Halloween treats

Halloween celebrations were restricted greatly over the past two years due to covid-19 pandemic and movement restrictions. People are looking forward to it this year. And it is likely that they might overdo it in terms of eating too. Halloween treats are tempting and not so healthy for the body. For people with sweet tooth, it is even harder to resist. How to keep eating healthy and balanced at such a time?

Halloween 2022 and Halloween treats

Halloween 2022 is on 31 October. People are eagerly waiting for it after covid-10 pandemic and governmental movement restrictions hampered their excitement and merry celebrations last two years. There are high chances that people will be overexcited this year to celebrate the festivity with no restrictions. They will have a tendency to overdo things including overeating.

Many of the Halloween treats are tasty but not necessarily healthy. Those with a sweet tooth and children might find it hard to resist. Erin Palinski-Wade, dietitian and author explains:

“Candy shouldn’t be off-limits,”

“When you do have a sweet treat, be mindful about it. Sit down, put the sweet on a plate, eat it slowly and take time to enjoy it.”

Erin is based in New Jersey at Sparta.

She suggests these tips to remain healthy slim and fit this Halloween.

Be aware of the dangers of eating sugars

Halloween treats
Halloween candies (Source: History)

Sara Siddiqui, child doctor from Hassenfeld Children’s hospital in New York City warns that tempting sweets can make one overeat. Eat but in moderation. The sugars can cause weight gain, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Even excessive eating on one day can cause a high blood sugar spike. This can cause one to crave more, have energy swings and acute inflammation.


Instead of candies that one can eat quickly, it is best to opt for lollipops that take a longer time to be consumed. This slows down the pace of eating and also lessens the blood sugar spike.

Opt for natural sugars

All sweet things are not equal. American Heart Association states that natural sugars are better than foods with added sugars. Ready foods such as candies have brown sugar, white sugar, honey or high fructose corn syrup added to them. This makes them unhealthy. Fruit and dairy have natural sugars and are better than foods with added sugars. Opt for seasonal fruits and other healthy options.

Halloween treats
Fruits fresh (Source: Fresh fruit basket)

How much added sugars per day?

One should prefer natural sugars. If you are taking added sugars, restrict the intake to less than 10% of your daily calories, CDC says. Hence for a person with recommended 2000 calories, this is 200 calories or 12 tsp. But AHA has more stricter limits set. It says for adult male it is 9 tsp and for adult female it is 6 tsp. Erin says:

Homemade sweet treats can be a great way to get the whole family involved in making Halloween a little healthier,”

Avoid certain candies

Avoid sour candies since it can cause dental cavities besides the blood sugar rise. These erode the enamel. Also gummy candies are bad because of less nutrition. They sit on the teeth and can cause risk of cavities. Toothbrush cleaning cannot remove the gummy pieces sitting around your teeth. Have candies with meals to prevent cavities.

Limit alcohol

It dehydrates and can damage organs and brains. Erin adds:

You can experience reduced energy, an increased appetite and desire for calorie-rich foods [that are] rich in fat and sugar, as well as gastrointestinal disturbances.”

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Alternate alcohol with glass of water.

Halloween treats
Halloween candies (Source: Insider)

Erin concludes:

“Having a few pieces of candy along with a platter of whole fruits and nuts can be a great way to satisfy your desire to eat candy in a balanced way that doesn’t spike future cravings,”