Jase Stevens
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Who is Jase Stevens?

Toronto-based Jase Stevens, unlike many bodybuilders, did not start lifting weights at a young age. In actuality, Jase didn’t enter a gym to enhance his physique until he was 21 years old.

Jase Stevens began devoting an increasing amount of time to his bodybuilding lifestyle after a year of training and “testing the waters.” He immediately noticed significant changes in his physique, which stoked his enthusiasm for the lifting sport even more.

Jase’s path to bodybuilding success, however, was anything from straightforward.

He had to switch locations every week while working 16-hour shifts as a railway communication technician in Canada, where he also had to continually prepare meals to eat throughout his busy work shifts.

And yet, despite all the challenges, Jase underwent a total transformation of his body and life.

Following four years of rigorous training, he started winning top prizes in bodybuilding competitions across North America. Today, Jase is a well-known physique athlete, lifestyle coach, and fitness model.

“We need to get rid of the mindset that says, ‘Oh, I ate poorly, so now I’m going to punish myself for doing so.

That is developing an unhealthy and negative relationship with food; food is neither good nor bad, and consuming it does not make you good or bad; you are not a dog!

Body Measurements Of Jase Stevens

Full Name: Jase Stevens
HEIGHT: 6’3″ (190.5cm)
WEIGHT: 245 – 255lbs (111.1 – 115.7kg)
PROFESSION: Fitness Model, Sponsored Athlete, Lifestyle Coach
ERA: 2010


  • Exercise Model
  • Featured Athlete
  • Coach for Lifestyle
  • Competitor in men’s physique

Contest Record


  • Men’s Physique Class F at the IFBB North American Championships, fourth place


  • Men’s Physique Class F at the IFBB North American Championships, fifth place


  • Men’s Physique Class D, Caribbean Grand Prix Pro Qualifier, seventh place

“‘Failing’ is part of the process; allowing yourself to be open to setbacks and defeat is essential for development. People mistake vulnerability for weakness, yet those who allow themselves to be weak are the strongest of all.

Starting Over, (Workout)

Jase began working out when he was 21 years old. He experimented with several sports throughout high school for years before deciding it was time to start working out at the gym and become in better shape.

The first gym Jase used was a community leisure center. He stayed there for a year before switching to a closer gym that was more “hard-core.” Here, Jase’s love for bodybuilding started to take shape.

His Passion’s Fuel, Professional BodybuildersJase Stevens

Jesse developed a “spark” while he was among big guys and professional bodybuilders; he was inspired to work out hard and maintain a healthy diet to become a bodybuilder on his own.

During this time, Jase also devoted a lot of effort to learning everything he could about proper diet and exercise.

Jase eventually concluded that it was time to start competing. The issue was that he lacked the resources to support his desire. Jase decided to seek out a lucrative career to help him achieve his bodybuilding objectives as a result.

Jase eventually managed to land a job, but it wasn’t exactly conducive to his life of lifting. I worked for CN, the Canadian National Railway, to quote Jase. As a technician for signals and communications, I was required to travel constantly for business.

I have experience working both inside and outside the province. I was staying in motel rooms at the time. Every week, wherever I was, I would look for nearby gyms and visit them to train for my exercises. (Jase Stevens)

Meeting Challenges, (Exercise)Jase Stevens

One of the challenges Jase faced during his bodybuilding adventure was needing to move frequently and find a new gym every week.

Like any athlete, he had to carefully monitor his food. This was quite difficult for someone with Jase’s job. His biggest problem yet was trying to get his meals while constantly supervising the upkeep of railway communications, signals, and equipment.

“Whenever we traveled, I would bring cooking equipment with me, such as hot plates, portable BBQs, and Tupperware.

I would either buy food, pack it in a cooler, and transport it to the city where we were working that week, or I would go grocery shopping after work.

“Once I received my food, I would use the microwave and hotplate/portable BBQ to prepare all of my meals for the following week in my hotel room.

Every week, in addition to working 10- to 16-hour shifts day and night, I had to pack up my life, move to a new city, unpack, find a gym, prepare meals, and train. (Jase Stevens)

Jase’s habit of hopping between gyms and cramming meals into his 16-hour workday persisted for four years.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was able to overcome this level of difficulty. But that was Jase. He persisted despite the challenges and succeeded in producing fantastic outcomes.

Jase worked hard every day for four years to get his stage-ready physique. His participation in the WBFF Montreal Pro in 2013 served as the culmination of his hard effort.

He claimed, “During this insane period, I got in the best form of my life, and I came in a very close second to my friend Dylan Thomas.”

Jase has proceeded to place first in bodybuilding competitions around North America and has been on the rise in the bodybuilding scene ever since.

“You’re going to despise your life and you’ll never last if you only pursue bodybuilding to win competitions. I do this to challenge my limits.

Weekly Workout Schedule, (Exercise)

Jase works out seven days a week, alternating between cardio and strength exercises.

He runs on a treadmill on the weekends to maintain his slender physique and lifts weights five times per week to sculpt his muscles.

Here is a picture of his weekly training schedule;


  • Calves, back


  • Arms and Abs


  • Rest (cardio)


  • Calves, Legs


  • Abs, Shoulders, and Chest


  • Calves, arms


  • Rest (Cardio, Abs)

Over time, Jase Stevens’ body has changed.

“Enjoying every moment of every day, feeling every rep, and taking each set where it needs to go. The only way to make this about something other than winning is to enjoy what you do and to be a part of the process.

Everyday Meal Plan, (Fitness)

Jase Steven eats a lot of proteins to maintain his ripped and lean physique. He will specifically consume 325 grams of protein each day.

Jase consumes carbohydrates to replenish the glycogen in his muscles before and after workouts.

He consumes most of his fats in the morning. Whole nuts and some almond butter are included. Jase might also consume several organic whole eggs in the evening. These foods are high in good fats.

Here is what Jase consumes each day to maintain his lean physique:

Meal 1:

  • Whey, oats, almond butter, and liquid egg whites.

Meal 2:

  • With rice or potatoes, green beans or asparagus, and your choice of chicken, beef, turkey, or fish.

After Workout:

  • 2 scoops of whey isolate; 1 post-workout shake.

Meal 3:

  • The final meal of the day is often whole eggs.

You’ll cause more harm by worrying over the meal you ate than you would if you just accepted it and resumed your normal activities. Utilize that meal and succeed in your workouts.

Influences And Idols, Gym

To overcome obstacles, Jase had to be his own biggest source of inspiration.

He had to draw strength from inside to continue moving forward at the times when he worked 16-hour hours, made meals in advance, and switched gyms every week.

He underwent an astonishing change and won top honors in several bodybuilding competitions as a result of his unwavering mindset.

What Jase Stevens Can Teach Us

Jase has demonstrated an unrivaled desire to succeed. He rose to fame as a physique athlete, lifestyle coach, and fitness model through dedication and effort.

If you truly desire something, you can go after it, just like Jase did. As we’ve seen from his example, achieving success can be challenging, but anything is achievable if you have the aspiration, drive, and enthusiasm.

Building your ideal physique takes time; there is no rush and there is no getting around the need to put in the necessary effort year after year, as Jase puts it. (Jase Stevens)