Crunch Fitness
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It takes time and effort to join a gym membership and use it to achieve your fitness, bodybuilding, and powerlifting goals.

For each person, the procedure and the outcomes would be different. Because of this, it is up to each person to decide whether or not a certain gym is worthwhile.

So how can you determine whether a particular gym is worthwhile for you? Well, to begin with, you should be aware of your needs and restrictions.

You choose whether you want the full package or just access to the large pieces of gym equipment. Some gyms have a variety of membership benefits, including trainers, saunas, massages, tanning booths, swimming pools, and showers.

Once you’ve made your choice, you may evaluate the gym’s amenities and membership fees to determine whether it is pricey or not.

You will learn everything there is to know about the well-known Crunch fitness facilities in this post. You can determine for yourself after reading whether it is worth the membership fee and your time after doing so.

Crunch Fitness has its advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else in the universe, but altogether, it’s a good gym.

With Crunch Fitness, you have incredible access to a wide array of gym equipment. You may work out on a lot of machines with little to no wait time if your gym membership costs less than the average.

Crunch Fitness stands out due to its cleanliness, friendly atmosphere, availability of restrooms, and extra amenities like tanning booths and hydro massagers.

It has space for seasoned lifters as well as a welcoming environment for newcomers. In contrast to other inexpensive gyms, Crunch Fitness doesn’t discourage you from doing the heavy lifting.

Crunch Fitness is a better option than many competitors thanks to its friendly ambiance and well-kept gym layout.

Is the equipment at Crunch Fitness up to par?

Before purchasing a gym membership, one must first check out the equipment options. The equipment’s number is as important as its sort and variety.

Joining a gym membership won’t be very helpful if it lacks the exercise equipment you require.

Without the appropriate tools, you are only paying for the concept of a gym, not the actual facility, no matter how good the trainers are or how beneficial the classes may be.

Therefore, let’s find out what equipment Crunch Fitness has

Crunch Fitness

Throughout the world, Crunch Fitness has hundreds of locations. Although the equipment available may vary slightly from one site to the next, practically every location has pretty much everything one could need for exercise.

Every site is outfitted to meet your needs, regardless of your fitness level or objectives.

Every location has enough cardio equipment so that you won’t have to wait to use the treadmill or have a spin session.

There are plenty of weightlifting equipment, free weights, barbells, benches, cable pulleys, and power racks at Crunch Fitness if high-intensity resistance training is your thing.

Each Crunch Fitness site offers enough different sorts and varieties of equipment to accommodate a gym full of cardio enthusiasts or powerlifters, and even the most basic gym membership plans give you access to all the equipment.


It can be difficult to stay motivated to exercise, especially when you are first beginning your fitness journey. After the initial thrill of joining a gym wears off, every workout becomes monotonous. Here, the classes might be beneficial to keep you motivated, spice up your workouts, and hasten the results.

Access to the classes may require upgrading your basic membership, but they are worthwhile. You might exercise in a group and make the most of your time in the fitness center.

Crunch Fitness offers the following Classes;

  • Zumba
  • Body-sculpting yoga
  • Gridiron group exercises
  • TAI box class for cardio
  • Kickboxing
  • weightlifting drills
  • HIIT

Chisel: To promote muscular growth

Pool and sauna

There aren’t all Crunch Fitness locations with specialized amenities like a pool, sauna, towel service, etc? However, they do have these facilities in a couple of the gym’s iconic sites.

There are fewer Crunch Signature clubs than Crunch Fitness gyms. Comparatively speaking to Crunch fitness’ regular gym locations, there are just about 10 of them. Crunch Signature has roughly 30 sites.

For a little bit extra money, you may join the signature club and gain access to many more upscale amenities including a sauna, DJs, and free wi-fi.

Crunch Fitness’s additional features

Crunch fitness provides a variety of different amenities in addition to a large selection of gym equipment. Some of them are included in the basic membership, others require the peak membership, and a few premium ones require signature club membership.

The list of amenities offered at various Crunch Fitness locations is provided below. Before signing up for the membership, you should confirm that each is offered in your specific location.

  • exercise, weights, and equipment
  • shower rooms in locker rooms
  • online dietary
  • Free WiFi
  • group exercise sessions
  • Live internet exercises with crunch
  • Guests’ rights
  • Hydromassage
  • Tanning
  • individual training
  • Sauna (Signature)
  • Providing towels (Signature)
  • kid care

There are very few Crunch Fitness locations that offer child care facility. Children up to the age of 13 can be dropped off while they exercise.

If you want to use this facility, you must pay extra money in addition to your regular membership fees.

What Are Crunch Fitness Gym’s Benefits And Drawbacks?

The Crunch Fitness gym’s amenities and equipment are on par with those at many other expensive or mid-range gyms. Let’s talk about Crunch Fitness’ advantages and disadvantages compared to its rivals.


  • The gym’s floor, equipment, and lockers are all routinely cleaned.
  • There is a ton of cardio equipment, such as ellipticals, spin bikes, and treadmills, so you won’t have to wait.
  • Even with a basic membership, you have access to showers and locker facilities.
  • Every location offers some distinctive group classes to aid in your improvement.

Easy-to-use app

  • online advice on nutrition and diet
  • enough weightlifting equipment, free weights, racks, and benches
  • reasonable membership costs
  • Free WiFi is available practically everywhere.
  • upscale amenities including tanning booths and hydro massage chairs.


  • Most facilities appear overcrowded, with machinery situated close together and too many staff workers.
  • They don’t accept cash, and each transaction carries a $1 surcharge.
  • If you wish to terminate your subscription, you must give 4 weeks’ notice and pay the entire period in advance.
  • If you downgrade your membership to basic, you must pay for the previous subscription for four weeks even though you will only have access to basic membership benefits during that time.

How much does a Crunch Fitness membership cost?

At crunch fitness, there are various membership tiers available. The prices for each of these membership types can be found in the following table.

What is covered by a Crunch Fitness membership?

There are more than six different membership levels that grant access to various amenities and facilities. The inclusions for various membership kinds are listed below.

Crunch Fitness Membership Cost
Membership type Fees per month
Base $10.99
Peak $22.99
Peak Plus $29.99
Peak Results $29.99
Peak at Signature $39.99
Peak Plus at Signature $49.99
Peak Results at Signature $64.99

Base Participation

  • Cardio, weights, and equipment
  • Shower rooms in locker rooms
  • CrunchONEKickoff
  • Program for Online Nutrition
  • Power Circuit Training for Half an Hour
  • peak participation

Everything is included with standard membership;

  • Group Exercise Sessions
  • Live Online Workouts for Crunch
  • water massage
  • Tanning stalls
  • Peak outcomes:

All the benefits of peak membership plus;

  • Guests’ rights
  • Higher-level HIIT courses
  • Sunless tanning
  • Red-light treatment
  • Babysitting at Kid’s Crunch
  • riding lessons

What is the best Crunch Fitness membership?

A gym with good value is Crunch Fitness. It is available to many because it has multiple locations. It is intended to be accessible to everyone, which is why there are several membership choices.

The varied amenities and facilities you have access to are reflected in the different membership fees. All of the membership options are reasonable, but only one will be the best for you.

The base membership makes sense if all you want from a gym is the large exercise equipment, weights, and racks and you don’t need anything fancier. Additionally, the base membership is the best option for you if you want to remain stationed in one place for an extended period.

The Peak membership is the one you should pick if you frequently travel and want to keep working out while you’re away from the gym. The travelers that prioritize results should choose Peak Results.

Are There Any Hidden Fees at Crunch Fitness?

There are some adjustments that you won’t notice right away on the Crunch Fitness website or in the copy of the advertisements. Although there are some additional costs, they are not precisely hidden fees.

A $1 transaction fee will be automatically deducted each month from your account.

The standard bundle costs $10.99 per month. If you want to alter your membership type or remove an add-on, there may be an administrative cost in addition to other expenses.

Does Crunch Fitness Offer Value? [Verdict]

If you’ve read the entire article, you’ve probably already made up your mind on whether or not you want a Crunch Fitness membership. However, allow us to share our opinions of the gym with you.