Jerry Ward
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Who is Jerry Ward?

Fitness expert Jerry Ward is also a professional bodybuilder and ex-wrestler. When he received his trainer certification in 1994, he began his path in fitness. Later, in 2001, he began his career as a fitness model.

Short Career of Jerry Ward

Jerry has experimented with competitive bodybuilding, wrestling, and later acting during his years of training and dieting. Along with acting in small-scale TV shows, he has also participated in advertisements.

But Jerry’s career in fitness didn’t take off until 2010. Around this time, he began sharing YouTube videos on fitness.

He received a lot of attention and criticism for his uncensored, open, and even contentious films. Some individuals asked for his recordings to be taken down because they thought he went “too far” with his honesty.

Jerry, however, overcame this and kept posting films despite the negative feedback. being committed to his mission of teaching others about proper exercise, nutrition, and supplements.

“Watch how quickly things start to go your way if you get up tomorrow and do what you say you’ll or want to do. in every aspect of your life!

Body Measurements of Jerry Ward

Full Name: Jerry Ward
ALIAS: Jerry Ward
ERA: 1990, 2000, 2010
PROFESSION: Online fitness coach, sponsored athlete, and wrestler.
WEIGHT: 215-225lbs(93.0 – 102.1kg)
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175cm)

Jerry Ward






“At 17 yr old I got onstage the first time. I was shaking, and wanted to puke backstage. Neon blue trunks. At 41 yr old, backstage I felt, calm, relaxed, with the neon blue striped shorts, and had one of the best times I’ve had doing any show in those years.

I told nobody, I did it because I wanted to. True honor, is doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. I don’t cheat on my diet, I train as hard as I can, I didn’t skip cardio.

No internet, most of my friends didn’t even know, it was about losing myself. Becoming the process.”


The Value of Form

Jerry Ward loves to exercise with proper form as opposed to using big weights. He claims that he doesn’t fully activate his muscles by simply lifting heavy.

He can persuade his muscles to react appropriately by concentrating on the “mind-muscle link.”

In addition to the benefits the technology offers for growing muscle, Jerry claims that using proper form also keeps his joints healthy and helps him avoid accidents.

Skullcrushers, an activity that puts a lot of strain on Jerry’s triceps and elbow joints, serve as an illustration of this.

According to him, performing the exercise improperly and with a lot of weight can lead to tendinitis and other joint issues over time. But Jerry thinks it might be one of the best triceps exercises when done properly.


Jerry’s preferred aerobic exercise varies from time to time. He enjoys sprinting or working with kettlebells, as well as low-intensity cardio exercises like strolling. Everything is dependent on how he feels and what his objectives are.

However, he claimed that HIIT cardio typically produces the best results for him if he wants to reduce weight as rapidly as possible.

Best Exercises for Building Muscle

Jerry enjoys performing the leg press, bench press, skull crushers, and t-bar rows. He sculpted his chest, triceps, and shoulders using the bench press and skull crushers.

While workouts like T-bar rows and the leg press thickened his frame, particularly his legs and back.

Jerry Ward


Jerry likes to follow a simple diet. He consumes standard bodybuilding fare like chicken, rice, and vegetables while making careful to meet his daily protein requirements.

He will simply reduce his calorie intake while maintaining a high protein intake if he wishes to lose extra body weight. This expedites fat loss while also assisting him in maintaining muscle mass.

Similar to this, he will just slightly increase his calorie intake from “clean” food sources if he wishes to embark on a lean bulk. like almonds, fatty salmon, brown rice, quinoa, and so forth.

Jerry can maintain a body fat percentage of roughly 10% with this diet strategy throughout the entire year.

Supplements for Building Muscle

Jerry typically consumes supplements including whey (before and post-workout), l-glutamine, fish oil capsules, and BCAAs (intra-workout).

He gains and maintains muscular mass with the aid of BCAAs, glutamine, and whey protein. His total strength in the gym is boosted by creatine. Finally, Jerry’s joints and cardiovascular health benefit from taking fish oil pills.

“As you go through life you will shed your old skin. You will evolve, change, and Hopefully grow. And the person you were no longer suits you.

The new you is where you are right now. When you look back you will remember who you were but think wow look how different I was.

How different life, people, everything was. You evolve into what is needed now and the next phase of your life.”

What Jerry Ward Can Teach Us?

Jerry Ward received a lot of flak for his “raw” and sincere exercise videos. Some even advised him to cease publishing his videos altogether.

But Jerry didn’t let the naysayers stop him from doing what he enjoys: educating his audience about diet and exercise.

He has demonstrated to us that achieving success may require you to endure certain traumatic experiences. Additionally, there may be attempts to harm you by others during these incidents.

However, if you stick to your course no matter what obstacles life “throws” at you, you’ll be able to accomplish your life’s objectives, just like Jerry Ward.