Jessenia Vice
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Who Is Jessenia Vice?

After overcoming childhood obesity and an abusive relationship, Jessenia Vice, also known as Jessenia Katherine Gallegos, rose to prominence as a fitness model and athlete.

In addition to assisting people through her work as a nurse, the American is now a vocal opponent of domestic abuse.

Jessenia developed low self-esteem throughout adolescence as a result of significant weight gain.

By the time she was sixteen, Jessenia weighed 280 lbs, making it difficult for her to manage daily life on both a physical and mental level.

Jessenia, however, immediately understood that she needed to change after her physicians warned her that she would eventually develop diabetes or cardiac problems.

She started eating healthier and exercising regularly, and things seemed to be improving.

However, Jessenia sadly started to experience domestic abuse at the hands of her ex-partner, which led to an all-time low in her self-confidence.

Later on, Jessenia was thankfully able to leave her toxic relationship, allowing her to live a more fulfilling life.

She was then offered the chance to do things she never believed she could do, like become a model and TV host, and she took it.

Later, she discovered herself working in the fitness sector, where she eventually rose to the position of a personal trainer and sponsored athlete.

Body Measurements Of Jessenia Vice 

Full Name: Jessenia Vice
HEIGHT: 5’3″ (160cm)
WEIGHT: 115 – 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg)
PROFESSION: Model, Social Media Celebrity, Sponsored Athlete
ERA: 2010


  • Model
  • Actress
  • a TV host
  • Singer
  • Nurse
  • Featured Athlete
  • Internet celebrity
  • Certified Personal Trainer


Early Life of Jessenia Vice Jessenia Vice

Jessenia Vice was born and raised in New Jersey, USA, in 1984. She experienced a tough upbringing, spending the majority of her childhood surrounded by various gangs and drug dealers who prowled the streets nearby.

She never thought about eating well or exercising during her childhood. Her weight consequently started to significantly increase, reaching 280 lbs by the time she was sixteen.

Due to her weight gain, Jessenia had little to no self-confidence during her adolescent years.

But when Jessenia was told by doctors that she would experience health problems if she continued as she was, she fully understood the harm she was causing to her body. This includes a high risk of diabetes as well as probable heart issues.

She concluded that to live a more fulfilling life, she needed to make a change. Jessenia started her weight loss journey by entirely overhauling her diet and establishing a regular exercise schedule.

Jessenia Vice’s weight loss in her mid-20s as opposed to her weight as an overweight child.

When Jessenia Vice was a little child, she was overweight. By her mid-20s, she had dramatically lost weight.

Jessenia started taking high-intensity cardio fitness classes when she was in her mid-twenties, and she continued to do so for around two years.

She was able to lose a significant amount of weight quickly as a result, which helped her feel good about the way she looked. Throughout this period, she also committed her life to assisting others while working as a nurse.

Jessenia regrettably suffered domestic abuse from her partner at the time just when things seemed to be going well for her. Jessenia’s life started to go downward at this point, and she had never felt more insecure.

Thankfully, when her friends and family learned what was happening, her days of domestic abuse came to an end.

Since that time, Jessenia has been driven to overcome all obstacles and set her eyes on creating a completely new life for herself.

After several years of working as a nurse, Jessenia Vice established a lucrative career in the entertainment sector as a TV personality, model, and actor.

Being in the spotlight made her aware of how crucial it was to maintain top physical condition year-round. As a result, she started to prioritize regular exercise in addition to carefully monitoring her food.

She eventually succeeded in developing the amazing physique that has made her famous on social media.

As she progressed, Jessenia secured a sponsorship agreement with a bodybuilding website. She has also obtained certification as a personal trainer in addition to this.


Weight-Bearing ExercisesJessenia Vice

Bodyweight exercises are used by Jessenia in many of her workouts because she has discovered that they are the most effective for her body.

She names her glutes as her favorite muscle group and best feature, and she says her favorite bodyweight exercises to build them are squats and lunges.

Jessenia loves to have a strong core so that she may challenge her body each time she works out in the gym. Here are some of the bodyweight exercises she does, along with a description of each one:

Bodyweight Crunches

To prevent harm, Jessenia maintains a straight back and neck. She inhales deeply before beginning the workout, repeating it 10 to 15 times for each set.

Cycling Kicks

Jessenia maintains a straight back while lying parallel to the ground. She puts her hands on the floor next to her as additional support and starts to make a motion that resembles riding a bicycle.


Again placing her hands on the floor next to her for more support, Jessenia elevates her legs to a 45-degree angle while on her back.

She then crosses both legs over as she moves both from left to right.


Having Meals Frequently

Jessenia likes to eat six to seven times a day, concentrating her diet on “clean” foods to help her maintain the best possible level of leanness.

Over time, Jessenia discovered how to fuel her activities by sticking to a balanced diet that includes lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Lean muscle grows steadily as a result of this.

According to Jessie, maintaining a nutritious diet is crucial to achieving her fitness goals.

“They claim that 80% of it is spent in the kitchen and the remaining 20% is spent exercising or engaging in other activities at the gym. And they are entirely correct.

The menu for Jessenia is as follows:

Nutrition of Jessenia Vice


  • The egg white
  • Veggies Available
  • Oatmeal


  • Fruit and Greek Yogurt


  • Chicken
  • Dark Rice
  • Asparagus


  • Nutritional shake (No dairy, just water)
  • Water
  • Dinner

What Jessenia Vice Teaches Us?

What we can learn from Jessenia Vice is that she had a broad career in nursing, entertainment, and fitness thanks to her tremendous strength of character in creating a happy, successful life for herself.

She overcame the negativity that frequently brought her to the brink in the process.

If you adopt Jessenia’s mentality, you might one day do things that you didn’t think were possible, just like her.