Hope Trask

Body Measurements of Hope Trask

Full Name: Hope Trask
HEIGHT: 5’4″ (162.5cm)
WEIGHT: Under 115lbs (52.2kg)
PROFESSION: IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor, Physique Coach, Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


Career Accomplishments

  • Bikini competitor in the IFBB
  • Physical Trainer
  • Exercise Model
  • Featured Athlete

Competitive Background


  • NPC Universe Championships 2nd Place Women’s Physique, 3rd Place Figure Class C (Earned Pro Card)
  • NPC Atlantic States Championships 1st Place Women’s Physique, 2nd Place Figure Class B


  • Orlando Europa 5th Place Figure Class A


  • Orlando Europa 4th Place Figure Class A


  • Florida State Championship 5th Place Figure Class A
  • Southern States Championship 4th Place Figure Class A


  • Florida State Championship 3rd Place Figure Class A
  • Dexter Jackson Classic 2nd Place Figure Class A
  • Orlando Europa 6th Place Figure Class B
  • Orlando Metropolitan 1st Place Figure Class A & Figure Overall


Hope’s Challenging Adolescent Years

Hope Trask’s life was never simple as she completed her high school career. Hope, who was born in 1991 in Florida, suffered bullying throughout her young life due to her thin build.

Throughout her time in high school, Hope struggled with low self-esteem as a result of the ongoing bullying.

Hope sought a means to move past the negativity that marred her adolescent years as she fought the bullies. Hope joined Gold’s Gym in January 2009 when she was 17 years old to gain muscle for her thin frame. Hope’s first time entering a gym.

Hope caught the training bug quickly and fell in love with weightlifting as soon as she stepped foot inside the gym. When reflecting on this time, Hope says:

“I want to be a powerful, seductive, and self-assured woman. To regain control over my life, health, and fitness, I joined a gym.

The Way To Success

Hope was able to develop a fantastic physique after putting in two years of effort and attention. She wanted to go to the next step of her fitness career—a bikini competition—because of her exceptional progression.

Soon after, Hope started getting ready for her 2011 debut tournament. Hope had a thirst for achievement and won the 2011 Orlando Metropolitan competition, which was an outstanding result for her debut on the bodybuilding scene.

She has placed in the top 5 of many of her contests throughout her professional bikini career, including the 2012 Southern States Championship and the 2014 Orlando Europa, where she placed fourth on both occasions.

Hope wanted to become a professional bikini competitor, so she didn’t let her bodybuilding aspirations end there.

Hope was able to achieve her ultimate objective of becoming an IFBB Pro by placing second in the Women’s Physique class and third in the figure division at the 2016 NPC Universe Championships.


Hope frequently engages in HIIT cardio (high-intensity interval training). This enables her body to maintain its leanness all year long, ensuring that she is constantly ready for her bikini competition appearances.

Hope’s favorite workouts for strength training include wide-grip pull-ups, walking dumbbell lunges, and dumbbell curls. She uses a full range of motion for each repeat throughout her workouts to maximize muscle tension.

Her primary concentration in the gym is on her legs and glutes. Hope alternates between using heavy weights with few repetitions and light weights with many repetitions when working these muscles.

Except for Sunday evenings, when she gives herself a rest day, Hope trains twice a day. Her weekly training split is as follows:

Hope’s Exercise Program

Hope Trask

Day 1

6 am: Morning Fasted Cardio
6 pm: Shoulders and Abs

Day 2

6 am: Morning Fasted Cardio
6 pm: Biceps and Triceps

Day 3

6 am: Morning Fasted Cardio
6 pm: Heavy Quads, Light Hamstrings, and Abs

Day 4

6 am: Morning Fasted Cardio
6 pm: Back

Day 5

6 am: Morning Fasted Cardio
6 pm: Front Delts, Rear Delts, Abs, and Calves

Day 6

6 am: Morning Fasted Cardio
6 pm: Heavy Hamstrings, Light Quads

Day 7

6 am: Morning Track Workout
6 pm: Rest


Hope is aware of how crucial it is to stick to a healthy eating routine in addition to her rigorous workout regimen. Because she might be tempted to stray from her diet, she tries to avoid unhealthy foods. Concerning this, Hope said:

“Treat your food seriously, just as you would your workouts and cardio. The outcomes you get from eating healthily will always be better than the flavor of the cheat food you consume.

The menu Hope eats from is as follows:

The Diet Of Hope

Meal 1

  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 1 Cup of broccoli
  • 1/2 Cup of Oats

Meal 2

  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 1 Cup of Broccoli
  • 1/2 Cup of Oats

Meal 3

  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 1 Cup of Broccoli
  • 1/2 Cup of Oats

Meal 4

  • 4-5oz of Chicken
  • 1 cup of Green Beans
  • 2 Rice Cakes

Meal 5

  • 6 Egg Whites
  • 1 Cup of Broccoli
  • 1/2 Cup of Oats

Meal 6

  • 4-5oz of Chicken
  • 1 Cup of Green Beans

One of Hope’s preferred healthy recipes for developing lean muscle is provided below:

Recipe For Protein Pancakes


  • 3 Egg Whites
  • Dash of Cinnamon
  • 1/2 Scoop of Protein Powder (Vanilla or Chocolate)
  • 1 Tsp of Baking Powder
  • 1 Stevia


  • Mash 4.5 oz of sweet potato (25g)
  • Mix in a Dash of Cinnamon
  • Mix and prepare in a small frying pan like a pancake.
  • Cut the pancake in half and spread the sweet potato on one portion, placing the other half of the pancake on top creating a sandwich.
  • Drizzle a little sugar-free pancake syrup.

Influences And Idols

Hope Trask looks up to Candice Keene, a bikini competitor. Hope is impressed with her performance on the bodybuilding stage. Hope now has higher expectations because of Candice’s influence since she wants to be as successful as her role model.

By surrounding herself with individuals who inspire her, Hope also works to motivate herself. As Hope puts it

“Motivation can and ought to come from a variety of sources. I am inspired by my loved ones, my supporters, and my accomplishments. I’m driven to continually improve.

What Hope Trask Can Teach Us?

We have learned from Hope Trask that perseverance and reliability are essential for success. Though it took some time for Hope to achieve her fitness goals, she remained committed as she made her name in the bodybuilding world.

Hope consistently pushed herself to advance in her fitness career. As soon as she accomplished her objectives, she set new ones.

You might be able to achieve things beyond your wildest dreams by using a similar strategy in your own life, just like Hope.