Jim Stoppani
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Every day, we’ll give you information on the JIM STOPPANI DIET PLAN and WORKOUT ROUTINE.

If you are unfamiliar with this incredible doctor and bodybuilder, allow me to give you a little introduction.

The foremost expert on various workouts and the science behind them is Jim Stoppani. He is regarded as one of the top experts in supplement regimens and sports nutrition.

Numerous books by Dr. Stoppani have achieved fame, among them “Encylopedia of muscle and power.”

Through appropriate training, diet, and provision of the greatest supplement programs and plans, all of which are based on the most recent scientific research, he and his company are on a mission to alter people’s lives. Even Dwayne Johnson’s fitness trainer is Jim (aka the rock).

In this article, we mainly focused on Jim’s exercise routine, diet, and exercise plans, as well as his height, age, and body measurements. We also looked at his workout videos, Instagram images, his fitness regimen, and gym routine.

Jim Stoppani Body Measurements

Height:  6 feet 1 inch ( 1.85 m approx.)

Weight:  220 lbs (100 kg approx.)

Age: 51 years in 2019

Eye color:  Brown

Hair color: Bald

Net Worth:  Unknown

Body  type : Athletic /ripped/shredded body

Jim Stoppani’s Exercise Program

Jim Stoppani
Jim Stoppani Workout Routine, Diet Plan, Exercise, Body Measurements

Let’s talk about this renowned physician’s workout regimen and sports nutritionist. This is Jim Stopping’s exercise routine:


  • 1st Day – Chest, Triceps & Abs
  • 2nd Day – Delts, Legs & Calves
  • 3rd Day – Back, Traps & Biceps
  • 4th Day – Chest, Triceps & Abs
  • 5th Day – Delts, Legs & Calves
  • 6th Day – Back, Traps & Biceps
  • 7th Day – Rest

Along with this intense workout, there are a few other crucial considerations you should make when working out your body, and you should first ask yourself what kind of body you desire. Are you more interested in increasing your strength or your endurance?

Both quick and slow motions, according to Jim, have their place in weight training. For instance, slow and controlled motions are preferable if someone needs to build their strength.

On the other hand, he will focus on quick pace motions if he needs to increase power output or endurance.

Jim on Losing Fat “Jim thinks that any type of cardio is frequently beneficial for losing weight, but his favorite is the fasting HIIT variant, which leaves him weary in the morning.

Jim is aware that no one will receive coaching in two different sessions, though. As a result, he suggests practicing cardio when working out.

Jim claims that every person has a unique physique and should be trained accordingly, but this superman workout regimen works for the majority of physiques.

You should attempt this exercise since it will be very helpful regardless of whether your objective is to improve strength or lose weight.

Here are all the specifics of the “Jim Stoppani exercise routine.”

Jim Stopping Workout Routine On Mondays:

Exercise                                           Sets  Reps  Rest

Barbell Bentover Row                       4  12-15  0 Min

Superset with- Bench press              4   12-15   1 Min

Lat Pulldown                                     4  12-15  0 Min

Superset Dumbbell should. Press     4   12-15   1 Min

Incline Dumbbell Fly                        2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with Incline Delt Raise       2   12-15   1 Min

Cable Crossover                               2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Cable lateral raise     2   12-15   1 Min

Dumbbell Shrug                               4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with Dip Shrug                  4   12-15   1 Min

Standing Calf Raise                          4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Standing Toe Raise   4   12-15   1 Min

Jim Stopping’s Tuesday Workout: LEGS/ABS, BICEPS/FOREARMS

Exercise                                              Sets  Reps  Rest

Squat                                                     4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Hanging Knee Raise      4   12-15   1 Min

Romanian Deadlift                                4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Crunch                         4   12-15   1 Min

Leg Extension                                      4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Leg Curl                     4  12-15   1 Min

Side Plank Reach-Through                 3  To Failure  0 Min

Triceps Pressdown                             4   12-15   0 Min

superset with exercising weight Curl 4  12-15   0 Min

Cable Overhead Extension                3   12-15   1 Min

Superset with- Cable Overhead Curl  3   12-15   0 Min

Barbell Reverse gliding joint Curl        3   12-15   1 Min

Superset exercise weight gliding joint  3   12-15   1 Min

Wednesday Jim Stopping’s Exercise Schedule:

Exercise                                                     Sets   Reps  Rest

Reverse-Grip Bench Press                            4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Reverse-Grip exercising        4  12-15   1 Min

weight Row

Dumbbell Lateral Raise                                 2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Decline Dumbbell Flye         2   12-15   1 Min

Dumbbell Upright Row                                 2   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Dip                                        2   12-15   1 Min

Arnold Press                                                  4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Reverse-Grip Pulldown         4   12-15   0 Min

Behind-the-Back Smith Machine Shrug       4   12-15   0 Min

Seated Dumbbell Toe Raise                           4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- sitting Calf Raise                    4   12-15   1 Min

Thursday Jim Stopping Exercise Regimen:

Exercise                                                  Sets   Reps     Rest

Barbell Rollout                                        4   To Failure   0 Min

Superset with- Deadlift                            4   12-15   1 Min

Roman Chair Crunch                              4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Back Extension               4   12-15   1 Min

Leg Curl                                                  4   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Leg Extension                4   12-15   1 Min

Oblique Crunch                                      3   Failure  0 Min

Cable Lying Concentration Curl           4   12-15   0 Min

Incline Dumbbell Curl                          3   12-15   0 Min

Superset with- Bench Dip                    3   12-15   1 Min

Sunday is reserved for recuperation after two days of practicing various muscle groups and stretching. The Jim exercise program is the focus of this. The Jim Workout Routine is the main topic here.

Diet Of Jim Stoppani

Before discussing Jim Stoppani’s diet plan, let’s look at some of his diet advice.

Jim Stoppani Nutrition Advice

Consume A Lot Of Protein

Jim thinks that when it comes to gaining muscle, this is frequently the top priority.

He claims that numerous studies have demonstrated that intense one-on-one training is the most straightforward way to achieve the finest muscular growth. daily intake of 5 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Eat Frequently

Jim disputes the assertion made by some advisers that the frequency of meals isn’t really important. He advises that it would be better to eat every 2-3 hours because he thinks that going too long between meals will lead to a muscular breakdown.

Modify Carbohydrates –

According to Jim, there is no need to ingest a lot of carbohydrates, especially if the aim is fat loss because the body will produce all the energy, or glucose, from proteins and fats.

He seems to be saying that everyone should start with one. Try consuming 5-2.0 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight and observe how your body reacts.

Think About Calories.

Jim says he’s not a “big martinet on calorie numbers,” but he still thinks it’s important to know how many calories he typically consumes each day.

When someone desires to gain muscle, this is frequently crucial because he aims to ingest more calories than his body uses.

Utilize Whey Protein

Jim might be adamant that whey protein of the highest caliber cannot be substituted.

In addition to possessing a complete amino-acid profile, he claims that BCAAs and peptides are what give it its superior performance over other types of protein.

Diet Of Jim Stoppani

Full-day, Comprehensive “Jim Stoppani Diet Plan”

Jim Stoppani Diet Plan’s Breakfast

2 enormous entire eggs

3 enormous egg whites

1 cup oats

1 scoop Whey

4 omega animal oil pills

Breakfast In The Jim Stoppani Diet Plan

8 ounces of low-fat (2 percent ) Greek dairy item

1 scoop Whey

Weight-Loss Supplements

Jim Diet Plan Lunch

water with white tuna

1 tablespoon light salad dressing

1 enormous flatbread pocket made of food grains

12 cups of lettuce

Jim Diet Plan Pre-Workout

Large Banana

1 serving whey

1 serving of pre-workout

In the Jim Diet Plan, post-workout

2 whey scoops

1 scoop of the supplement fast carbohydrates

1 serving BCAAs

Jim Diet Plan Dinner

Tilapia, 9 ounces

20 spears of asparagus

two cups of tossed salad

1 tsp. of the oil/vinegar dressing

1 vitamin pill dosage

Jim Diet Plan: Bedtime Snack

1 cup of 1% reduced-fat farmer’s cheese

1 tablespoon of sauce

The Jim Stoppani Diet Plan is the main topic here.