Ice apples

Ice apples are white translucent edible seeds of the fruits of Palmyra palm tree. This is rampant in South Asia and South East Asia.

It is a seasonal fruit that could the body during the hot summers. It has lot of other health benefits too especially for the gut and digestive system.

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Ice apples

Ice apples are born on Palmyra palm trees that has the scientific name of borassus flabellifer. These trees are tall and robust with grey stout stem and can grow to a height of 30 meters. The tree is dioecious.

This means that make and female parts are on different trees. After pollination, a fleshy fruit results. It has a diameter of around 10 to 18 cms. The fruit has s blackish outer covering or skin.

Inside each fruit are 2 to 4 seeds. These seeds have an outer pale yellow color covering called endocarp. And the seeds are dense whitish and translucent with a watery base.

Ice apples
The Palmyra palm tree (Source: Flipkart)

Usually the fruits are taken raw and the seeds are separated and eaten. Sometimes the fruit is allowed to ripen and the yellowish pulp that comes out of it is used to make several food dishes such as ice apple flavored milk or it is fried in mustard oil and eaten.

The ripened skin also can be roasted and consumed. The fruit can be made into a juice and consumed.

The trunk of the tree yields a sugary sap called Toddy. It is also a coolant and good for the body during the summer months and tropical heat. After overnight fermentation it becomes wine.

The nutrients in this fruit

Ice apple has low calories. Every 100 g of the fruits provides just 43 calories of energy. In it, there is 11 g of carbohydrates, and it is loaded with calcium and phytonutrients.

Additionally, it has fiber, proteins, vitamins A, C, E, and K. But all these amounts are not very high. Vitamin B7 and iron are present as well but in minimal amounts. There is no fat in this fruit.

Ice apples
Ice apples (Source: Her Zindagi)

The fruit is excellent for the body. But its perishability is high. Hence it should ideally be taken in within a day. Overripe ice apples are not good and instead of relieving they can cause stomach aches.

Health benefits of this special fruit

The seeds have a cooling effect on the body when consumed. They hydrate the skin and is thus good during the hot summers and during dehydration.

The ample quantities of vitamins and minerals present in the seeds can enhance the immune system and make it robust to fight the various emerging, re-emerging, and resistant organisms.

Ice apples are expecting good for the stomach and its ailments. They reduce gas problems, bloating issues, nausea, and constipation. It is good for stomach ulcers and aids the digestive process.

The fruit has phytochemicals that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It slows the ageing process and prevents cell damage. This fruit is good for people who are desirous of losing weight.

Ice apples
Ice apples and its benefits (Source: Pinterest)

The high water content of the seed provides a feeling of fullness to the person. And the fruit is not very sweet. Hence its caloric content 8s less.

At the same time, it is packed with other nutrients including fiber. Hence it is good for bringing in weight loss.

Direct application of ice apple over skin rashes aids early healing. It soothes skin lesions and relieves irritability. Ice apples are good also for pregnant ladies.

Their morning sickness comes down. Digestive issues and cramps are common in them. But this fruit consumption relives them. It is nutrient packed and enhanced lactation in these mothers.

The fruit is good for the liver and helps to cleanse the body of toxins. Its high potassium content also protects the liver.