Jessica Lauren
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Who is Jessica Lauren?

Jessica Lauren Knehans is a model and fitness business owner who was born and raised in Holland. She immediately attracted a sizable following on Instagram after setting up an account and posting countless images of her body.

Jessica Lauren had a large following on social media by the time she was 25 and was well-known online for her attractive body.

Through her posts, Jessica Lauren inspires many people who want to achieve their health goals.

“The decisions we make today will shape who we become. Although you cannot go back in time if you could… You would?

It is what brought you to this location today. You will eventually become the person you are living like you want to be.

Jessica Lauren

Finding the correct balance is crucial. Find your rhythm and permit yourself to relax.

You can overcome your intellect and accomplish anything you set your heart to if your heart is in the right place.

“We live in a world that works round-the-clock to make you conform to society… And to be nobody but yourself means to engage in the toughest conflict a person can experience. and never give up the struggle.

I can only urge you to resist it. Follow your intuition, and let your creativity and enthusiasm shine through. And that feeling of “fitting in” that you could occasionally experience. Avoid being too comfy since that’s where life starts.

“Our bodies are our gardens, and our wills are the gardeners, as Shakespeare once stated. You will harvest what you plant now in the future.

Never stop improving, learning, or being the most stunning and powerful version of yourself!

“You’ll succeed if you have confidence in yourself, are dedicated and proud, and never give up. Victory comes at a heavy cost, but so do the rewards!

Jessica Lauren

Early Life of Jessica Lauren

Can a woman have both feminine and muscular qualities at once? Sure, we can!
Therefore, you need not worry about being overly masculine because you won’t look heavy or manly at all.

The new SEXY is STRONG!

“No matter how big or tiny, if you think you’re changing the world, you’re working on things that are significant.”

Little girls with dreams grow up to be strong, visionary women.

Jessica Lauren

“Always have faith in your ability and self-belief. Because you cannot accomplish your goals without a modest but realistic trust in your abilities.

Make it the goal of your life to discover your purpose, and devote your entire being to it!

Less thinking, more feeling. Less frowning and more giggling Listen more and speak less. Less judgment, greater acceptance Do more, watch less. Less complaining and more appreciating Less to fear, more to adore

It’s all about eating the right things, exercising correctly, and regaining booty.