Joanna McMillan

Superfoods might not be a scientific term. But nonetheless, certain foods do deserve your extra attention, says nutritional scientist, Joanna McMillan. Joanna took to her Instagram to reveal the foods that you should add to your diet in 2023 because of their high nutrients density. Read on to know which foods she urged people to consume for health reasons.

Joanna McMillan and her Instagram post

Joanna McMillan is a PhD nutritional scientist. Recently, she put up an Instagram post and talked of superfoods. Joanna wrote:

“The word superfood is not a scientific one, but hey, some foods really do deserve some extra attention.”

She added that these foods would become the ‘it’ thing in 2023. And people should particularly purchase and consume them this year for health reasons.

The superfoods 2023

Joanna McMillan
Fonio (Source: EA Stewart)


About Fonio, Joanna wrote:

This tiny West African ancient grain is gaining attention due its rich nutrient profile. It has the highest level of calcium of all grains, making it fantastic for vegan diets and anyone who doesn’t eat dairy foods. It’s also rich in B group vitamins and provides moderate amounts of protein and fibre, while being gluten free. Use it as you would quinoa or millet.”

Extra virgin olive oil

This is good for heart and also saves the planet. Joanna says:

EVOO wins not just for nutrition and taste, but for the planet too,”


Cocoa has theobromine that decreases body inflammation and protects the heart. Additionally, it reduces risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer. Moreover, it has low fat and sugar but is loaded with phytonutrients.


Joanna opines:

“Seaweed is rich in vitamins & minerals, especially iodine, often low in our diets & crucial for brain function. Being rich in fibre seaweed feeds not just you but your gut microbiome.”

It could overcome the food crisis facing the world.

Joanna McMillan
Hemp seeds (Source: Pinterest)

Coffee kombucha

Fermented foods are great for the body and coffee kombucha is one of them. It helps the gut, reduces inflammation and mops up the bad free radicals of the body.


These have great nutritional value and are the foods of the future. Joanna explains:

“Edible fungi are without doubt foods of the future and will become increasingly important in our diets.”

She adds:

They contain unique compounds with potential health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and various forms of dementia. Eat them whole or in powder or liquid form,”

Some people do not like the whole form of mushrooms. For them, powdered form would be suitable.

Black rice

It is healthier than white rice. The dark color is due to the polyphenols in it. These are antioxidants with great health benefits.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds have a lot of healthy fats including omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is highly nutritious but it has not got its due respectful position still.

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Joanna McMillan
Black elderberry (Source: Amazon)

Black elderberry

All types of berries are packed with nutrients. But the highest amount of polyphenols is present in black elderberry. You might have difficulty in getting it in supermarkets. If not in the fresh produce section, look for them in the dried fruits or frozen foods section.