Jade Katy
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Who Is Jade Katy?

An accomplished WBFF Pro Diva from England is Jade Katy. Jade formerly had a profession as an accountant before switching to fitness.

She decided to start working out daily since she was dissatisfied with the way her physique appeared.

Jade underwent a makeover, quit her job as an office worker to pursue a career as a full-time fitness model, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Jade Katy looks stunning as she exits the WBFF Fitness Model stage.

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Body Measurements Of Jade Katy 

Full Name: Jade Katy
PROFESSION: Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


  • Exercise Model
  • Pro-Athlete WBFF
  • Entrepreneur

Contest Record

  • WBFF UK Bikini Diva 2016

Fitness And Accounting Both, Athletes Jade Katy

Jade Katy, a former accountant, started her fitness adventure after going to a fitness expo. Jade met athletes during the event who motivated her to start working out.

“I was unhappy with the way I looked at a certain moment in my life, so as soon as I went home, I started working out, and I haven’t looked back since.”

WBFF professional life, Fitness Jade Katy

Throughout her schooling, Jade molded an attractive physique. These outcomes inspired her to advance her career by turning into a fitness competitor.

Jade established herself in the fitness sector in the years that followed by participating in competitions and doing magazine modeling.

One of the competitions in which she took part was the 2016 WBFF Bikini Diva, where Jade won first place.

She wants to win more shows in the future and keeps raising the bar with her accomplishments.

“I pursue my objectives and continually network with new people. I’ll be thrilled if I can motivate just one person to improve their life in the same way that I was motivated to do so. (Jade Katy)


Pre-Contest Instruction, Training, Workout

Whether Jade is training for a show or not affects how she works out. Her main focus throughout the contest preparation is fat loss, which she does by combining high-volume strength training and cardio.

Jade, however, is certain that it is still possible to experience muscular growth even in a calorie deficit, even though she doesn’t train to “make gains” during contest preparation. As she put it;

“There are no excuses to not give your absolute best during your exercises, therefore I would argue that it is feasible to make gains when you are not in the offseason.”

Off-Season Exercise, Shoulders, Back,

When no competitions are scheduled, Jade will train with heavier weights to shape and improve her weak areas. She enjoys working out her legs, shoulders, back, and glutes.

Additionally, she continues her “hardcore” cardio workout routine from the contest preparation to maintain high stamina levels.

Putting Her Body To Sleep

Jade puts just as much effort into her rest and recovery routine as she does her frequent and intense training.

She has a few leisure days each week that she utilizes to unwind after her demanding workouts. She might choose a quick stroll as one of her healing strategies.

I get enough rest throughout the week since it is crucial to avoid burning out because doing so would impede your progress.

Jade also makes sure to obtain eight hours of sleep each night. To increase blood flow to the muscles after every workout, she also uses a foam roller. Jade will schedule a sports massage if her workouts become more challenging to speed up recuperation.

Nutrition, Fitness

Jade Katy, a fitness model, makes careful to eat a range of high-quality foods that support her objectives.

Green vegetables, fruits with a low glycemic index, and an abundance of proteins, carbohydrates, and good fats from a variety of sources are some of these.

She also eats fiber, which helps with digestion and nutrient absorption. Jade also strongly believes in the advantages of getting enough water each day. This improves the nutrient supply to her cells and keeps her muscles moisturized.

Jade Katy’s Before-And-After Glute Makeover

“It’s priceless to influence someone’s life and motivate them to take action they otherwise wouldn’t have taken. Moments like that drive me to work even harder and push myself even further.”

What Jade Katy Can Teach Us?

If Jade Katy has taught us anything, it’s that you can change your circumstances if you want to.

In Jade’s instance, she didn’t like how she felt or looked. Jade also had a job doing accounting, which she wasn’t very passionate about.

She decided to take small steps to improve her circumstances one day. She started attending to the gym, and over time, her objectives began to gradually come true.

Her experience shows us that following your actual calling in life is preferable to pursuing your unintended goals. Discover your passion and pursue it every day to achieve your personal goals.