Jason Dwarika
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Who Is Jason Dwarika?

Jason Dwarika, who developed a passion for weightlifting in high school, has been dominating the industry ever since he began exercising at the age of 16.

Short Career of Jason Dwarika

The British-born athlete, Jason Dwarika has spent many years working hard in the gym and has subsequently achieved success as a professional bodybuilder, fitness model, and personal trainer.

This is his narrative, which continues to motivate people all over the world to take action and change their bodies:

Be a human and exercise your right to feel, sympathize, and appreciate all living beings if you’re going to be anything in this world.

Body Measurements of Jason Dwarika

Full Name: Jason Dwarika
ERA: 2000, 2010
PROFESSION: Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Online Coach
CHEST: 39.5” 
HEIGHT: 5’10” (177.5cm)
WEIGHT: (83.9 – 88.5kg)
WAIST: 30.5”
THIGHS: 31,5″

We all start somewhere and our starting points are more than often, different. Just don’t be discouraged because you can’t visualize your end goal – that should be your motivation to see it through to the end..”

Jason Dwarika


Jason has appeared on the covers of several reputable publications, including some of the most well-known in Britain. He has many years of experience as a professional bodybuilder, fitness model, and online personal trainer.


  • Miami Pro UK Championship 2012- 1st place (weight category and overalls)
  • WBFF European Pro Card Qualifier 2012 – 2nd place
  •  Also, WBFF Pro Las Vegas 2013 – NP
  • WBFF World Championships 2014 – NP

Training should be hard but killing yourself in the gym day in and day out usually does more bad than good, you can apply the same rule you hear many business moguls preach, work smarter not harder.”


Initial Phases

Jason was born in London, England, in 1984, and was an active youngster even as a young child. Even though he was physically active, Dwarika claimed that he still struggled with his weight.

At first, this didn’t worry him, but as time went on, he grew more self-conscious about his appearance.

Jason’s discontent with his appearance peaked throughout high school, and at the age of 16, he decided to change his body by joining a gym. Jason aspired to have a chiseled body and six-pack abs like the people he saw in magazines.

Before he joined a gym, he already had some fundamental understanding, but it wasn’t enough to let him emulate one of the models he admired.

He remarked, “When I initially started working out in 2002, I had bigger goals in mind than just building up my chest and arms.” Jason claimed that at the time, his sole physical abilities were push-ups, pull-ups, treadmill running, and biceps curls.

Jason began training in kickboxing during that time, and going to the gym helped him get in better shape so he could fight more effectively.

Jason quickly realized that weightlifting was turning becoming his new hobby, and he eventually quit attending the kickboxing lessons altogether.

Following that, he joined a more “respectable” gym managed by a former professional bodybuilder that was constantly crowded with serious weightlifters and powerlifters, which, according to Jason, greatly pushed him.

Start of the Career

Jason decided to pursue his ambition of being a professional bodybuilder and fitness model after many years of dedication and effort.

He began by applying to a UK-based fitness magazine contest. Up to 26,000 would-be fitness fanatics entered the competition, and to Jason’s astonishment, he made it to the top 10.

He was also among a select group of individuals who were asked to appear in six issues of one of the most well-liked men’s fitness magazines in the UK over two years.

Jason was shocked by his success, and it was at that point that he recognized he was onto something greater. He then immediately began working even harder toward his dream of being a well-known fitness superstar and bodybuilder.

Injury as a Reversal

Jason claimed that he began to consider competing in performances a few months following his performance in the competition.

He was hindered solely by a juvenile knee ailment, which was the only obstacle in his path. He was involved in a car accident that caused him to tear the cartilage in his right knee.

After realizing he had a condition that prevented him from competing, Jason underwent a two-year rehabilitation process to address it.

The British model acknowledged that it was quite frustrating, but there was nothing he could do about it other than wait for it to recover.

Pro Card and Debut

Jason has successfully begun his preparations for his first forthcoming show, the 2012 Miami Pro UK Championship, after almost two years of effective knee treatment. After several months of tight dieting and diligent exercise, Jason finally made his stage debut.

He acknowledged that it was an amazing feeling, and what was even more amazing was that Jason had won first place in his first competition, not just in his weight class but also overall.

Later that year, Jason quickly returned to the stage and finished in a solid second place while also earning his Pro card, realizing his dream of being a professional bodybuilder.

Popularity and Further Rivalries

Dwarika participated in 2 more competitions over 2 years, the 2013 WBFF Pro Las Vegas and the 2014 NPWBFF World Championships, before leaving the stage to focus on his business career and grow his social media audience.

Since he first started going to the gym as an obese 16-year-old adolescent, Jason has gone on to become a professional bodybuilder, a model for numerous prestigious magazines, and an online personal trainer who motivates many individuals all over the world to develop the physique of their dreams.

 “Muscle don’t grow by themselves, you have to train harder than you did yesterday to get a better result than you did last week. You must live outside of your comfort zone!”

Jason Dwarika


Advice for Newbies

Dwarika offered some of the best tips he’s picked up through years of rigorous gym training, and they are;

  1.  Have patience – Jason believes that one should not expect fast results, as those usually don’t last long. According to him, the best way is to invest in slow progress, and that type of progress is much more solid long term.
  2.  Preparation and sacrifice – Knowing the body and eating quality food day in and day out is crucial for long-term growth, according to the British bodybuilder.
  3. Train Hard

Favorite Workouts

The exercises Jason likes best are:

Jason’s favorite exercises are:

  1. Squats – He believes that squats are the best movement for stimulating the whole body.
  2. Deadlifts – Jason does them to increase his raw power and strength.
  3. Military Press – Incredible shoulder pump is one of the main benefits of this exercise, according to Jason.

Workout Split Jason Dwarika prefers to complete a brief but intense training sessions since he thinks lean muscle building is best achieved in this way.

His typical weekly schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Chest, and Calves
  • Tuesday – Hamstrings and Abs
  • Wednesday – Shoulders, Calves, and Triceps
  • Thursday – Quads and Abs
  • Friday – Back, Calves, Biceps
  • Saturday – Active recovery or Outdoor Hike
  • Sunday – Deadlift or Metcon Circuit

Sure we all appreciate cars, clothes, houses and things but when was the last time you appreciated a sunset??”


Dwarika prefers to maintain a lean physique throughout the year rather than bulking up or cutting, and if he wants to grow the size, he often maintains a body fat percentage of approximately 10% while attempting to increase his lean muscle mass.

Meal Plan

Dwarika’s daily meal plan looks something like this:

  • Meal 1 – 1/2 cup eggs white Omelette 3 omega-3 eggs, turkey bacon, hemp oil, porridge
  • Meal 2 – Chicken breast or thigh, basmati rice, olives, greens
  • PWO – Apricots, 0% fat yogurt
  • Meal 3 – Chicken or turkey breast, white potato, almonds, greens
  • Meal 4 – Salmon or steak, sweet potato, greens


Jason Dwarika takes a few supplements, including Omega 3 capsules, Vitamin C, ZMA, Glutamine, Beef Protein, Krill Oil, and Multivitamins, which he believes help with muscle repair and lean muscle mass gain.

“They say you can tell a lot about someone by the way they work, regardless of who is or isn’t watching.”

Influences and Idols

Jason identified his idol as Michael Jordan. Jordan’s work ethic and legacy were something he would always respect.

Rob Riches, a fellow Briton, was also named by Dwarika as an inspiration since, in his opinion, Rob achieved great success while the fitness business was “virtually non-existent in the UK at that time.”

“Earth is an incredible place and you should always make time to appreciate it.”

What Jason Dwarika can teach us?

There are many things we can learn from Jason, like perseverance, hard work, and the ongoing desire to get better and better. Perhaps the most crucial one is patience.

Jason Dwarika overcame all of his challenges thanks to his tenacity, and he is now reaping the rewards of his labor.

Being patient is one of the most crucial components in virtually anything, and with enough of it, you too may develop a terrific physique as Jason did.