Jake Burton
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Who is Jake Burton?

Jake Burton is a professional bodybuilder and fitness model from the United States. Although Jake currently has a successful career as an athlete, his path there wasn’t without its challenges.

Jake Burton suffered a tragedy six weeks before his first competition when he crashed his BMX bike while competing, rupturing his spleen and nearly passing away right there.

After that, Jake was forced to spend weeks in the hospital recuperating, which caused him to lose a sizable portion of his arduously acquired muscle.

But he refused to let the difficulty defeat him. After months of recuperation and physical reconstruction, Jake returned strongly to begin his competitive career one year later.

His competitive career reached its apex in 2017 when he earned his Pro Card.

Jake Burton standing at the gym and flexing his arms in the classic Arnold fashion.

Body Measurements Of Jake Burton 

Full Name: Jake Burton
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)
WEIGHT: 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model
ERA: 2010


Awards & Placings


  • Men’s Classic Physique, IFBB Wings of Strength Pro, eighth place


  • Classic Physique B, 2nd place at the NPC USA Championships – Pro Card Acquired
  • 6th place in the NPC Junior National Championships for Classic Physique


  • Men’s bodybuilding, Light Heavyweight, NPC Phoenix Europa, second place
  • Men’s bodybuilding, Light Heavyweight, third place at the NPC Emerald Cup


  • Men’s bodybuilding, light heavyweight, fourth place in the Emerald Cup
  • Men’s light heavyweight bodybuilding at the Oregon State Bodybuilding Championships, fourth place
  • In the gym, Jake Burton displayed his massive, muscular triceps.

Gymnasium sports, Bodybuilding, Swimming Jake Burton

At the age of 17, Jake Burton began bodybuilding for the first time following years of swimming competition. Jake had a thin build and was athletic, yet he was skinny. He was 5’10” tall and 140 pounds at the time.

Jake thereafter joined a gym where he trained virtually every day to bulk up. After months of dedication to his goals, his unwavering excitement allowed him to develop a powerful and ripped physique.

An Injury That Poses A Life-RiskJake Burton

Jake decided to enter a bodybuilding competition after noticing improvements in his physique.

Jake’s preparations initially went smoothly. He was working out hard, eating well, and getting better-looking every day.

But then, six weeks before the competition, Jake crashed his BMX bike, seriously hurting himself. He nearly passed away when his spleen ruptured.

Jake had to leave the show due to the injuries, and he had to spend a lot of time in the hospital rehabilitating. He was inspired to come back stronger for the competition the next year, though.

Getting Into Competition Full-Time

After a year since Jake’s accident, the wait was at an end. He was prepared to compete in his very first bodybuilding competition.

He immediately fell in love with competing after taking the stage that day.

Jake persisted in competing because he was determined to be the greatest, and as a result, he was able to finish second in the 2017 NPC USA Championships and get his pro card.

Jake has overcome the challenges that had been on his way to becoming an athlete “to the stars” from a 140-pound amateur swimmer to an exceptional IFBB bodybuilder.

Training, Bodybuilder

Jake Burton, a bodybuilder, divides his training into two distinct phases: one for adding muscle and the other for losing body fat.

During the “off-season,” when Jake is not competing, he starts to put on muscle. Here, Jake concentrates on bringing out his weak muscular areas with rigorous exercise and big weights.

During the off-season, he often performs low-to-medium reps to increase strength and, subsequently, muscular mass.

Jake’s exercise regimen looks very different while he is preparing for the competition. He will concentrate on reducing body fat as soon as possible at this point by adopting methods like HIIT exercise, high-rep training, drop sets, and short rest periods between sets.

Nutrition, Calorie

Jake divides his nutrition into two primary phases: one for “bulking” and another for “cutting,” much like his workout.

Jake tries to add as much muscle mass as he can while bulking. To achieve this, he ups his calorie intake, particularly calories from protein, which is a macronutrient that helps to develop muscle.

On the other side, when getting ready for a competition, Jake will cut his calorie intake below maintenance. He will therefore eat fewer calories than his body uses. In the weeks leading up to the competition, this aids in his body fat loss.

Jake will engage in carb cycling if he needs to quicken the fat loss process. Using this strategy, he will consume very little carbohydrates for a few days before replenishing his muscles with a high-carb day. His metabolism is accelerated by this process, making it easier for him to burn fat.

Favorite Cuisines, Rice, And Hot Sauce

Lean beef, rice, and hot sauce are Jake’s go-to ingredients for his pre-contest lunch.

Luke admits it’s hard to pick just one “cheat meal” as his favorite. Ice cream and cheesecake are his two favorite sweets. But he’ll choose a lasagna if he’s in the mood for something salty.

Jake appears to be strong and muscular while posing in a gym tank top.

Jake strikes a ripped and strong pose in front of the camera while wearing a white tank top.

What Jake Burton Can Teach Us?

Jake has taught us to never give up on our goals, even in the face of the most challenging challenges. Six weeks before his first bodybuilding event, he ruptured his spleen while competing in a BMX race.

Jake stood up to the challenge and waited patiently for his body to recover before making his bodybuilding debut. Things only moved up and upward from that point. When Jake earned his IFBB Pro card in 2017, his career reached its apex.

If you ever find yourself dealing with difficulty, keep in mind Jake’s tale and how he overcame a potentially fatal situation to emerge stronger. One approach to achieving greatness is to use the difficulties of life to make you stronger, not bitter.