Peanut butter is healthy but commercial products can infect it as well. There have been some cases of salmonella reported in the USA.

These are probably linked with the consumption of peanut butter by the Jif company. Hence the firm has asked for a recall of these infected lots of its products. More on it is below.

Jif recalls its peanut butter batch due to salmonella contamination

Companies take all measures to see that their products are safe for consumption and not contaminated. But sometimes, infective organisms can creep into it during the manufacturing process. This could cause outbreaks of diseases.

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Recently, Jif company located Orrville in Ohio received a complaint that its peanut butter had probable contamination.

Currently, there have been 14 reported cases of salmonellosis amongst those who consumed this company’s peanut butter.

They are from Washington, Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York. Out of these 14 cases, two are in the hospital and on intravenous fluids.

Jif company, Ohio (Source: Waymarking)

Recall of the contaminated product

Due to the likely link of the infections with the consumption of peanut butter by this firm, it has sent a voluntary recall notice nationwide. There are 49 products involved.

The sizes of the containers range from 4-pound cans to 12-ounce jars. The types include creamy, natural, and crunchy, with natural honey, reduced fats, and zero sugar added categories.

These are in different packaging such as to-go packs, squeezable bottles, and twin packs. US FDA has also posted this recall notice and details on its website.

Peanut butter brand of Jif (Source: The New York Times)

The lot code of these recalled products is between 1274425 and 2140425. The last three digits of this 7-digit lot code should be 425.

That implies it is risky to consume and one should dispose of the product. These products are from the Lexington, Kentucky factory of the company.

Salmonella infection and its symptoms

Salmonella infection or salmonellosis is a food-borne disease. Its other name is typhoid disease. The pathogens enter the body through infected food and water. It is a gut infection but systemic symptoms occur.

The patient has a fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and lose motions. In children, older people, and immunocompromised patients, the disease may be more severe and even lethal.

When the disease becomes systemic, it can affect several body organs such as the liver, spleen, brain, meninges, and kidneys. Sometimes bone infection also results.

Jif brand in the supermarket (Source: Bloomberg)

Vaccines are available against this infection. These are of two types: inactivated and live, attenuated. Adults and children above 2 years of age can have this killed vaccine.

And live, attenuated vaccine is for only after 6 years of age. The latter is for oral administration. Whereas the killed salmonella vaccines need intramuscular administration as one dose. Repeat a dose every two years.

And live, attenuated vaccine is available in a capsule form. Patients should swallow the capsule every other day for a total of 4 doses. A booster comes after 5 years. The capsule is for swallowing purposes. Do not chew it.