Biscuits and Gravy
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Buttery, flaky, homemade biscuits and a flavorful, three-ingredient sausage gravy make up the straightforward recipe for biscuits and gravy. A traditional, filling, and timeless breakfast combination that goes great with a Vanilla Fruit Salad!

This recipe for biscuits and gravy is the greatest and surprisingly easy to prepare. You can make the entire breakfast from scratch using ingredients that are probably already in your pantry! Learn how by reading on!

Although there are many pre-made options available in the stores, everyone can learn how to make biscuits and gravy at home. Classic biscuits and gravy are hearty, staple breakfast dishes.

The best part is that there are no exotic or uncommon ingredients needed for this sausage gravy and biscuits dish.

The ingredients for the biscuits (flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, butter, and milk) can probably be found in your pantry, while the sausage gravy only calls for three.

I started by making buttery soft biscuits with lots of flaky layers using my all-time favorite simple biscuit recipe. These biscuits are incredibly easy to make, but you must be careful not to overwork the dough or your biscuits will turn out tough.

Biscuits and Gravy Yum
Food: Biscuits and Gravy (Source: Ingenio Virtual)

Even though buying pre-made biscuits from the store is an option rather than making your own, homemade biscuits and gravy are incomparably better.

You can probably make homemade gravy much more quickly and easily than you think to go with your biscuits! You must begin by preparing one pound of pork breakfast sausage (for this recipe I use one that has been seasoned with sage).

The sausage will be placed in a cold (or at least room temperature—not preheated—skillet, and the skillet will be heated to medium-high heat. As you cook, crumble the sausage and cook it until it is no longer pink.

Don’t remove any extra grease from the pan after cooking the sausage. Instead, you’ll sprinkle the sausage with a quarter cup of all-purpose flour.

Cook these ingredients together for about a minute, rotating the meat with a spatula to ensure that the flour is fully absorbed. Next, add 2 1/4 cups of milk to the pan gently while stirring.

Once the gravy has thickened, stir in the butter and serve immediately with warm, freshly baked biscuits. There you have it, biscuits and gravy from the South!

Let’s just recap that.

How Can You Make Homemade Biscuit Gravy?

  • Cook the pork (do not drain)
  • Cook pork with flour sprinkled evenly over it until it’s absorbed (about 1 minute)
  • Cook the milk mixture until it thickens.

Three steps and three ingredients. There is no excuse not to prepare homemade biscuits & gravy.

What Goes Well With Gravy and Biscuits?

A classic breakfast dish, easy biscuits, and gravy are best enjoyed alongside other filling morning fare. I prefer to serve mine with some of my other favorites, such as buttermilk pancakes and overnight breakfast casserole.

Freshly chopped fruit or a Vanilla Pudding Fruit Salad might also be a wonderful lighter alternative.


Biscuits and Gravy

Buttery, flaky, homemade biscuits with straightforward sausage gravy on top. You could also use biscuits from the shop.

preparation 30 minutes

11 minutes for cooking

time in total 41 minutes

portions: 7 portions



  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter very cold
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ¾ cup whole milk cold


  • 1 pound sage-flavored pork breakfast sausage
  • ¼ cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 ½ cups whole milk
  • ⅛ teaspoon crushed red pepper optional



Biscuits and Gravy Easy
Food: Biscuits and Gravy (Source: Ingenio Virtual)
  1. Before starting this recipe, chill your butter in the freezer for 10 to 20 minutes for the best results. For airy, flaky, buttery biscuits, the butter should be very cold.
  2. Set your oven to 425°F and cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper that is nonstick. Place aside.
  3. In a big bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt.
  4. When using a pastry cutter, remove the butter from the freezer and incorporate it into the flour mixture until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
  5. Add the cold milk to the flour mixture and use a spoon to stir until just combined (don’t over-mix, you don’t want to overwork this dough)
  6. Transfer the biscuit dough to a clean, well-floured surface and use your hands to gently work the dough together. If the dough is too sticky, add flour until it is manageable.
  7. Once the dough is cohesive, fold it in half over itself and use your hands to gently flatten it. Rotate the dough 90 degrees and fold in half again, repeating this step 5-6 times but taking care to not overwork the dough (this will help give your biscuits flaky layers) (this will help give your biscuits flaky layers).
  8. Use your hands to gently flatten the dough to 1″ thick.
  9. Drop the biscuit onto the baking sheet that has been prepared by pressing a 2 34″ wide biscuit cutter straight down into the dough and making precise cuts.
  10. Place biscuits on a baking sheet no more than 12″ apart from one another and repeat as necessary to get as many as you can.
  11. Once you have cut as many biscuits as possible out of the dough, gently re-work the dough to cut out another biscuit or two until you have at least 7 biscuits.
  12. Transfer to the oven and bake at 425°F for 10-12 minutes or until tops are beginning to just turn lightly golden brown.
  13. While the biscuits are baking, make your gravy.


  1. Place sausage in a saucepan and turn heat to medium-high. Cook, crumbling the sausage as it cooks, until no pink remains. Do not drain the skillet.
  2. Sprinkle the ¼ cup of flour evenly over the sausage crumbles and cook a minute longer until the flour is absorbed.
  3. Slowly pour the milk into your skillet, stirring as you pour. Add crushed red pepper, if using.
  4. Cook, stirring, until the mixture is thickened.
  5. Once biscuits are finished baking, slice in half, pour gravy over biscuits, and serve!

Nutrition information

Calories: 506 | Carbohydrates: 38g | Protein: 17g | Fat: 31g | Saturated Fat: 14g | Cholesterol: 83mg | Sodium: 797mg | Potassium: 521mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 7g | Vitamin A: 540IU | Vitamin C: 0.5mg | Calcium: 216mg | Iron: 2.8mg