Jay Weiss
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Jay Weiss is a New York-based real estate entrepreneur and former musician. Weiss is most known as the ex-husband of actress Kathleen Turner, who has appeared in movies such as Body Heat (1981), The Man with Two Brains (1983), Crimes of Passion (1984), Romancing the Stone (1984), and Prizzi’s Honor (1984). (1985).

Jay Weiss and Kathleen Turner had been married for 22 years, with a daughter in the middle. Turner, Weiss’ ex-wife, is well-known in Hollywood for her distinctive, harsh voice and two Golden Globe Awards. She was also a sexual icon of the 1980s and one of the first few femme Fatales.

In contrast, there’s a lot of murkiness when it comes to details about her ex-husband, Weiss, whether personal or professional. Below are various headings that each tell a tale about the past, the connection of Jay and Kathleen, their divorce, the present location of Weiss, and so on.

Jay Weiss: Who Is He?

Weiss was born somewhere in 1955. He was born into a Jewish household. He has not, however, divulged much about his family history.

He is both a property developer and a real estate investor. Jay Weiss used to be the lead guitarist for the rock band The Suits. Weiss and his rock ‘n’ roll-blues band, the Suits, issued their first CD, Ties That Bind, in December 1996.

Jay Weiss
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Well-known as Kathleen Turner’s Ex-husband

As previously said, Jay rose to prominence following his marriage to actress Kathleen Turner. Weiss married Turner, a two-time Golden Globe winner, in 1984.

The businessman/musician met the 1980s sex icon while she was looking for an apartment and he happened to be one of the property owners. She finally moved into one of his Manhattan flats.

Jay proposed to Turner on one knee in the middle of Second Avenue.

Rabbi Seligman of Manhattan’s Central Synagogue, a Reform rabbi, wedded them. Turner stated that their wedding did not take place at a synagogue.

Rachel Ann Weiss, their daughter, was born four years after their engagement.

Kathleen, Jay’s Wife, did not Convert to His Religion, but She did Accept his Practice

The Crimes Of Passion actress said that she did not convert after marrying her Jewish spouse, but she did retain a sense of Jewish tradition and identity. All Jewish holidays were also observed by the couple.

Following her marriage, the Missouri-born actress became involved in her Jewish husband’s faith. Turner also decided to raise their daughter in the Jewish faith. Their daughter also went to a Jewish school.

Weiss, for one, would do well as Mr. Turner – the 1980s were his wife’s golden years, with roles in The Wars of the Roses, Prizzi’s Honour, and Peggy Sue Got Married.

Weiss used to strum his Stratocaster in a bar band while Kathleen sang along in cowboy boots and tootsie glasses before they were married.

Jay and Kathleen lived in Manhattan for years after their wedding, near the synagogue by the Lincoln Center on 65th Street. The pair also purchased a $2.9 million apartment in New York City in 2003.

Turner claims that Weiss was a wonderful husband for the majority of their marriage, except for his occasional fits of rage. He once objected passionately to her portraying a prostitute in Crimes of Passion.

Why Did Jay Weiss and Kathleen Turner Divorce?

Jay Weiss, a Jewish real estate developer, and Turner’s marriage would terminate in 2007.

Kathleen claimed in an interview that the reason for her and Weiss’ divorce was her remorse for being the one who put in the least effort of the two.

“I’ve wished I was more normal at times.” I had a 22-year marriage and tried to be flexible. I’d demand that movie studios extend my weekends or supply extra tickets so that my daughter and spouse could visit me,”

remarked the actress from the hit film Beautiful (2000).

She also revealed that the effort was entirely on Jay’s side, “that he did all the supporting,” which made her feel horrible. Turner concluded that it was one of the reasons it terminated. She, on the other hand, claimed to be subjected to tyranny.

In another interview, she explained that the reason for the marriage’s demise was simply that they both changed.

“I wanted to keep expanding my world, travel more, and live abroad more; he wanted to shrink.” It was about how we regarded our life,”

In an interview, the mother of one stated

Kathleen Turner, who never remarried after being divorced from her spouse of 23 years, said the loss of that marriage harmed her.

Jay Weiss
Jay Weiss (Pinterest)

Jay and Kathleen Remained Best Friends After Their Divorce

Even though they felt compelled to end their more-than-two-decade-long relationship, Kathleen and Weiss remained good friends even after the divorce, in fact, “best friends,” according to Turner.

Kathleen said that shortly after their divorce was finalized, Weiss wrote her a note that read, “You are, and always will be, my best friend.” It’s lovely.’

Turner has frequently remarked that meeting Jay restored her confidence, and she still refers to him as “the guy of her dreams,” “a man with whom she achieved a rebirth.”

The Academy Award nominee is still friendly with Weiss. Turner and her daughter’s father still have lunch once a week.

Even though they are no longer in a romantic relationship, Kathleen maintains she still has strong feelings for Michael.

Is Jay Weiss Married And Doing Family?

Turner’s ex-husband admitted to First Five Worlds in January 2008 that he had recently started dating another woman. According to claims and suspicions, he is married and has a family in addition to the one he formed with his previous Hollywood companion.

There isn’t much to say about Weiss’ present spouse or family, given his apparent low-key lifestyle. Kathleen, on the other hand, has been unmarried for a decade since she and Weiss split up in the late 2000s.

Turner has stated that she has dated one or two men since divorcing her husband, but she has yet to marry another man.

“I’m not sure I want to marry again.” I wouldn’t have to because I won’t have any more children, and I believe marriage’s primary role is to protect a child.”

thought the now-67-year-old actress.

Jay Wiss and Kathleen Had a Daughter

Weiss and Turner have a daughter, Rachel Ann Weiss. His daughter is a vocalist who has been interested in music since she was a child. Rachel, Jay’s daughter, began taking guitar lessons as a teen.

Dear Love, her debut album, was released in 2012. After the publication of her first CD, the only child of Weiss and Turner toured the country, and she continues to perform at venues in New York City and abroad.

Weiss and Kathleen’s daughter had considered acting briefly and had a small role in Little Monsters (1989) when she was quite young.

Rachel was also an extra in an episode of the classic NBC comedy Friends.

Jay was Instrumental in Saving his Ex-wife Kathleen Turner’s Life and Career

While still Kathleen’s spouse, the resident provider, Jay Weiss, proved to be a key part in saving her life and even helping her get back into her work.

When Weiss’ ex-wife went to see a doctor in the early 1990s after getting unexplained pains and fevers while filming Serial Mom, doctors first informed her it was an early stage of arthritis and there was nothing to worry about.

Turner would keep working despite the severe discomfort in her feet and hands.

How Did Jay Weiss Assist Kathleen With Her Arthritis?

Kathleen, on the other hand, was unable to get out of bed without assistance by mid-1994. Her left hand was no longer moving, and every turn of her head caused a shooting ache in her neck. She acknowledges that it was the first time in her life that she felt hopeless.

Steroids soon took over her life. She became an alcoholic and was on the verge of committing suicide. Her physicians cautioned her that she might lose her capacity to move shortly. She’d eventually isolate herself in a family home, closing herself off from the outer world.

The actress’s husband, Jay, then located a doctor who was able to get her back on her feet. The miracle doctor discontinued several old medications and began pulse therapy with only one basic medicament. Former Mrs. Weiss began to heal with the help of drugs, gyms, and other therapies.

Her husband’s moral support was as vital. Rachel’s father was with her 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A month later, the Virgin Suicides actress resumed swimming in the pool and eventually walking.

Is He a Successful Businessman?

While some sources and rumors indicate that he has been financially secure since his time with Turner, there has never been a detailed disclosure of his fortune. Especially the figures underlying his net worth.

Although his ex-wife Kathleen is a millionaire with a fortune of over $20 million, whether Weiss is a millionaire or not is debatable. And potentially to the greatest extent possible

Was Jay Wiss Truly at Blame for the Murder of 87 People?

Turner and Weiss had been married for six years.

Arsonists set fire to the Harlem property on which Weiss had a lease. 87 individuals were killed in the fire. Potentially ruinous litigation ensued, but Turner’s ex-husband was eventually able to clear himself of all liabilities.

On May 6, 1992, he pled guilty to construction code breaches and agreed to pay $60,000 in addition to performing 50 hours of community service. The funds were donated to a Bronx community service center.

Later, his now ex-wife revealed that Jay had become suicidal after the fire.