Jaque Khury
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Who is Jaque Khury?

Brazilian TV personality, internet sensation, and fitness blogger Jaque Khury.

With her appearances in magazines, on social media, and in TV programs like “Big Brother Brazil,” she has had enormous success.

But the path to the top wasn’t straightforward. Jaque had to persevere through many setbacks and rejections to find success in the modeling and fitness industries. Here’s how she went about it:

Body Measurements Of Jaque Khury 

Full Name: Jaque Khury
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165cm)
WEIGHT: 145 – 155lbs (65.8 – 70.3kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Blogger, Journalist
ERA: 2010


  • Exercise Blogger
  • Journalist
  • an online celebrity

In a gym selfie, Jaque Khury flexes her biceps and abs.


Early Life Of Jaque Khury Jaque Khury

Tatuapé, Brazil, was my hometown growing up. When Jaque Khury was a little girl, she first had the desire to become a model.

One day, Jaque was flipping through a magazine when she noticed some stunning female bodies on the cover. Her latest obsession was conceived in that instant.

Jaque developed a romanticized vision of herself as a model and movie star, just like the women she observed in the magazine. When Jaque was 17, she began contacting modeling agencies to pursue her ambition, which had been with her for many years.

Initial TV Deal, Entertainment

Jaque had to be quite persistent to receive her first “yes” in the entertainment industry.

She claims that the first several months were challenging since she had to deal with rejection after rejection. But then, at the age of 18, something good happened.

Jaque was contacted by a TV firm, and once they negotiated an agreement, Jaque would appear in her debut TV program. Jaque was then employed by a telephone company to appear in advertisements while traveling Europe after that.

Jaque gained notoriety in the nations she visited during the tour, which lasted a full year.

An Ascent To Fame, TV PersonalityJaque Khury

After his first TV gig went well, Jaque began to receive further offers. To pursue a career as a professional actress and TV personality, she decided to study the performing arts.

After receiving her graduation, Jaque’s modeling and show business chances multiplied. She quickly rose to fame as the star of numerous ads, TV shows, and magazines.

Jaque has acted in more than 200 ads for Brazilian television alone since she started her career. On numerous occasions, she has also been listed among the top female celebrities and models.

Jaque has even played the lead in films like “O Magnata” and “Ensaio.” But Jaque didn’t become a household name in Brazil until she took part in “Big Brother Brasil 8.”

After finding success in domestic television programs, magazines, and other media, Jaque decided to extend her impact online and through social media.

She has since gained a sizable fan base and inspired many people with her amazing lifestyle.

Jaque’s primary interest, outside modeling, and acting is fitness.

She continues to demonstrate to others the advantages of working out and eating healthily through her images, which she posts every day. Jaque also motivates her followers with remarks like this;


Glute Exercise, Curvaceous Glutes

Jacque Khury is renowned for having thick, curvaceous glutes. She attributes this to the arduous exercises she performs, where she lifts heavy objects to increase muscle reaction.

She works her glutes like this;

  • Lunges while carrying a barbell, four sets of 8–12 steps.
  • Leg press, 4 sets of 8–10 reps, 160 kg/352 lbs.
  • 3 sets of 8–12 repetitions of narrow-stance hack squats
  • 3 sets of 8–12 wide-stance hack squat repetitions
  • 3 sets of 8–12 reps on the Smith Machine Leg Press while she is laying on a bench on her stomach.
  • Narrow-Stance Bodyweight Squats, 4 sets of 16–20 repetitions (High-Rep Finisher).
  • Finisher: Glute Squeeze on Bench, 4 sets of 16–20 repetitions.

Jaque Khury posing for a selfie in the gym with her amazing body.


Weekly Meal Plan Of Jaque Khury, Eggs, Sweet Potatoes

Jaque tends to have fun on the weekends, but she adheres to a very rigorous diet throughout the week.

She consumes healthy things like eggs, sweet potatoes, and vegetables from Monday through Friday. Jaque won’t eat more than 1000 kcal each day throughout this time.

This enables her to maintain a flat stomach despite the weekend “cheat meals” she consumes.

Every meal that Jaque eats is built around a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. She also ensures that she consumes adequate fiber from veggies, which aids with digestion and nutrient absorption.

Influences And Idols, Models

Jaque Khury was greatly influenced by female magazine models when she was a young girl. She aspired to mimic them exactly.

Jaque persisted in moving forward till she realized her dream by keeping their images in her head together with the image of what her future would hold.

Jaque Khury posing in a bikini at the pool while grinning at the camera and showcasing her lean and toned body.

What Jaque Khury Can Teach Us?

Since she was a young girl, Jaque Khury has had the ambition to work as both a model and an actress. Before receiving her first “yes,” she had to deal with numerous “noes” and rejections. But once Jaque got there, the door to her options was wide open.

After signing her first contract, Jaque received a barrage of proposals from modeling and TV agencies. What she had once only imagined as a youngster was now a reality for her.

Her experience demonstrates that even the most impossible goals may be fulfilled. But the real question is: Are you prepared to pay the price to realize your dream? the cost of dealing with ups and downs on your path to achievement, together with the fact that results do not come quickly.

Jaque Khury was prepared to pay this cost, and as a result, she is now enjoying the fruits of her labor. You too can achieve greatness if you have the same mindset and persistence.